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Urban hiking boots are made for the trails, but they carry an appearance that suits casual settings. These hybrid over-the-ankle boots come with style and robustness that will give you the confidence in any outdoor activity. Thanks to these characteristics, these products are versatile enough to be enjoyed both in the city and the trails.

Perks of wearing the best urban hiking boots

Best urban hiking boots - May 2020


Typical hiking boots have uber-thick soles and bulky leather uppers. They can be an overkill for your feet on city pavements. No wonder shoe manufacturers decided to create boots for hiking that are trendy and comfy enough for use in urban grounds. Although they have less rugged soles, they are sticky enough for use on various terrain and have sneaker-like upper for comfort. You will never go wrong especially when you wear black hikers.

Components like waterproof and mesh liners are present in urban hiking boots to withstand the changing weather. There are lightweight hikers designed with synthetic leather overlays which help maintain its structure and enhance its durability. Most boots that are made for light hiking also offer the best performance in the city.


Urban hiking boots can also be your travel-friendly pair of hikers. Numerous brands have developed features and selected materials that will benefit you regardless of the outdoor condition you are in. Comfort is a priority in their list. Thus, you will be treated to a comfortable day hike or a cozy walk in the park. 


Most lightweight boots combine colorful fabric materials and durable strips of leather to balance style and longevity. This move from different outdoor brands enables them to create boots that are trendy and trail-ready.

A few notable brands that offer urban hiking boots for men and women


Adidas started to merge fashion with outdoor silhouettes to be able to meet the rise in the demand of urban hikers. The designers created gears that offer the sturdiness of a traditional boot and comfort of a running shoe. Some of their recent releases include lightweight shoes that are built to provide long-lasting comfort whether you are city strolling or doing long-distance hikes.


Hiking boots offered by Timberland have a classic design, rendering them suitable for urban use. A number of their styles have a full-leather upper, and some wear breathable synthetic fabrics. Timberland also has eco-friendly efforts by using recycled materials in some of their offerings. Furthermore, the engineers incorporate brand-owned features, like the Anti-Fatigue technology and Timber-Dry waterproofing, to boost the user’s trail performance.

The North Face

The North Face is an American outdoor company that has been creating quality gear for more than 50 years. Their trail-and-street ready mid-rise boots are crafted using svelte upper materials combined with proprietary technologies. They have boots that offer protection against water intrusions and a decent amount of breathability. The TNF-owned FastFoam midsole is a high-energy returning feature which will allow you to cover more miles.


Danner is a long-standing brand known for its comfy and casual-looking boots. A known trait of some of their urban-friendly hikers is its one-piece leather upper—can either be in black or brown colorway—that is accentuated with red laces (a sought-after style of classic hikers). This design amplifies the appeal of the boot, whether it is on the trails or city streets. Aside from the eye-catching appearance of Danner hikers, the specialists behind each product have also included reliable technologies for optimal performance.

Frequently asked questions

Are urban hiking boots really good for use on the trail?

It is important to keep in mind that sturdy mid-top or high-cut boots for backpacking can be an overkill for your city adventures. Remember that most boots for light hiking are suitable in urban settings as they do not use thick and heavily-lugged soles. They also have soft, form-hugging uppers.

How do I take care of my urban hiking boots?

Generally, whether your urban hiking boots have leather or synthetic upper, cleaning them after use can help them maintain their good condition. Store them once cleaned thoroughly dried. Storing them while they are still damp can develop molds and mildew, damaging the boot’s integrity. Drying them using external heat sources is also not advisable. Let them dry naturally.

Remember that using the right treatments is important. Should you need extra care for your hikers, make sure to check the brand’s website. The manufacturer specifies the ones which will not damage or hinder the performance of your pair.

Are there waterproof urban hiking boots? 

Yes. Some brands partner with Gore-Tex while others develop their own waterproofing technologies.