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  1. Any color
    Evolv Shaman - Grey / Purple (EVL0518)
    Evolv Shaman - Blue/Orange (EVL0244)
    Evolv Shaman - Gold / Grey / White (EVL0517)
    £180 £117 Save 35%
  2. Any color
    Evolv Kronos - Black (EVL0361)
    £140 £95 Save 32%
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Vegan climbing shoes

In a pair of vegan climbing shoes, there will be no compromise with your animal-free lifestyle. Yes, with these on, you can reach heights, all while sending a positive message that animals need not suffer in the name of shoemaking.

On our site, your wallet will also not perish. This is because we got absolutely enticing deals on droves of high-quality climbing shoes, including those who practice veganism would love!

RunRepeat’s impressive collection of vegan climbing shoes

The lineup you see here consists of over 40 vegan climbing shoes for men and women, giving you a breadth of options none of our competitors can match. While choosing from among them can be time-consuming, our filters will help you find that smashing pair in no time.

Evolv and Tenaya are, arguably, the two brands that provide the most number of vegan climbing shoes in our domain. The Shaman and the Phantom from Evolv and the Mastia from Tenaya are some of the vegan kicks you can check out. These offerings are also part of our aggressive lineup.

Fans of leather shoes have something to look forward to within this category. Yes, we have animal-free pieces made of faux or synthetic leather, so buying and wearing them should not break the vegan code.

Vegan climbing shoes vs. your wallet

Many think that vegan rock shoes are expensive by default. This could not be further from the truth, as there are vegan kicks that do not cost an arm and a leg. In fact, if you got $100, you would have access to about a dozen shoes within this particular selection.

That said, if your problems are usually set on steep terrain, for which you would need a moderate or aggressive pair, expect to spend anywhere between $120 and $200. For the cheapest deals on all things rock shoes, vegan or otherwise, check out our budget-friendly catalog!