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Best Timberland Casual Shoes Sneakers - May 2020

Timberland, a shoe company named after nature with an accompanying logo to it, not only stamps these into its products but put to heart the essence of the brand and what it stands for.

The company name, which literally means “land of growing trees”, first gained popularity when they released the first-ever waterproof boot for men in 1973. To this day, the iconic 6" yellow chukka has remained popular not only for the function but also for the style. Since then, the boot has had its share of numerous modifications, collaborations, and iterations making it a timeless silhouette.

Footwear crafted for outdoor use, Timberland makes the conscious effort to minimize its environmental footprint through partnerships that share the same advocacy. Proof that saving the planet can be stylish at the same time.

Tire to boot

In keeping with the company’s goal to reduce low-carbon emissions, Timberland collaborates with various companies to turn used vulcanized rubber tires into outsoles.

Teaming up with companies like Omni United and Green Rubber gave birth to the collection called Earthkeepers®. Its aim is to recycle old tires into the sturdy and comfortable outsole for every shoe created. Although recycled material, the shoe manufacturer ensures that the overall quality is kept at bay of which Timberland is known for.

Bottle to boot

Pushing the boundaries further, Timberland partners with Thread to turn old plastic bottles into usable fabric. The collection consisted of 5 different shoe styles, bags, and shirts. 

Collected plastic bottles from Haiti are turned to “the most responsible fabrics on the planet.” Beyond ecological sustainability, this opportunity further empowers people through job creations and creating awareness of the impact on saving the world.

Silver-rated tannery

Leather being one of the primary materials used in the company’s well-crafted selection, Timberland employs tanning facilities that are rated Silver or higher by the Leather Working Group (LWG). The auditing company judges and classifies tanneries based on energy use, waste production and water treatment.

Most popular Timberland casual sneakers

Although gaining traction as the go-to outdoor footwear brand, the New England-based manufacturer evolved and delved into the creation of a sneaker line marrying together the casual and outdoor lifestyle.

Low top

Timberland Adventure Cupsole Alpine Oxford (no PP)

This low-cut profile is popular among men for its classic sneaker silhouette which features premium nubuck leather upper to give that boot, outdoorsy feel. On top of the overlaid leather tongue, it features D-ring metal hardware lace holders to elevate the roughness vibe of the shoe.

  • Both padded collar and tongue offer cushion and comfort to the wearer.
  • Mesh linings, made with 50% PET (recycled plastic bottles), offer breathability keeping the user’s feet dry all day long.
  • A sturdy cupsole ensures much-needed support to the feet.
  • Siped rubber outsoles mean better traction and grip on surfaces.
  • Heel branding has the same shade as the upper color which is a stand-out against the plain rubber outsole.

Timberland FlyRoam™ Go Knit

A knitted synthetic mesh upper construction is one footwear that Timberland has evolved itself into with the release of this FlyRoam™ Go Knit. The sock-like one-piece feature offers a seamless breaking in; while the breathable mesh ensures the wearer’s feet moisture-free at all times.

  • Apart from the mesh upper, the AeroCore™ technology midsole provides added lightness and comfort while bustling the city life.
  • The medial plastic lace holder that spans all the way to the heel adds for reinforcement.
  • As an added bonus, this silhouette is available in both men’s and women’s sizing.

Timberland Killington Oxford

Another silhouette that possesses an upper made from recycled plastic bottles, it is popular among consumers for its lightness and comfort. The full-grain silver-rated leather and mesh upper combination contributes to the lightweight and breathability factor.

  • It has SensorFlex™ comfort technology on the midsole that adapts to whatever terrain to provide a smooth and stable pace.
  • An added OrthoLite® polyurethane footbed offers extra all-day cushioning and support.
  • The speckled midsole against a predominantly white rubber serves as an accent to the overall look of the shoe.
  • Crafted for both men and women consumers, the available color variations for the Killington Oxford are easy to match with any outfit.


Timberland Altimeter Mixed-Media Sneaker Boots 

Innovating in their designs, Timberland creates an Altimeter collection where this shoe belongs. A mix of premium leather and mesh materials complete the upper look. Meanwhile, to fortify the toe bump and heel is a rubber overlay.

  • This lace-up mid-boot boasts of the SensorFlex™ comfort technology - a hybrid sole of EVA foam and rubber that provides stability, comfort, and traction.
  • For added cushioning, this sneaker also has Ortholite® footbeds. 
  • Popular among men for its simple yet sleek design makes for a stylish look.

Timberland Killington Half Cab

This middie boot comes from the manufacturer’s ReBOTL™ range. The full-grain nubuck leather upper imbues classiness and style. Padded mesh tongue affords breathability and the padded collar offers ankle support.

  • A triple-layer suspension system of the SensorFlex™ midsole technology provides the utmost comfort with every step.
  • An added Ortholite® inlay sole not only adds extra cushioning but keeps feet dry and microbe-free.

Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Chukka

This boot takes inspiration from a hiker’s aesthetic. Favored for its ultramodern and minimalistic look. The canvas upper is made with 50% recycled plastic bottles while the padded collar offers stability and support. 

  • Mesh linings inside the shoe are breathable to keep the feet dry.
  • Despite the vulcanized outsole, it offers much flexibility allowing the wearer to continue about the shoe buyer’s on-the-go lifestyle with ease.
  • The two-tone midsole accentuates the overall look of this mid-cut.
  • The silver D-lace hardware complements the gray-white color scheme.
  • Two additional metal hardware are found below the collar for added snug.


Timberland FlyRoam™ City Sneaker Boots

This high-cut sneaker boot comes from the Limited Edition FlyRoam™ collection. A main inspiration for the design comes from a hiker profile giving it a rugged, athletic feel. Favored by many for the lightweight durability of the AeroCore™ energy system outsole design; giving the wearer high-rebound cushioning.

  • Sleek in smooth leather uppers giving it a modern vibe.
  • Tightening the high tongue is easily secured by a plastic paneling on the collar.
  • The double padded collar and padded mesh tongue provide much-needed support and comfort befitting the urban jungle lifestyle.
  • Fans had an input in crafting this silhouette as Timberland crowdsourced comments and inputs from people

Timberland Kenniston 6-inch Sneaker Boots

This women’s lace-up boot is a favorite by the female consumers for the Timberland iconic boot design. While it has a similar silhouette of a bulky, boot design, it feels very lightweight on the feet.

  • Much like the newer Timberland designs, this features the athletic-inspired SensorFlex™ that provides much support and flexibility.
  • A breathable and anti-odor insole to keep the feet constantly dry and away from foul smell.
  • To give the boot a sneaker feel, the sole has an injection-molded lightweight EVA outsole.
  • An 8-ring metal eyelet enables the wearer to adjust the tightness according to the wearer’s liking; while the padded collar provides support for the ankle.
  • Catering to the women’s fashion sense, variations are available in metallic hues, suede, and snake-print overlays.

Timberland Newport Bay Thread Canvas Sneaker Boots

Made for women, these lace-up boots feature a canvas material made with Thread™ fabric -  made with 50% recycled plastic bottles. It features a wide cushioned collar that provides support and stability.

  • The metal eyelet hardware gives out an industrial, rugged vibe contrary to the zen-like design.
  • Despite the high-cut silhouette, the mesh lining provides ample breathability and comfort.
  • Many shoe buyers love the horizontal stitching across the mid-area which accentuates the minimalist design of the shoe.
  • Available in the gray/white colorway affords the user to wear this to the daily grinds of urban hustle.

Timberland Londyn 6-inch Sneaker Boots

A 6-inch lace-up boot made from premium nubuck leather giving it a rugged look to the shoe. A padded collar made from glossy leather accentuates the high-top cleat and provides support at the same time. Giving this boot a sneaker feel is a white midsole, excluding the all-black colorway which features black midsoles.

  • Visible stitching around the midsole adds durability to this sneaker-boot design.
  • The metal hex eyelets, rope laces, and midsole stitching add up to the industrial feel of the shoe.
  • Crafted for a lady’s feet, this has 0.4 inches of the internal wedge to give that extra height boost.
  • Most women consumers love how one is able to put on footwear that is commonly associated with predominantly masculine footwear to fit one’s own style.


Are Timberland footwear eco-friendly?

The company has been using recycled bottles and rubbers since 2007 through the Earthkeepers® collection. For 2020, among the many goals is to source 100% of leather from LWG or Gold-rated tanneries.

What is SensorFlex™?

It is an optimized cushioning technology made from a hybrid of EVA foam and rubber. It is a triple-layer suspension system that flexes with every step, adapting to uneven terrain to provide stability, comfort, and traction.

Do women’s boots fit comfortably well?

Most reviews recommend getting the shoe half size down. However, it is best to refer to the company’s sizing chart for a more accurate fit.

How to break in a Timberland boot?

Most people suggest bending the soles of one’s favorite pair repeatedly to quickly soften the rubber. Timberland recommends applying a leather conditioner to the upper.

Are Timberland shoes too warm for summer?

Ideally, the boots feel warmer, however, with the casual lifestyle choices Timberland offers for both men and women, there are numerous options to choose from.

Do all Timberland footwear have OrthoLite® insoles?

Not every shoe features the OrthoLite® footbed. It is advised to carefully read the specifications of the chosen shoe before purchasing it.

What is the best way to style Timberland sneakers?

  • Men can pair this shoe with a black trouser, neutral shirt and black blazer for a dressier outfit.
  • Ladies can put on a denim jacket over a little black dress and hoop earrings for that sexy yet rugged appeal.