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Best Supreme Sneakers - May 2019

From reinventing streetwear to selling out ridiculous items for no apparent reason, Supreme had proved itself timeless by stirring the sneakerhead fandom into berserker rage. Showing they were right all along, the New York-based supplier had given a new definition to the word “exclusivity.”

No one knows the apparent reason for the contagious spread of red color-blocked logos and how it penetrated different societal spectrums but as the growing community for social media acceptance expands, so does the relevance of this unhindered brand.

Tapping all cylinders of consumerism, Supreme had already showcased radical products like bricks, hammers, crowbars which, believe it or not, all had history behind them. Dwelling in this website might lead one to assume that talking about such fancies would not be the centerpiece of this read which, of course, would be Supreme sneakers.

Let’s revisit the iconic Supreme sneakers collabs and how Supreme became one of the most ripped-off labels on the planet.

First off: One may ask the question, how did Supreme become a successful sell-out?

As said previously, Supreme sneakers had a thing for scarcity which boosts demand and skyrockets price. But aside from those economic points, there are a lot more reasons why the Yankee brand consistently works.

Gathering the public eye

Partnering up with a global buddy brand like The North Face derives more attention to your brand given that it merges the two companies’ consumer pool into one heck of a product. Supreme sneakers collabs tend to diversify the brand audience.

Two brains are better than one

Cutting time during the creative process reflects a more profitable return, and companies can do this by combining with other brands with the same goal. At times, the visions may be different, but that polarity would only make the product more inventive and unique especially on the case of Supreme sneakers.

More funds for marketing

It is always a sure thing for sportswear like Supreme sneakers to channel a portion of their financial resource to marketing. Collaborations decrease the individual budget of each team making more room for other products to invest on.

Now let’s take a look on some of the iconic Supreme sneakers collabs that had ever walked the face of the Earth. For clarity, we’ll leave out those sneakerhead extremists that guard their limited edition Supreme sneakers in glasses for display.

Iconic sneaker collaborations with the Supreme brand

Time and time again, the world of streetwear tried to mold certain aspects of society, but in the case of Supreme, it was a two-way street. Starting from tees and hoodies, Supreme sneakers began their stretch into footwear mania from its skate origins.

Collaborations between Supreme and Nike

The blossoming franchise between the two brands had somewhat coincided during a time where Nike is struggling to inject its boldness into the skate world. Supreme, on the other hand, had already paved their way as successful lifestyle wear via street culture.

1. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Supreme

Probably one of the most ambitious silhouettes in the dawn of the millennium, the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Supreme sneakers induct itself as the first of many Nike collaborations in the future. It didn’t receive ample appreciation at first because, let’s be honest, no one messes with the elephant print albeit using it in a non-Jordan sneaker.

In any case, the disgusted-upon aesthetic grew through time and made its way into a ten-year anniversary release in 2012. This time, Nike received more than sufficient demand which is ingeniously catapulted by the release’ limited number -- a common thing for Supreme sneakers.

2. Nike SB Dunk High Pro Supreme

Sneakers way back the early 2000’s had not yet touched the light of day when it comes to using “x” in signifying collaborations. The Nike SB Dunk High Pro Supreme was the perfect example of it following boldly its Supreme sneakers brother which sparked the franchise.

  • It was launched in 2003 debuting not only in two, but three colorways.
  • The package didn’t stop there because the model also comes in two pairs of laces.
  • The gold deubre shouts “Supreme” signifying its dominance.
  • Star-studded panels complete the overall look which was supposed to be mini swooshes.
  • These Supreme sneakers’ original release showcase orange, blue, and red hues.

3. Supreme x Nike SB Delta Force 3/4

There will be occasional misfires along Supreme’s path to glory, and the Supreme x Nike SB Delta Force 3/4 was one of them. Though released spontaneously in 2004, this specific Supreme sneakers had not attracted much attention as its predecessors.

