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Under Armour Curry basketball shoes

Stephen Curry was with Nike very early in his career. An underdog back then, he was just one of the many names that the brand made special player shoe editions for. Signature lines were honors reserved for celebrity players LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

It was in 2013 when Under Armour took Steph in. Many think that Stephen Curry is Nike's TOTGA (The one that got away), especially when it was revealed that Steph turned The Swoosh down only after a series of pitching errors in his contract renewal negotiations.

Steph's line of Under Armour signature shoes was launched in 2015. It was also the year when his Golden State Warriors became the NBA champions for the first time since 1975. The next three years saw Steph appear not only in the All-Star Games but also in the NBA Finals. His team won the championship two more times within the same period. This propelled Steph and his Under Armour Curry basketball shoes to immense popularity.

That brand has become so successful that a stand-alone Curry brand was launched in late 2020. Aside from the main UA Curry shoes, Curry low-tops and Curry 3ZEROs are also produced by the brand.

UA Curry basketball shoes: Cheaper and better

Fans pit Stephen Curry against LeBron James because of their four-year rivalry in the NBA Finals. Comparisons range from their playing style down to their signature kicks.

Steph's UA basketball shoes are significantly cheaper than the Nike LeBrons, but this does not automatically mean that they are inferior. On the contrary, many of the UA Curries are better received by the market.

Fans get even more excited when the Curry shoes go on sale just months after their initial release. RunRepeat rides on this excitement by providing data from various retailers, making it a lot easier to see which store offers a pair at the lowest price.