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Unparallel climbing shoes

If being able to send routes with freer mobility is your top priority, Unparallel climbing shoes should be part of your quiver. Yes, in these kicks, creativity takes center stage, and efficient ascents are available to climbers of every skill level.

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Unparallel’s growing selection of climbing shoes for men and women

What makes our rock shoe collection attractively diverse are Unparallel’s high-quality climb-centric offerings. What they have on offer has something for everybody, be it a pair that provides tenacity over boulders or a shoe that works like a charm on overhangs.

A good bulk of climbing shoes from Unparallel are included in our aggressive catalog. Kicks from this roster deliver pin-point toeing precision. These pieces also come with midsoles, leaving them supportive enough in micro-edging situations.

Where Unparallel climbing shoes fall on the pricing spectrum

If you have been around this space a few times, you should have a clear idea of how much you need to spend on a pair of Unparallel rock shoes. For the still uninformed, however, most climb-focused kicks put out by this brand cost anywhere between $140 and $160—a price range that may not be for the faint of heart.

All that said, fret not. RunRepeat has partnered with over 200 retailers to give you unequaled Unparallel goodness at rates our competitors have never thought even possible. You can even bet your bottom dollar that our rivals are quite envious of our list of highly affordable rock climbing shoes!