  • The design of the Supreme sneakers was inspired by a basketball silhouette from the mid-80’s.
  • The concept behind its creation is to give users a boot-like feel complete with a 3M reflective tongue.
  • It was initially introduced in three colorways which are Aspen, white, and Del Sol.
  • Strangely enough, the shoe did not feature extravagant Supreme brandings on its upper.
  • For weeks during its debut, the Supreme sneakers also maintained a price that was not far off from its original retail.

4. Supreme x Nike Blazer

Definitely one for the books, the Supreme x Nike Blazer became the most sought out sneaker not only during its prime but also to this day. With resell prices starting at $1,200, the coveted Supreme sneakers can be easily mistaken for a Gucci or Balenciaga iteration.

  • 2006 was the most blessed year when these specific Supreme sneakers were launched.
  • It has a snakeskin Swoosh coupled by a Gucci-inspired stripe on the heel.
  • The sneaker’s upper is covered in a quilted pattern with gold detailing.
  • Three colorways were featured including black, Varsity Red, and Sail.
  • It proudly enlists itself as the most sought out Blazer in the history of Blazers which ended up at the feet of Kanye West during the 2007 Grammy Foundations party.

5. Supreme x Nike SB Air Trainer TW 2

These Supreme sneakers were most likely to be the one which sparked the wingnut craze. Enveloping people in such false hope, the Supreme x Nike SB Air Trainer TW 2 even involved cops in its release date.

  • Released in 2007, the sneaker was sold exclusively to Supreme sneakers stores found in New York, LA, and parts of Japan.
  • The cops forced the Big Apple brand to sell out their stocks in one day.
  • The supreme sneakers pack comes in bunch containing four colorways: black, white, red, and blue.
  • The collection goes with a matching set of varsity jackets in three different colors.

6. Supreme x Nike SB Bruin Low

The very recognizable “World Famous” logo first appeared in this version of the Bruin. Marty McFly would certainly have a pair of these Supreme sneakers.

  • The Supreme x Nike Bruin Low was colored in tonal tints with complementing shiny elements on the Swoosh and insoles.
  • The left shoe contains the term “world” printed on the heel while the right displays the word “famous.”
  • Four colorways are introduced in 2009 which are white, green, red, and black.
  • It also includes a world famous tag with Supreme branding.
  • The pack also features three varieties of jackets.

7. Supreme x Nike SB 94

Honestly, Supreme and Nike SB produces high-quality kicks way back before the Yeezy era. Too bad for Supreme, sneakers became super hyped nowadays. Take for example the 94, which was a concept shoe built around innovation and class.

  • The idea behind the Supreme x Nike SB 94 was to fuse genius details from past basketball silhouettes like the Foamposite and the Zoom Air technology.
  • It promotes a unique kind of tooling that was the brainchild of the Supreme-Nike SB merger.
  • The hybrid Supreme sneakers originally featured four colorways including blue, black, burgundy, and green.
  • The initial 2010 release was priced at $128 a pop.
  • A subsequent release (November 7, 2011) showcased two new Nubuck editions drenched in Wheat and black tints which sold out quickly.

8. Supreme x Fragment Design x Nike Air Zoom All Court

Three-way collaborations were not much of a thing a few years back. The Supreme x Fragment Design x Nike Air Zoom All Court surfaced into the limelight and made it serious. Kudos.

  • Overbranding was the overall theme of the sneaker filling up the canvas upper with diagonal Supreme and Fragment logos.
  • It never reached the outlet stores, and the design doesn’t even have a product code.
  • Though it was never officially launched, a handful of pairs were seen floating around resell markets, and its minimal number made it more difficult to find.
  • The trifecta initially teased three colorways which are black, red, and white with heel tabs complementing the dominant color.
  • It was the first Supreme x Nike collaboration that did not feature an SB model.

9. Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low

Supreme dug deeper into the Nike archives and found themselves replenishing the already famous Nike Air Force 1’s. The team-up was set to reinvent the silhouette in a more unorthodox manner which had promising sales when the sneaker was released.

