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Vans UltraCush sneakers 

Skate longer and harder with Vans UltraCush sneakers. Aside from responsive cushioning, the UltraCush removable foam unit found in some of the Vans skate shoes remarkably grants a natural fit as it’s made with a molded heel cup.

Even with a partly raised heel, it allows you to maintain good contact with your board and maneuver in any direction you wish. The nicest thing about it is it holds its shape for a reasonable amount of time. 

Clusters of Vans UltraCush to dib here

Whether you prefer the dual- or tri-density UltraCush foam for unsurpassed cushioning as you glide or fly with your boards, we have them here. The majority of these are retroed versions of Vans originals and fall among the orthotic-friendly and well-ventilated ones.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of pairs you can use under light rain. Since some are fuzz-free, you can wear them for casual occasions as well. If you prefer a lighter variety in a comfy package for everyday wear, try checking out the Vans ComfyCush range through our site. 

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