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The track and field meet of triple jumping is often cited as the “hop, step, jump.” These techniques are what make a triple jump complex and demanding. Moreover, these movements are also integral in the totality of the jumper’s performance. 

The sport of triple jump is one that tests the strength, body coordination, and the balance of the athlete. That is why it is important for the contender to choose the best triple jump spike available in the market. 

With this article, the qualities of a high-performance triple jump shoe and the history of the track event will be discussed comprehensively. It is intended to help first-time purchasers and long-time athletes in knowing more about the sports, as well as, what to look for when buying a pair of triple jump shoes. 

The phases of the triple jump

Best triple jump track and field shoes - May 2020

Apparent through its name, the triple jump is not merely the process of jumping to get to the farthest part of the sandpit. Rather, it involves the complex movements of running, hopping, stepping, then finally, leaping. These actions will be discussed thoroughly in the following lines: 

  • Approach
    • The approach method is very much like the process of sprinting. It is even considered the most critical aspect of the athlete’s jump. With a robust approach, the momentum build-up is heightened. 
    • To boost the approach of the jumper, one must be aided with a highly propulsive track spike. Propulsion is generated when a track shoe has a rigid plate configuration. Aside from the spike plate design, increased speed is also permitted by the spike pins of the jumping shoe. 
  • Hop
    • The hop is initiated when the athlete leaps from the take-off board. It will be executed with the use of the right leg. 
    • One important characteristic that should be present in the fashion of the jumping spike is security. This can be addressed by the lockdown system and upper composition of the track shoe. 
  • Step
    • After the delivery of the hop—also referred to as the hop landing— the step phase is carried out. It utilizes the backward momentum of the right leg, leading to a maximized jump. The left leg acts as support during this stage. 
    • Grippy traction is required during the step. It is important that the contender wears a track jumping shoe equipped with components that dig into the track surface. Such helps in speeding and increasing the athlete’s momentum. 
  • Jump 
    • At this juncture, the backward force stored in the left leg is incorporated. To create a vivid picture of the jump phase, it is very similar to a long jump. This is the part where the triple jumper tries to reach the farthest distance in the landing pit. 
    • Just like the qualities of a long-jump spike, it is necessary for a triple jump shoe to exhibit high-strength properties. The shoe’s durability protects it from the abrasion caused by the friction between the ground and the spike plate. 

The triple jump spike in detail

This list goes through the various attributes that should be present in a triple jumping shoe. These are critical in yielding a top-notch track jumping performance. Not only do these allow one to outperform competitors, but also to beat one’s own PR.


  • Security. This element is fundamental in keeping the foot pushed down into the midsole. It also equates to the upper composition being tight-fitting. However, this does not mean that comfort is sacrificed. With security, the platform is kept away from unwanted removal in the midst of training or competition. 
  • Comfortable. For the athlete to last in the competition, it is important that the foot is generously wrapped with irritant-free components. 
  • Supportive. This aspect is pronounced by the overlays embedded on the upper. These overlays not only help keep the foot in place but also improve the shoe’s structural integrity.


  • Cushioned. A well-cushioned triple jump spike ensures support, comfort, and impact mitigation. First, support allows for a stable track experience. It is very essential in the performer’s propulsion and safety. Second, an ample amount of cushioning delivers comfort with its balance of softness and rigidity. Lastly, cushioning helps with attenuating shock upon impact. Thus, protecting the foot from possible injuries. 


  • Rigidity. The stiffness of the jumping shoe’s spike plate is tasked with delivering unparalleled propulsion. Such an element can be found in a Pebax® plate which is integrated into most track spikes’ outsole. The same component is found in the Nike Zoom Rival S 9, Saucony Velocity, and Brooks Wire v5
  • Durability. It is a given that when choosing any athletic footwear, sturdiness must be a criterion. For a triple jump shoe, it is highly valued as it protects the platform from wear and tear, especially with the amount of friction involved during landing. It can cause the deterioration of the quality of the spike. 
  • Lightness. In order to yield a powerful leap, the athlete must maintain a slim frame to keep the weight down. The same principle is incorporated in a reliable triple jump shoe. This is to disable the possibility of weighing the athlete down, thus slowing one’s pace. 
  • Traction. A good surface grip is very critical in a heightening the momentum build-up of the runner. In turn, this promotes a maximized take-off, powering the jumper’s performance. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using a triple jump shoe? 

With the general makeup of a triple jump spike, it is intended for support, grip, propulsion, and featherlight jumping experience. Moreover, this jumping shoe is also made with highly durable materials that ensure the platform’s longevity. 

Can I wear running spikes for my triple jump competition? 

There are those who claim that a mid-distance running shoe is adequate for triple jump. However, these sports require different techniques and skills, thus their corresponding performance footwear has a different configuration. Thus, it is advised that for the sporting event of the triple jump, one should wear the appropriate triple jump shoes. 

How many spike pins should I attach to my triple jump shoe? 

The number of spikes that is to be affixed to one’s triple jump spike’s plate is dependent on the number of spike receptacles available. It is also reliant on whether the spike pins housed by the plate are removable or not.