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The function and performance of the track and field shoe play a significant role in the purchasing decision of the buyer. However, it should also be noted that the aesthetics of the shoe play as much role as its functions. That is why brands make sure to offer track spikes in different colorways. Even with the availability of options, a lot of the track and field enthusiasts still prefer white track shoes. 

Despite the many skepticisms about the white-dominated track spike, many still prefer it for its simplicity. They say it can be paired with anything and it’s just so clean-looking. Other than that, it also flatters the skin tone of the wearer. 

What to look for in a white track shoe

Best white track and field shoes - May 2020

Choosing a pair of white track shoes should not exclude quality features. At the end of the day, what comes out as the most important factor is its ability to up the performance of the contender. That is why when purchasing a pair of white track and field spikes, the buyer should consider the following: 

Durability. A white track shoe is not just meant to please the eye. It should also exhibit high strength for it to withstand any abrasive track elements. It should be composed of top-quality materials that protect the foot from any strain or injury. Moreover, the shoe’s sturdiness is a must for it to last longer and for it to be equipped for repetitive use. 

Breathability. The sport of track and field is very strenuous; it demands so much energy from athletes. With all the expended energy, sweat production is inevitable. That is why white track spikes are engineered to have a good ventilation system within its foot chamber. This is to disable any type of bacteria development, which can cause foot odor. 

Cushioning. One of the misconceptions about track and field shoes, in general, is that they are uncomfortable. This shouldn’t be the case. When searching for the perfect white track shoe, always make sure to factor in the cushioning. It should be comfortable enough for the wearer to use in the discipline he/she is focusing on. Moreover, a well-cushioned track spike is also key to achieving maximum support. 

Security. When compared to other shoes in the market, track and field spikes are snugger. That is why when getting a white track and field shoe, one should be mindful of its fit. It should wrap around the foot tight enough without obstructing the blood flow. This is to maintain comfort without sacrificing the lockdown of the platform. 

Brands that offer white track spikes

The top firms competing in the athletic footwear manufacturing industry not only compete through technologies but also in style. One of the things consumers look for in a track shoe is its external fashion. That is why different brands offer various colorways to attend to the demands of the market. Here are some of the top companies offering white track spikes: 


Dubbed as the most innovative athleisure brand, Nike produces some of the best white track and field shoes. It has different shoe models built for all the three sub-categories in track and field—running, throwing, and jumping. Nike track spikes have become a top choice among elite and beginning athletes because of their good grip, comfort, and high-quality features. One of the renowned Nike track shoe lineups that flaunt dominantly white colorways is the Nike Zoom Rival S series. Belonging to this collection is the famous Zoom Rival S 9


A brand that’s rooted deeply in sports, Adidas has become a household name to many. Its track and field shoes are those that sport top-notch components, durability, and speed. These are the very same attributes embodied by its white track spikes. With all the technological enhancements introduced to each of the brand’s shoe model, wearers can expect, not only a sleek-looking platform but also maximum efficiency and comfort. 


Asics is a Japanese brand that’s centered on delivering quality sports footwear. This is also very evident in its white track shoe. The design is a balance between style and function. Asics configures its white track and field spike with some of its renowned technologies. Such engineering is mainly intended to offer plush cushioning, sticky traction, protection, and security. Because of these qualities, Asics is one of the go-to brands of different athletes. 


Known for supplying environmentally sustainable track shoes, Brooks does not compromise when it comes to support and lockdown. This also goes the same for the brand’s white track and field spike. It exhibits technical elements that supplement the performance of the contender. The Brooks white track shoes are geared for superior propulsion and breathability, creating a good balance between function and comfort. 

Frequently asked questions

Why do athletes prefer wearing white track shoes? 

Users have pointed out several reasons for choosing white track and field spikes over any other colors. However, the top two reasons for such choice are purely based on aesthetics. First, several of them liked the clean exterior of the shoe. Second, according to quite a few athletes, white track spikes are very versatile; it can be matched with any apparel. 

What are the disadvantages of wearing white track and field spikes?

Although the white track spike is very pleasant to the eyes, it also comes with some minor drawbacks. One of these is that it easily gets dirty, and compared to other colors, dirt is more obvious on white. Second, since it is very susceptible to dirt and grime, it requires more frequent cleaning. This is seen by many as a hassle, which discourages them from getting white track shoes. 

Are white track shoes more expensive? 

As a matter of fact, no. Not all white track and field spikes belong to the expensive spectrum. There are those that are actually part of the cheap track shoe category. These are the platforms that are priced below $100. An example of this would be the New Balance MD500 v6 and Adidas Jumpstar

Where can I get a pair of white track and field spikes? 

One can get a pair of white track shoes in both physical and online stores. For those who have the extra time to try on the shoe’s fit first, it is recommended that they go to their selected physical store offering the spike of their choice. However, buyers can also opt to purchase online via trusted retailer websites. It is also advised that before purchasing, one should go through different user insights. With the help of RunRepeat, scanning through reviews and product comparison are made easier.