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Waterproof hiking sandals

When the weather gets toasty hot, wearing waterproof hiking shoes and boots can be a pain. In this case, a pair of waterproof hiking sandals comes in handy.

Sandals are becoming more common on the trail. While they aren’t something you’d wear in the winter, these are definitely a winner for summer hikes. Over the years, hiking sandals have evolved. Today’s models feature more durable uppers that are highly resistant to water.

Waterproof hiking sandals for men and women

Okay, before you dream of crossing rivers or waddling through the water without getting your feet soaked, there’s something you should know. Like any other hiking sandal, waterproof hiking sandals won’t protect you from puddles or heavy rain and snow. After all, in such scenarios, you’re better off with a pair of hiking shoes.

Nonetheless, these sandals have straps that are coated with wax or are made of waterproof materials like leather. Sure, they will get wet. Your feet will get wet. But because they're made for wet conditions, constant water exposure won’t cause your sandals to wear, crack, or lose its durability.

Additionally, these kicks have sturdy waterproof rubber outsoles that offer traction even when you’re walking on slick rocks underwater.

Our collection includes the finest waterproof hiking sandals from leading brands like KEEN and Teva. Despite their heavy-duty construction, most of these kicks are lightweight sandals and won’t slow you down.

You can also choose between closed-toe sandals and open-toe sandals. Some of them are multisport sandals and others are urban hiking sandals.

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