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Best Spring Sneakers
Best Spring Sneakers - January 2020

It is a spring thing!

Spring is the season’s way of saying: “It is time to party!”. Flowers start to bloom, hibernating animals get out of their dens and begin to do activities, and the earth seems to be alive once again. Since spring season is the transition between frosty winter and scorching summer, people, with their comfortable outfits matched with cute spring sneakers, are enjoying lots of recreation.

Spring sneaker be like

The gradual change from winter to summer means shoving the dull, bulky winter sneakers aside and bringing out that vibrant pair of shoes from the wardrobe to match the lively atmosphere of the season. The plain black and white sneakers are still the most commonly used no matter the season. It is hard to go wrong when styling these sneakers due to its versatility. Aside from the lively color, spring sneakers are known to be breathable. 

Lightweight and breathable. 

These two characteristics almost go hand in hand. For a sneaker to be appropriate for the season, it has to be breathable since the days are getting warmer, and sweating is inevitable. Materials like canvas and mesh are usually used. Aside from being breathable, they are also lightweight.


After staying at home during the winter season, many were able to reserve their energy. When springtime comes, people get more active and are usually seen outdoors. Well-cushioned sneakers are expected so that many can enjoy the day without aching feet.


Compared to a dull winter sneaker, spring shoes are designed with more attractive colors to match the high-spirited environment.

Most favored spring sneakers

Among the numerous youthful sneakers identified for the spring season, below are some of the best-rated spring sneakers in the list of RunRepeat.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer

This Balenciaga sneaker belongs to the top 1% popular shoes. The Speed Trainer’s silhouette is so influential that it paved the way for more sock-like models from entering the fashion world. With its minimal but modern look and lightweight functionality due to its sock-like feature, the Balenciaga Speed Trainer quickly received the spotlight. Despite being available in only a plain black design, this shoe still fits the season well due to its qualities.

  • It has a sock knitted upper for a snug fit and breathability.
  • The sole is equipped with memory foam for superior comfort and shock-absorbing feature.
  • Flaunting a modest look, this pair goes well with almost any style.

Nike Air Presto Fly

Despite lacking the cage feature of a Presto model, the Air Presto Fly still satisfy many users with its performance. But like its original, it still has the “T-shirt for your feet” feel. This silhouette by Nike is among the newest footwear staple, and it has released many colorways like the Triple White, Oatmeal, Cool Grey, and Lightbone.

  • Many find this sneaker to be extremely breathable and snug due to its stretch mesh upper.
  • Replacing the TPU midfoot cage is the Flywire lacing system giving the shoe a lockdown feel and fresher, minimal look.
  • Its Phylon midsole guarantees the shoe's comfortable cushioning.

Pharrell Williams x Adidas Human Race NMD

This sneaker is a product between the collaboration of Adidas and Pharrell Williams. The available colorways for this Human Race NMD are so full of spirit that it goes well with the mood of the spring season. Others may be reluctant to cop this pair due to its vibrant hue but do not be, ‘tis the season to be playful, so experiment with a new ensemble.

  • This Adidas model is made up of a thick but stretchy knit fabrics.
  • It has a unique cage lacing system to keep the feet secure and has a personalized fit.
  • It has a Boost cushioning system for a more responsive ride.

Puma Thunder Spectra

Another Puma Classics iteration is the Puma Thunder Spectra, which silhouette’s rides the ugly sneaker trend. This Puma Thunder show-off a dynamic color blocking, with tints of red, yellow, blue-green, white, and teal scattered over a black base.

  • The upper is made of mesh, leather, nubuck/suede, TPU, and nylon materials.
  • It has a midfoot backbone for additional stability, which is positioned under the chunky but lightweight IMEVA midsole.

Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost v2 Zebra

Among the Yeezy 350 Boost v2 versions, many find the Zebra 350 v2 model to be the best one. However, due to its printed design, it looks more beautiful on a plain top paired with any dark jeans, jogger, or shorts. Even in the crowd, this footwear by Adidas can easily be identified because, aside from coming from a famous line, it has a unique feature.

  • It is designed with a Primeknit upper for a snug fit and breathable features.
  • The Primeknit upper has black and white stripes with a red SPLY 350 branding on the side panels
  • Another exciting feature of this sneaker is that it glows under UV light.

Frequently asked questions

What are the spring shoes?

