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Clearly a newcomer in the football boot market, Under Armour launched their first cleat in 2006 through the Click-Clack campaign. Today, however, there is already a wide variety of Under Armour low top soccer cleats to choose from. Furthermore, these shoes have been getting the attention of the younger-generation players because of their colorful and appealing designs as well as their innovative technologies.

Under Armour brand facts

best under armour low top soccer cleats
Best Under Armour low-top soccer cleats - November 2019

  • Under Armour is a global shoe and apparel manufacturing company that is based in Baltimore, Maryland in USA.
  • The company started out as a moisture-wicking apparel manufacturing company in September 1996.
  • UA is known for signing and coming college athletes like Donte Tubman and Stephen Curry.
  • Other famous names who belong to UA’s plethora of accomplished athletes include Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, and Sloane Stephens.

Notable technologies of Under Armour low top soccer cleats

Several low top soccer cleats from Under Armour are not only fashion forward when it comes to aesthetics, but they are also tech-heavy and creative. Below are some of the ground-breaking technologies used in Under Armour soccer cleats.

  • ClutchFit.This technology is not only found in Under Armour low top soccer cleats, but also in some basketball and running shoes. It is a signature compression technology that allows the upper to wrap around the foot for a second-skin fit. The material features several hourglass-shaped auxetic structures with varied sizes. More than just being cosmetic upgrades, they are specially engineered to flex under pressure and flatten when force is applied.

The ClutchFit technology was first launched in the Under Armour Highlight, a famous (American) soccer cleat from the company. It was then expanded to their other shoe lines, gears, and apparel. A popular soccer cleat that features this innovation is the UA Clutchfit Force FG.

  • Speedform.An upper technology that some wearers refer to as a ‘bra for the feet’ is called the Under Armour Speedform. It is a product of three years worth of research and development. The revolutionary, seamless heel cup encases the back of the foot to reduce friction and create an anatomical fit. Thereby reducing the incidence of getting blisters in the heel.

The Speedform is featured in the UA Speedform CRM Leather FG.

  • Charged Cushioning.Charged Cushioning is another proprietary technology found in several Under Armour shoes. This innovation keeps the user comfortable on hard surfaces for extended periods of time. It is an extra layer on the midsole that absorbs energy after each step, change of direction, and knee bend. The material then converts the energy into a level of responsiveness for faster dashes and quicker pivots.

The Charged Cushioning is found in the UA MAgnetico Pro Hybrid.

Best Under Armour low top soccer cleats

Just like other soccer cleat brands, Under Armour has its share of sought-after low top soccer cleats. It is interesting to note, however, that Under Armour does not have any mid top and high top soccer cleats as of the moment. Below is a list of some of the popular low top soccer cleats from the American brand.

  • Under Armour Magnetico Pro FG

One of the best low top soccer cleats from Under Armour is the UA Magnetico Pro FG. Some players refer to it as the fourth installment of the Under Armour Clutchfit. Unlike Adidas, Puma, and Nike soccer cleats that feature knitter collars, this shoe remained collarless. What it lacks in the collar department, it makes up in the upper material department.

Under the “Zero Break-in Time” tagline, the upper of the UA Magnetico Pro FG feels very soft, thanks to its FormTrue technology. For the outsole of this technologically advanced soccer cleat, the Optimal Traction System is used.

  • Under Armour Clutchfit Force 3.0 FG

The third installment of the UA Clutchfit Force series features a Trivela microfiber upper, which provides a second-skin fit and feel. Because of this, the shoe molds to the natural curves of the foot. Thus, it is able to accommodate most foot widths.

For added comfort, the UA Clutchfit Force 3.0 FG utilizes the revolutionary Charged Cushioning midsole. This innovation is also present in the previous Clutchfit Force iterations, namely the UA Clutchfit Force FG and the UA Clutchfit Force 2.0 FG.

  • Under Armour Spotlight FG

The Under Armour Spotlight FG is probably one of the most notorious soccer cleat in the market because of its zippered upper. Under Armour has integrated the new concept of hiding the laces underneath another layer of upper material. The compressive neoprene sleeve functions to protect the foot while providing ample support and fit.

Also, another feature that makes this Under Armour low top soccer cleat one of the best in the market is its high-rebound footbed. It is made of ethylene vinyl acetate that enhances responsiveness and comfort on firm ground pitches. Acceleration is also improved, thanks to its lightweight carbon composite soleplate.

  • Under Armour Spotlight Indoor

An excellent indoor soccer cleat from Under Armour comes in the form of the UA Spotlight Indoor. It features a lightweight synthetic leather upper with an asymmetrical lacing system. Together, these elements offer a snug fit for adaptive comfort.

Its low-profile outsole provides good flexibility and traction on hard, polished surfaces of indoor courts, arenas, and gyms. The Ortholite insole also enhances the overall comfort of the shoe.

  • Under Armour Command Indoor

The UA Command IN is an indoor soccer cleat that features a soft kangaroo leather upper and a multi-surface outsole. It also features the famous Charged Cushioning midsole technology. The flexible rubber material used on the outsole of the Under Armour Command Indoor works well in providing traction on indoor court surfaces.

  • Under Armour Magnetico Pro Hybrid

Built for players who live for speed, the UA Magnetico Pro Hybrid has several features that will take your game to the next level. This soccer cleat comes with the FormTrue upper that ensures excellent stability even at top speed. Another game-changing technology that is found in this Under Armour low top soccer cleat is the Charged Cushioning midsole. Likewise, for its soleplate, it utilizes the lightweight CoreSpeed plate. It is specially engineered to follow the natural movements of the foot as the player sprints on high-speed.

Frequently asked questions

Are there Under Armour low top soccer cleats for different kinds of playing fields?

There are low top UA soccer cleats for firm ground, soft ground, turf, and indoor pitches. Unfortunately, they have yet to release their own artificial grass (AG) and street (ST) variations. A well-known UA low top soccer cleats for firm grounds (FG) is the Under Armour Spotlight BL Firm Ground. For soft grounds (SG), you may use the Under Armour SpeedForm Hybrid Soft Ground. The Under Armour Magnetico Select Turf and Under Armour Magnetico Select Indoor are good choices for turf (TF) and indoor (IN) playing surfaces, respectively.

Are Under Armour low top soccer cleats available for kids as well?

There are several UA low top soccer cleats for kids. Good examples are the Under Armour Kids’ Clutchfit Force 3.0 FG , Under Armour Kids Spotlight TF, and Under Armour Magnetico Select FG.