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Best Taos Sneakers
Best Taos Sneakers - January 2020

A shoe brand that trademarks the words Stand Up and Get Comfortable!™ will surely tickle every person’s curiosity.

This is the slogan shoe manufacturer Taos lives by -- encouraging people to get up, be on-the-go yet feel comfortable doing it.

Named after Taos city in New Mexico for its lush and rustic landscape, Taos’ goal is to create women’s footwear with style and ease without compromise. Since 2005, the company has garnered a fanbase of female consumers for the varied range of foot apparel they offer from shoes to boots to sandals.

Taos’ sneaker line is among the most sought-after shoes mainly for its comfort, classic, and simple designs. Moreover, every pair is fairly cheap considering the extraordinary amount of comfort it offers.

Curves & Pods®

To accommodate the comfort aspect of every sneaker, Taos developed the Curves & Pods® insole. This removable, orthotic-friendly footbed features: 

  • Curves that hug the feet for great support.
  • Heel support to aid in balance and stability.
  • Arch support that contours the inside of the feet.
  • Metatarsal support, which helps decrease fatigue by helping alleviate pressure on the ball of feet.
  • Pods that provide shock-absorbing elements that offer great cushioning.
  • Polyurethane lining.

Best Taos Sneakers

In the world of sneaker culture when hyped collaborations, unique designs, and stylish color variations are what shoe fanatics eagerly anticipate for, comfort is often overlooked. 

But with every Taos pair of sneakers, the feet will be protected and allows every user to go about their activities free from worrying about sore feet. Not only this, every Taos sneaker features SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology which ensures that your feet stay odor and bacteria-free.

RunRepeat has listed some of the top-ranked Taos sneakers that come highly recommended by the women consumers.

Taos Star

The Star is one of the most popular shoes from Taos. Due to its popularity, the shoe brand crafted other models from this base design.

  • This sneaker is one of the most sellable models for its classic sneaker silhouette.
  • A full canvas upper makes the shoe durable thus making it easy to maintain.
  • The visible zigzag stitching all over the shoe serves as an accent design against the predominantly solid hues selection.
  • Many women own a couple of pairs of this classic silhouette because of the pocket-friendly price tag. 
  • Comfort over style is what differentiates this trainer from other low-tops because of Taos’ Curves & Pods® detachable insole.

Notable Taos Star Editions

Moc Star
  • This low-cut lace-up variation is available in denim or canvas uppers. 
  • The Taos Moc Star features moc toe hand stitching for added reinforcement.
  • A pinstripe rubber foxing matches the tone of the upper.
  • Padded collar and removable insole provide ample ankle support.
  • Many women like the washed-out solid hue colorways. It creates the illusion that it has been worn for years.
  • The monochromatic colors can easily be worn for casual work meetings or a stroll in the park.
Top Star
  • This well-received shoe is the high-cut version of the Taos Star.
  • Many users love the washed-out canvas lining which gives out that worn-in effect.
  • The double padded lining on the collar gives extra ankle support that helps secure the feet and prevent ankle rolls.
  • The available color selection makes for quick and easy styling.
Retro Star
  • Looking much like the original model, the Retro Star  is available in suede or leather uppers.
  • Pinstripe rubber foxing on the outsole is one noticeable difference from the original.
  • The leather design has midsole stitching around the shoe.
  • The suede also comes in 2-tone hued, earthy colors that can be easily worn with any kind of look.
Guest Star
  • This 4-ring eyelet kick is fashioned in classic CVO style.
  • This women canvas sneaker’s timeless silhouette is a star in itself for the many options one can style this with.
  • Despite the sleek design, it still provides great foot support that Taos regular purchasers have come to love.
  • The outsole of the Taos Guest Star  is lauded for the excellent traction it provides.
Star Burst
  • Another marketable model from Taos Active collection.
  • The padded canvas lining on the collar helps support the feet.
  • This low-cut tennis shoe has zigzag detailing on the medial and lateral side.
  • The detachable footbed features Soft Support™ which gives the right amount of cushioning and cooling, lasting comfort.
  • A recognizable brand leather patch on the tongue and heel adds an extra touch of earthiness to the whole look.

Taos Plim Soul 

At first look, this kick looks very similar to the Star which makes it very popular to many buyers. Between the two models, the outsole is a major difference. Women consumers love this low-top kick for the versatility it allows them to match with the outfit they choose to wear.