Spring shoes are footwear that helps the feet to transition from chilly to searing season. The temperature is getting warmer as the days pass, which could lead to sweaty feet. To avoid this, spring sneakers are designed to have light materials for a more breathable feature. Aside from the primary colors, black and white, they are also known to have bright colors.

When do spring casual shoes come out?

Spring shoes never really go away from stores. However, the following are observable.

  • Areas that do not suffer from really low temperatures have spring shoes selling around since there is no need for winter shoes.
  • Areas that experience 3 to 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer, and autumn, usually drops new styles in late January, for those in the northern sphere, while it is during the late July or August for those in the south side.
  • For those who want to have a preview of the newest releases before it hit the market, some designer shows it off on a runway one full season ahead.

What are the trending spring sneakers?

Before spring happens, a preview of new footwear for the season is up. The best way to find out what is in style is to check out what the celebrities wear. It is either they build up the trend, or they have early access to trends. Pulling out blogs of sneaker fanatics from the internet will also be a great help. Here are some that could be on the trend.

  • Sunny hues. A pair of sneakers with sunset hues makes you feel like you are one with nature. These captivating colors work well with the lively spring phase.
  • Retros. Do not be shocked when you see some old-styled sneakers on the market since the throwback season could be a trend.
  • Platform sneakers. These sneakers might be popular for all the shorties who aspire to look taller even just for a day.
  • Ugly dad sneakers. The ugly chunky shoes have been popular for quite some time already, and it will continue to shine this season.

Are spring lifestyle shoes only for springtime?

Who says spring sneakers are only for springtime? Spring sneakers are among the most versatile footwear. It can be worn even past springtime, but it all boils down to the preference of the users. However, when choosing a sneaker to wear, see to it that it is comfortable on the feet despite the weather. 

Wearing a spring sneaker during winter might freeze your feet since it is made of light material, which would not be enough to keep the feet warm. On the other hand, wearing these on scorching heat might be uncomfortable as its breathable feature might not be enough to keep the feet from sweating.

How to care for spring sneakers?

Season changes and weathers are unpredictable, so it is inevitable for shoes to get rugged. Here are some ways on how to care for spring sneakers. Note: This is not limited to spring sneakers only.

  1. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to remove salt stains.
  2. Sweaty feet are inevitable for the warm season. To avoid it from smelling, you can put dry tea bags or a small fabric bag with an equal ratio of cornstarch and baking soda to the smell.
  3. Remove marks on the shoes. Petroleum jelly can be used on scuffs on leather shoes. For oil stains, try rubbing chalk on it then wipe it off.
  4. See that bright white sneakers when lemon juice or a mixture of baking soda and ½ water and ½ hydrogen peroxide is used to clean off the shoe.
  5. Be prepared for the unpredictable weather by making your sneakers water repellant. Prevention is always better than cure.
  6. Springtime makes people active, and it will most probably be dustier than ever outside. Brush away the dust from the shoe every after use for a fresher look.
  7. Washing your gym shoes will keep the odor away. Keep in mind to air dry them afterward.
  8. Use an old toothbrush and toothpaste to keep your sneakers gleaming. Make sure to hit dirt at all angles.

How to style sneakers for spring?

You can experiment on your ensemble during the spring season, as this is the time to be mischievous. Sneakers during this time of the year are vibrant, and it goes well with so many attires. However, the basic black and white sneakers are still most commonly used. For both men and women, throw away your dull, bulky winter jacket and put on your light, colorful sweaters to match with your shoes.

Women can try these ensembles:

  • Floral mini dress on white sneakers. Tip: You can throw on a denim jacket on your dress for a weekend outfit.
  • Jeans and white tees on a white shoe never grows old.
  • Neon dress on a white shoe for a more lively vibe.
  • Pairing a white sneaker with a biker short is not that bad.
  • A denim jacket over a bandeau top and a mini skirt paired with chunky sneakers could give off a flirty appearance.
  • An oversized shirt tucked in a leather skirt worn with flat lace-up sneakers.

Men can take note of these:

  • Wear your sneakers with a washed blue or dark to light grey pants.
  • Add pale shaded shirts on your wardrobe for the spring season.
  • Mix it up with long sleeves and short sleeves, worn over shorts, jeans, or chinos. Pairing it with a white sneaker is common. For some spice, you can try to pair it with chunky colored shoes, or sports-inspired sneakers.