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    Jordan ADG 4 - Grey (DM0103001)
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Spikeless golf shoes

Since Fred Couples debuted the first Ecco spikeless golf shoe in 2010, a new light was shed in the golfing community. It was not only a new and unique design, but it provided benefits that spiked golf shoes cannot. 

What makes spikeless golf shoes unique?

On and off turf grip. Spikeless golf shoes are seemingly a fusion of golf shoes and sneakers. The aggressive treads of this type of golf trainer provide adequate traction for courses. But, compared to spiked ones, these can be worn beyond the 18th hole. 

Fresh look. Given that they were only released ten years ago, spikeless golf shoes generally lean towards the athletic style. Each golf shoe boasts a certain fashion identity to appeal to your taste. Nike, Skechers, and Under Armour bring similar looks to their other athletic footwear categories. Meanwhile, Footjoy and Callaway, being golf-focused, carry sleek and muted silhouettes. 

Heightened comfort. Because some spiked shoes tend to dig the bottoms of the foot, many prefer spikeless. Different brands boast different cushioning techs. Boost, Phylon, and REVlite are only some of the ever-reliable midsoles infused on some models.

How much do spikeless golf shoes cost?

Generally speaking, when compared to cleated models, spikeless golf trainers are typically cheaper. If ever you’re in the hunt for one, our website houses extremely affordable pairs that perfectly suit those on a budget.