  • The Plim Soul’s rubber outsole measure 1 1/8" whereas the Star has 3/4"
  • The added foxing on the outsole is another differing feature not in the Star.
  • This canvas sneaker has great value for its price.

Taos Dandy

Favored by many for the classic slip-on silhouette, this retro tennis shoe is one of the most popular models from this manufacturer. One major factor that contributes to the marketability of the Dandy sneaker is the arch and metatarsal - the portion of the foot located between the toes and the heel - support it provides the wearer.

  • The heel pull tab and soft textile lining allow for quick and easy wearing.
  • Twin gore elastic on both sides affords the wearer a snug fit.
  • The soft padded collar offers additional cushioning.
  • Fun and colorful printed designs are available for shoe lovers who want to show their fun-loving personalities.

Taos Freedom

It is another classic silhouette sneaker but in a soft leather upper. The distinctive aged leather look gives a worn-out appeal which makes the Taos Freedom a stand-out.

  • Apart from the typical solid hues, the addition of metallic tones to the collection caters to the fashionable ladies who want to up the ante in their casual style.
  • The perforation on the lateral and medial sides adds a touch of sportiness to the overall look of the shoe and breathability.
  • Metallic studs on the sides and heel add a touch fashionable vibe.

Taos Soul

Favored by the ladies for the unconventional velcro and slip-on design giving it a hint of masculinity. The shoes’ upper is composed mostly of suede.

  • Shoe purchasers love the combination of velcro closure and slip-on style allowing for an easy and quick putting on.
  • The patterned design on the suede adds a touch of accent to the whole look.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I buy Taos footwear?

While they do not have their own brand store yet, Taos has partnered with over 1,000 retail stores all across the United States. Major online retailers also carry Taos footwear.

Do Taos shoes come in wide width?

Most of the sneakers are available in standard medium width (B) sizes but there are selected models that come in wide width (W). It is recommended to carefully go through the product page and customer reviews to look at the sizing available and suggestions respectively.

What outfits are best to pair with Taos?

Because of the flexibility of the rubber and timeless designs, the possibilities of styling a Taos sneaker are endless.

  • Lace-up closure designs can be worn with ripped denim pants or cut-off denim shorts, a crop top, and a summer floral cardigan. Top it off with some long necklaces and an Aztec-print body bag to achieve that Coachella vibe.
  • Slip-on sneakers can be paired with khaki pants folded at the seams to show-off that favorite shoe and a plain white tee for that classic preppy look.
  • A dress of any length will complement any Taos canvas sneaker. Top it off with a fedora hat and accessorize it with a cute tassel or fringe bag.

Are Taos sneakers good for your feet?

Numerous female buyers with various feet problems of rheumatoid arthritis, bunions, and plantar fasciitis have attested that donning a pair of Taos sneakers has been very comfortable.  

Taos neither claims any medical nor therapeutic effectiveness of the Curves & Pods® removable insole. The company highly recommends consulting a medical professional who can properly address any foot problems.

How do you clean Taos canvas shoes?

  • Remove the laces and the detachable inlay sole.
  • Brush off any removable dirt using a soft nylon brush.
  • Use antibacterial dish soap and cold water -- for canvas colored White, Stone, Khaki Wash Canvas or Grey Wash Canvas -- to spot clean using a damp cloth.
  • For other canvas colors, it is okay to machine wash with cold water.
  • Dry shoes out naturally.
  • Do not

How do you clean a Taos insole?

It is important to note that it is best to air dry the removable footbed but not out under the sun.

  • Mix anti-bacterial dish soap and cool water.
  • Dip a soft cloth in the mixture.
  • Using the soft cloth, wipe the entire footbed. 
  • Spot clean the areas that needed more cleaning by rubbing softly on the stain/dirt.
  • Damp a separate clean cloth and wipe any excess soap.
  • Let it air dry. Do not dry under the sun.

Where are Taos shoes made?

Taos shoes are manufactured in China, Portugal, and Spain. To determine which country your favorite Taos was crafted, check the interior of your footwear as it is imprinted on it. 

Is Taos headquarters located in Taos, New Mexico?

No. The company is based in Southern California. This is also where the designs are created. Although the brand name and inspiration come from the artistic nature and casual lifestyle that emanates from Taos, NM.