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Marked with humble beginnings, Under Armour is one of those brands that rose to fame because of its innovativeness. It has been recognized for its production of moisture-wicking sports apparel. This is what sets them apart from the rest of the other well-known brands like Adidas and Nike

The same quality is equipped to the brand’s sprint spikes, plus other features like traction and ultimate lockdown. This article will cover the company’s prominent technologies that make it a top choice among beginning and elite athletes alike. 

Components of an Under Armour sprint spike

Best Under Armour sprints track and field shoes - May 2020

One of the few reasons why Under Armour continues to thrive today is because of its continuous improvement. The brand offers sprinters with track spikes that sport reliable components, permitting a robust performance. 


  • Synthetic leather. For a high level of security and comfort, an Under Armour sprint spike has a synthetic leather upper. This material exhibits foot-conforming attributes that make it ideal for optimal security. It also employs minimal weight, cohering to the lightness of an Under Armour sprint spike. 
  • Mesh. Another material that’s usually configured into the brand’s sprinting platform is the mesh upper. Aside from lessening bulk because of its lightness, it also secures comfort. Sporting the brand’s signature, it has moisture-wicking abilities, keeping a healthy foot environment. The same upper component is present in other famous track shoes like the Nike Zoom Rival S 9 and Nike Zoom Mamba 5.
  • Flex Gear overlays. These are welded to the upper to push the foot further into the midsole. These are responsible for delivering slippage-free performance and superior lockdown. Moreover, these also help promote the shoe’s structural integrity. 


  • EVA sockliner. It is a common midsole feature that’s also found in other track running spikes. It is a favored midsole element because it has ultra-light qualities that do not sacrifice responsiveness and comfort. Most importantly, it has shock mitigating properties that protect the foot from any injury. 


  • Pebax® plate. A common technical element of other sprint spikes, the plate exhibits superior grip and sturdiness. Just like the rest of the Under Armour sprint spike’s components, it is featherlight. Its makeup imposes slip resistance and traction, propelling the runner forward. It also serves as the foot’s protection with its shock attenuating characteristics. 

What makes an Under Armour sprint spike stand out

Ultra-light. Added bulk will just impede the speed of the sprinter. That is why Under Armour sprint spikes maximize lightness by utilizing ultra-light components. This is to aid in conserving the energy of the runner while optimizing momentum. 

Security. A big no-no in a sprinting match is premature shoe removal. This can cause slippage and injuries to the athlete. That is why Under Armour sprint spikes are designed to fit snugly around the contours of the runner’s foot. This amplifies lockdown and support, promoting surefootedness and stability. 

Comfort. When buying a track shoe, comfort is one of the qualities that affect the buying decision of the user. Stemming from this fact, Under Armour track sprinting shoes are configured to have ample cushioning. This targets both support and plushness within the foot chamber. This allows the contender to last in the competition without blisters and hotspots. 

Traction. The perfect formula for a swift-running performance is the combination of both lightness and grip. This is the very reason why Under Armour sprinting platforms are fashioned to provide superior traction on all types of surfaces. With enough grip, track performers can expect a robust and slippage-free performance. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my Under Armour sprint spikes for middle-distance and long-distance running? 

Under Armour track shoes are configured differently to function in separate events. For instance, the brand’s sprint spike is designed to be more rigid compared to its mid-range and long-range platforms. This is intended to enhance the speed and protection of the runner. With sprinting, the pace of the runner is highlighted more than endurance. Contrary to this, mid-distance and long-distance running shoes have more cushioning and are more flexible to deliver lasting performance. 

How long does an Under Armour sprint spikes last? 

This varies from the frequency of usage from the wearer. Obviously, the more one uses it, the more it is exposed to wear and tear. However, as a general rule, track shoes are good until two seasons. After this, athletes are recommended to change their track spikes with a new pair. This is to ensure that these running platforms do not break down in the middle of training or competition.