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Standing out from the crowd is possible when you take a pair of vintage-inspired Vasque hiking boots outdoors. These old-school hikers from Vasque exude a sense of style that demands attention. Along with how they look, these robust leather boots for hikers are also engineered with an emphasis on performance, comfort, and protection. If you are looking for a piece of gear that matches your stylish spirit, you better stop and see what kind of benefits these vintage Vasque hiking boots have in store for you.

Qualities that make vintage Vasque hiking boots a must-have for your adventures

best vasque vintage hiking boots
Best vintage Vasque hiking boots - December 2019


When it comes to looks, the best vintage Vasque hiking boots ooze with appeal. Their old-school appearance helps them stand out from the crowd. They also invoke a sense of nostalgia better than other types of hiking footwear. Coupled with modern technologies, these vintage-inspired offerings from Vasque help you perform better while sporting an interesting look for your feet.


Your hike can be full of obstacles that will test the limits of your gear. The best Vasque trail boots are engineered to be tough and resistant to most forms of damage. Their vintage-inspired uppers are made of robust leather so they can withstand abrasive elements. The midsoles used in these products are composed of polyurethane (PU) foam, a material known for its resiliency to wear. Moreover, their outsoles can withstand constant contact with harsh ground conditions.


Keeping your feet protected while you’re outdoors is crucial to the success of your hike. Vintage Vasque hiking boots are built with features that are geared towards the safety of your feet. Their tough leather uppers bear the brunt of the damage from all sorts of abrasive elements. Some of these footgear products are lined with a specialized membrane to prevent your feet from getting wet while allowing them to breathe in warm weather. Thanks to these components, you can focus on your hike and worry less about the dangers you might encounter.

How to take care of your all-leather vintage Vasque hiking boots

The finest vintage boots from Vasque are equipped with leather uppers, making them sturdy against damage. Keeping them in good condition is a must to preserve their quality. Shown below are some of the brand’s recommended tips on how to care for your leather vintage Vasque hiking boots.

  • Clean your leather hikers using warm water and a stiff bristle brush.
  • Use a conditioning product to treat your vintage Vasque hiking boots to keep their leather from drying out and cracking.
  • After cleaning and conditioning your pair, apply a coating of silicone or leather protector on the uppers. This solution will prevent water, salt, and other elements from penetrating the leather’s surface.

What to do when you receive defective vintage Vasque hiking boots

Vasque offers a 12-month warranty period in case you receive a defective pair. The brand will honor your claim as long as the damage or defect is not caused by normal use or excessive wear. You can send the boots, along with the corresponding receipt, back to the store you purchased them from. If you bought them online, you should fill up a form with the necessary information and ship it back along with your defective vintage Vasque hiking boots back to the company. Once your claim has been validated, Vasque will offer you a choice to have your defective boots exchanged get credit to purchase a new pair.