  • The Supreme-updated version of the classic Air Force 1 Low was initially released in the middle of November 2012.
  • It utilized a black NYCO fabric which is durable and is usually found in military garments.
  • Other colorways under the collection include a camo-tinted upper.
  • When it was introduced to the public, the retail price was $128.
  • Same as usual, the said Supreme sneakers were available in limited numbers thus boosting its resell price.
  • The upper is also water resistant flagged accordingly by a red Supreme tape on the lateral panels while sitting atop a gum rubber outsole.

10. Supreme x Nike SB Tennis Classic

From Wimbledon to the skating park, the Nike SB Tennis Classic had already explored two significant enterprises when the Supreme sneakers collab was released. Don’t be fooled by its “tennis” monicker as the sneaker is built to cater rebels roaming the streets.

  • Four colorways were introduced including volt, blue, black, and white.
  • The collection consists of premium leather complete with Zoom Air insoles.
  • In a somewhat affordable price of $110 per pair, the sneaker was one of the more accessible pieces in the Supreme franchise.
  • It was first witnessed in late April 2013.

11. Supreme x Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+

Supreme was just in time for the uprising of the Flyknit trend when they released the Supreme x Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+. Even though there were more popular models bearing the Flyknit tech, the Yankee brand chose the one in the shadows.

  • The sneaker religiously followed the release of the Tennis Classic Supreme sneakers on October 2013.
  • Eye-catching details of the said sneaker include the “Sup” tonal branding on the panels as well as the red box Supreme logo on the tongue.
  • The knitted upper also boasts a greyscale effect which adds to the overall laidback look of the Supreme sneakers.
  • The muted color theme of its upper sits on top of a coveted Lunar midsole.
  • Of course, the Supreme sneakers is a limited edition and resell prices are off the charts.

12. Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite 1

Penny Hardaway wasn’t ready for this major Supreme sneakers drop when it was released in 2014. It wasn’t the same thing for hypebeasts who camped out more than 12 hours only to be halted by the NYPD. Those poor, poor warriors.

  • The stand out element of this specific Foamposite sneaker was the Baroque-like design which can also be considered as something from the Versace template.
  • Due to its extreme hype, the Lafayette Supreme store was forced only to sell their stocks online.
  • Two colorways are included in this collection which is the black and red.
  • The Foamposite-bound Supreme sneakers were well-received due to the One Cent logo found on the back collar, a rare phenomenon in the Foamposite pantheon.
  • The original retail price of the highly limited edition sneaker was $250.
  • Resell prices are out of this world.

13. Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High “World Famous”

Borrowing the “world famous’ phrase from the Bruin, Supreme outdid it again with this reiteration of the classic basketball sneaker. Define overbranding.

  • It was also coined as the 20th-anniversary collection, honoring Supreme’s launch year in 1994.
  • Same as the previously limited launch, the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High also drew massive attention in the sneakerhead fandom.
  • Notable features include the “world famous” ankle strap, Supreme red box logo on its tongue, ‘94 branding on the heel, as well as the “Supreme” lettering on the rear.
  • The sneaker made its debut on October 23, 2014.
  • Three franchise included three colorways which are red, black, and white.
  • Retail price was set at $150 with resell prices shooting out to the stars.

14. Supreme x Nike SB GTS

Picking up momentum like something out of a Marvel franchise, Nike and Supreme proved to be unstoppable in the lifestyle scene. Their 2015 Supreme x Nike SB GTS is a nod to past models which had great potential in the recent years.

  • GTS initially stands for “Great Tennis Shoe” which was quickly adapted into the SB (Skateboarding) franchise in early 2000’s.
  • The Supreme sneakers showcase a traditional herringbone sole in a canvas upper.
  • As usual, Supreme brandings take part on the rear portion of the sneaker with a cute little Swoosh to indicate the Nike name.
  • Five colorways were released including yellow, black, red, white, and Denim.
  • Introduced on July 16, 2015, the Supreme sneakers was also highly sought after by hypebeasts.
  • Its original retail price is $88, a breath of fresh air for many fans.

