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Teva Arrowood hiking shoes

If imposing hikers intimidate you, then Teva Arrowood hiking shoes are about to change your mind. While these remarkable adventure companions can be mistaken for sneakers, their performance on the trail will leave you breathless.

On the other hand, RunRepeat will never leave you penniless, as we got the latest and craziest deals on highly sought-after hiking shoes. Because on here, your budget matters too!

Arrowood trail shoes: Modernizing hiking traditions

Experiencing the backcountry in Arrowood hiking shoes is as exciting as it is reassuring. Proud contributors to Teva’s expanding library of hikers, these babies bring on powerful strides minus the unnecessary weight.

Yes, most of these low-profile must-haves are some of the lightest kicks you will ever wear. With an average weight of 350 g per shoe, Teva Arrowood hiking shoes give hiking sandals a serious competition.

Where waterproof kicks are required, several of these grippy pieces can get the job done. So, with the right Arrowood pair, you can take on trails like a trained ninja, even in wet and gloomy conditions.

Before you buy Teva’s Arrowood hiking shoes

There is no better time to own a pair of these must-buys than now, and no better place to get them than through RunRepeat. That said, consider the following points first before you start spending.

  • Teva Arrowoods fall on the middle part of the pricing scale, requiring a budget of about $130 to $150.
  • Give our comparison tool a try and see detailed information across 4 Teva Arrowood hiking shoes (even those outside this collection). This way, you can factor out trail shoes whose features you are not interested in and zero in on something that possibly costs less.
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