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Stephen Curry basketball shoes

Like the majority of basketball players in the NBA, Stephen Curry was with Nike in the early days of his career. He came at a time when the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant dominated the Swoosh’s roster of greats.

Fast forward to 2013, Stephen Curry signed with Under Armour. Now, Under Armour’s signature line for Stephen Curry sells so well. This shouldn't come as a surprise since the whole line bears some of UA’s most celebrated technologies. For example, the Curry sneakers repeatedly feature the Charged foam because Steph enjoys and benefits a lot from its functions. 

Stephen Curry Basketball Shoes: The Stories that They Tell

It’s no secret that Steph is a Christian, a proud and devoted one at that. Given this, it is not anymore surprising that the Stephen Curry basketball shoes contain both obvious and non-obvious biblical references such as the following:

  • “I CAN DO ALL THINGS”. Once misunderstood as an egoistic reference to Steph’s confidence in himself, this phrase is actually the beginning of Philippians 4:13, which reads in full: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Steph himself says that this is his mantra, the one that makes him play and live life the way he does. 
  • 4:13. As a nod once again to Philippians 4:13, the Curry 1 has 4:13 on the lace loop at the center of the tongue.
  • Romans 8:28 (in morse code). The outsole of the Curry 3 has a hidden message. Within the wide grooves are morse codes for letters and numbers that spell out Romans 8:28, which reads: “All things work together for those who love and serve the Lord.” 

Aside from the Christian references, Stephen Curry basketball shoes also feature elements that pay tribute to Steph’s family life and team values. These are the following:

  • SC30 Logo. The  SC30 logo is the most ubiquitous element in Stephen Curry basketball shoes. Of course, it is an obvious nod to Steph’s initials and jersey number. 
  • MMTB and LEAD. The Home and Away colorways of the Curry 1 has MMTB and LEAD respectively on their lace tips. MMTB stands for “make my team better,” which represents Steph’s dedication to continuous improvement. 
  • Trust, Commitment, Care. Steph has at least four tattoos, and the one on his left wrist is the number 30 and TCC, which stands for trust, commitment, and care. These are the values that Steph lives by as a team player. 

Release of Curry basketball shoes

Stephen Curry's signature shoes are usually released during important NBA events. For example, the Curry 1 was made available to the public on Febuary 13, 2015, just two days shy of the February 15 All-Star Game. The other mid-top Curry sneakers are released in October when the NBA season opens.

Usually, a few months after each of the main Curry basketball sneakers’ debut is the release of their equally great low-top versions.

There were also times when the special releases bore changes not only in looks but also in technological offerings. As an example, Under Armour dropped the Curry 3ZER0 in May 2017, or just months after the Curry 3’s October 2016 release. 

Customized Stephen Curry basketball shoes

Under Armour offers Icon, an online platform that allows users to add their personal touches to their favorite shoes, including some Curry sneakers. This platform has three major tools that allow users to upload images that are to be printed on the shoe, choose the patterns that they like, and pick the colors that best suit them. Aside from some Curry basketball sneakers, a handful of football cleats are also available for customization.