15. Supreme x Nike Air Jordan V

An ancient skater would probably guess that the next Supreme x Nike x Jordan collaboration would be the Air Jordan I which was used predominantly by baby boomers and their sons. The release of the Supreme x Nike Air Jordan V was a splash of cold water in their faces.

  • Three colorways were launched in which were Desert Camo, Bred, and white.
  • The sneaker radiates its “Supreme-ness” with vibrant details like the “Sup” branding on the translucent net panels coupled with an icy outsole.
  • The number 94 is also featured on the heel panel paying homage to the New York brand’s birth year.
  • Supreme never hindered in giving its fans a hard time to cop one pair as this Air Jordan Supreme sneakers even caused a commotion in Japan and LA stores.

16. Nike Air More Uptempo Supreme

Tapping all medium for non-subliminal branding, Supreme continued to introduce past silhouettes to their line-up. The Air More Uptempo became one of those vessels employing a bold case of Supreme lettering surrounding its uppers. Saying that it is an overstatement is an understatement.

  • Released in 1996, the Air More Uptempo formerly exhibits the letters A-I-R which is the dominant sneaker tech of the Oregon brand.
  • Instead of AIR, the guinea pig of a sneaker displayed S-U-P-R-E-M-E across its upper.
  • It was nicknamed the Suptempo, like a cool thing to say to other homies.
  • Black, red, and gold colorways were included in the pack.
  • The Supreme sneakers were launched in April 2017.

17. Supreme x NikeLab Air Max 98

Giving models with visible Airbags a try, Supreme infuses their charismatic design concepts into another Nike classic which is the NikeLab Air Max 98. It is that much hyped as compared to its Supreme sneakers brothers but it didn’t stop LeBron to wear them on the court.

  • The Supreme x NikeLab Air Max 98 was released in a handful of colorways featuring different materials from patent leather to snakeskin uppers.
  • The Supreme sneakers’ worldwide release was set in April 2016 in Nike’s online shop at NikeLab.
  • The initial retail price of the sneaker was $175.

Vans x Supreme sneakers

Being a skate-focused brand pretty much implies that you include a coveted skate giant into your line-up. It is called paying respect. Several years after the Yankee lifestyle existed on the planet, people started to wear Supreme sneakers patched with Side stripes.

1. Supreme x Vans Old Skool

Way back in ‘96, collaborations were not much of a thing other than a cheaper alternative to advertising while boosting the creative think tank. Little did Supreme know that the action would spark a massive cult following in the next decade.

  • The Supreme x Vans Old Skool was the first project Supreme and Vans had worked on.
  • The three-colorway model was released in 1996, a time where the OId Skool was an excellent selling shoe.
  • It was also the first instance where a Supreme red box logo flag is flaunted on the lateral side of Supreme sneakers.
  • Proudly enough, these Supreme sneakers were made in the U. S. of A.

2. Supreme x Public Enemy x Vans Sk8-Hi

Supreme expresses their support in moving the rise in racial inequality by teaming up with well-known, politically-charged rap group called Public Enemy. It was a bold feat which helped boost recognition for both parties during that time.

  • The Supreme x Public Enemy x Vans Sk8-Hi was introduced in 2006.
  • The Supreme sneakers were given a political twist via the “it takes a nation of millions to hold us back” branding on the foxing tape.
  • It also features “Supreme Professional Skateboard Shoe” on its tag.
  • The notable Public Enemy crosshair logo is printed large on the ankle.
  • It became one of the most sought out Vans x Supreme sneakers with prices soaring high at the resell market.

3. Supreme x Neighborhood x Vans “Troops of Tomorrow” Pack

Supreme and Japanese cult-icon Neighborhood joined forces to produce a “Troops of Tomorrow” collection featuring a mash-up of the two brand’s logos. The two lucky silhouettes to bear this logo was the Vans Chukka and Sk8-Hi.

  • The two Supreme sneakers were released on separate occasions: the Chukka was introduced in December 2007 while the Sk8-Hi was launched in January 2008.
  • The design exhibits the merging symbols of Supreme and Neighborhood patterned all over the quarter of the shoe.
  • The words Troops of Tomorrow are printed on the midsole.
  • Lastly, the S&N branding coupled by New York and Tokyo can be seen at the heel portion.

