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Among the options you may want to consider for your next adventure are Under Armour waterproof hiking boots. They are built to keep you moving on the trail without sacrificing comfort or performance. Equipped with waterproof liners, these hikers will keep you dry when tackling various wet conditions on the trail. Also, UA’s quality boots for outdoor enthusiasts are built to hold out against harsh obstacles you might encounter. If you need these footwear qualities for your next excursion, take a look at what Under Armour’s waterproof hiking boots have in store for you.

Reasons why you should invest in the best Under Armour waterproof hiking boots

best under armour waterproof hiking boots

Best Under Armour waterproof hiking boots - December 2019


One of the primary reasons why you should get Under Armour’s waterproof hiking boots is to keep your feet protected. These footwear models feature specialized membranes embedded within their uppers to hinder water from being absorbed. At the same time, they also prevent sweaty feet by allowing excess moisture and heat to pass through these waterproof liners. Moreover, select UA models are treated with Cupron Anti-Fungal Pro Fibers to keep your feet smelling fresh.

Apart from providing water protection, the finest hiking boots from Under Armour are fitted with various components that shield your feet from harm. They feature robust uppers which serve as the first line of defense against abrasive elements. Some UA waterproof hikers are reinforced with toe and heel caps to shield against accidental bumps.


The best Under Armour waterproof hiking boots are crafted with an emphasis on lightness. The uppers of these select footgear models are made of tight-weave textile materials, reducing their weight. This upper design allows users to move fast on the trail without being burdened by extra load on their feet.


The best hiking boots produced by Under Armour are engineered to give you sufficient support while you’re outdoors, especially if you’re going to bring a backpack along. Most of these products feature ethylene-vinyl acetate midsoles and removable footbeds for cushioning, arch support, and impact reduction. The height also grants ample coverage to keep you ankles from twisting the wrong way while you’re tackling uneven ground conditions.

Prominent technologies used in the best Under Armour waterproof hiking boots to keep your feet dry

Gore-Tex. Select Under Armour waterproof hiking boots use a Gore-Tex liner to shield your feet from wet conditions. The surface of this membrane is filled with over a billion pores per square inch. This microporous design is smaller than water droplets, making it effective in keeping the elements outs. At the same time, these pores are large enough for moisture vapor to pass through, making the material breathable.

UA Storm. This is Under Armour’s proprietary technology. Some of the brand’s waterproof boots for outdoor lovers use this feature to counter various wet trail conditions. The membrane’s surface prevents water from being absorbed to keep your feet dry. It also allows excess moisture and heat to escape so your feet can breathe well in warmer environments. Do note that there are also UA Storm liners that are only water repellent. Check the description to ensure that what you’re purchasing is waterproof.