4. Supreme x Vans Era Zebra

Reinventing new styles and themes was not much of a fiend for Supreme sneakers as it had withstood almost any outrageous design pattern to flaunt the planet. This time, they looked in the jungle safaris and borrowed zebra patterns from those proud hoofed animals.

  • The Supreme x Vans Era Zebra was released in 2011.
  • Deviating from the Vans waffle-emblazoned soles, this now Supreme sneakers carry a razor-siped outsole.
  • Zebra prints on the canvas upper were complemented by a mini-checkerboard pattern on the heel tab.
  • The only Supreme branding found on the sneaker is on the Vans classic's heel tape.

5. Supreme x Vans Half Cab “Duct Tape”

Supreme dons their take on the Half Cab’s 20th anniversary with realistic details emphasizing history in it. Steve Caballero, the one who somehow created the shoe, decided to sign in for the job which required his own elbow grease on it.

  • This specific Supreme sneaker collab was probably one of the most limited as it launched only a futile number of 20 pairs.
  • The reason for this small number is because Steve Caballero personally took the liberty to cut, tape, number, and sign each shoe.
  • With the information above, the shoe would serve more as a collectors edition than one to wear out on the streets.
  • It gives the nod to the birth of the Half Cab, which was for Steve, was not because of the Caballero sneaker cutting shorter instead was hailed from his “half cab” trick.

6. Supreme x Vans Campbell’s Soup Collaboration

Labels are labels whether they are from a clothing line or found from a can. Campbell’s soup attracted Supreme’s design division which successfully landed them the collab.

  • Three Vans models were inducted to receive the Campbell’s soup treatment, and they were the AuthenticHalf Cab, and the Sk8-Hi
  • Campbell’s soup logos are aesthetically arranged to cover the most part of the Authentic and the Half Cab.
  • The Sk8-Hi showcased the brilliant logos on the ankle portion.
  • The concept was a nod to Andy Warhol.

7. Supreme x Comme des Garcons x Vans Collaboration

The first instance of the Supreme and Comme des Garcons meet-up was in 2012 where the duo coincided on a polka dot and stripes project all in which are utilized in clothing and these sneakers. When speaking of sneakers, we mean the Vans Sk8-Hi and Authentic.

  • Two models were launched in 2012; one was in March, and the latter was in July.
  • The two shoe models received the coveted CdG pinstriping, a design template prevalently used on the Japan brand’s tees.
  • The collection also comes with a shirt in the same detailing with the debut of the mirroring of Supreme’s red box logo.
  • A part three of this mentioned Supreme sneakers collaboration was released in 2014 which featured the Era and the Sk8-Hi still.

8. Supreme x Vans “Power, Corruption, & Lies”

It took decades for Vans and Supreme to realize the beauty embedded on the cover art of New Order’s Power, Corruption, & Lies album. In 2013, they nailed it.

  • Vans and Supreme had teamed up with the artist behind the said album art who was the iconic Peter Saville.
  • Three models were given the Rose-pattern design, and these include the Chukka, Sk8-Hi, and Era.
  • It was immediately sold out only after hours from its release.
  • The collaboration was also a nod to thirty years of the New Order album Power, Corruption, & Lies.
  • The Era and Chukka feature canvas uppers while the Sk8-Hi is made of a mix of leather, suede, and canvas.

9. Supreme x Playboy x Vans Collection

Playboy and Supreme started their commitment with each other in the year 2011 imbibing their genius in varsity jackets. This time, Supreme sneakers flaunting the bunny logo would be that of Vans.

  • Silhouettes bearing the Playboy flair in 2014 were the SK8-Hi’s and the Authentics
  • These Supreme sneakers feature alternating Playboy Bunny logos with upright ones and ones in reverse.
  • Four colorways were released including burgundy, green, white, and black.
  • As with the other Supreme sneakers releases, this specific Vans collection is also limited in number.

10. Supreme x Vans Era Motion Logo

The GoodFellas sparked this Supreme sneakers’ creative design concept in fundamental yet bold elements. The duo has been doping it for quite some time now starting 2010.

  • The Supreme x Vans Era Motion Logo features a smudged out Supreme logo on the foxing tape.
  • Deemed as one of the most clean-looking Supreme sneakers, the collab comes in four colorways black, blue, white, and red.
  • The Supreme sneakers were released in March 2016.

Sneaker collabs between Supreme and DC

Sharing the same establishment year as Supreme, DC was one of the pioneers in skate wear that people also intend to use on a casual basis. Given that the California brand’s appeal was adequate for lifestyle, Supreme capitalized this concept and produced the first ever DC x Supreme collaboration in 1999.

Following the release of another Cali footwear producer, DC and Supreme joined forces to release the DC Supreme Torsion. DC had a good run during the 90’s, and it was only time to collaborate with them especially when creating brand new Supreme sneakers.

Timberland x Supreme

Sneakers were not the only exclusive footwear to embellish the Supreme name. Timberland proved that field boots could also showcase an aesthetic full of class and grace. In 2006, the first collaboration between Timberland and Supreme took place within the form of the classic Timberland Field Boot. The Timberland x Supreme sneaker was released in December of 2006.

Another iteration involving the Yankee brand and the famous winter shoe manufacturer was the Euro Hiker Boot. The said boot was released in four colorways including Navy, Burgundy, Black, and Brown. This subsequent collaboration of Supreme and Timberland happened five years after their first.

Honorable Mentions

Supreme Down Low & Midtown

Aside from collaborating with pre-existing models during the era, Supreme attempted to make their own shoe in 2001. The Down Low borrowed accents from the well-endowed Nike Air Force 1’s as seen in its overall construction from the sole to the overlays.

The Midtown was subsequently released a year after which displays a more extended collar but with the same features as that of the Down Lows. Though several colorways were produced for each model, the two Supreme sneakers didn’t quite catch up to consumers, and the brand stopped producing their own shoes in 2003.


Found below are the most asked questions that hypebeasts or sneaker muggles search for in their quest to find answers about the Supreme sneakers’ mystery.

How can I get Supreme sneakers?

Well the answer to that question, especially nowadays, is not an easy task to swallow. Acquiring a pair of new Supreme sneakers requires vigilance and a lot of patience. Supreme is a brand known to be releasing their shoes in a limited number, so sneakerheads tend to camp out outside their physical stores. Some might take several days, or worse, weeks before they cop a fresh new pair of these Supremes.

One also has to stay updated with current sneaker news to have an idea of the probable release date of these grails. Keeping a tab or a sheet including all the details and possible dates is always the number one priority for getting a pair.

Where can I buy Supreme sneakers?

Even though the obvious answer would be campouts, there are still other ways to grab a pair of Supreme sneakers other than marching into physical stores in LA, New York, or Japan. If fortunate enough, some of the models that the New York brand would release might be available online through websites posted on sneaker news sites. Stay on alert because even though you can acquire a pair in the comfort of your home, the competition intensifies more.

Who owns the brand Supreme?

James Jebbia is the founder of Supreme which he launched in 1994. In 2017 he sold a significant stake to private equity firm The Carlyle Group which amounts to around 50% or $500 million in value.

Which are the brands that had collaborated with Supreme?

The list still goes on, but the official ones are Nike, Jordan Brand, Vans, Clarks, The North Face, Louis Vuitton, Timberland, Levi’s, Comme des Garcons, Hanes, Stone Island, Neighborhood and so on.

How can I tell if my S1upreme sneakers are legit?

Due to its exclusivity, Supreme sneakers can be easily traced via sneaker news sites whether a specific shoe was officially released or not. If the shoe you are holding does not match any colorway or any sneaker name correctly, then what you are holding is terrible news. Of course, there is the occasional checking of stitches and matching product codes found inside the shoe indicating its authenticity.