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Slip-on high top sneakers

Because high-top sneakers, like the revered Jordans, were originally designed for the strenuous sport of basketball, they were normally finished up with a lace-up closure. Since these shoes crossed over into mainstream streetwear and fashion, high-top casual shoes are now available in the hassle-free slip-on construction

Men’s and women’s slip-on high top casual shoes

When slip-on high top lifestyle shoes became a fashion byword, they have been worn on almost all occasions by celebrities and regular sneaker fans alike. They come in different colorways and various deals for everyone to enjoy.

For those who want to rock these kicks during cold weather and in the outdoors, the Nike ACG Air Terra Antarktik would be a solid option.

For the more fashion-conscious, the luxury brand Balenciaga offers the sought-after Speed Trainer. This shoe is the complete opposite of those bulky high-tops with laces. The full-knit upper brings flexibility and breathability that is usually not found in shoes with high collars.

Rihanna and Puma take the suddenly popular sneakerboot genre to a new level with the Puma x Fenty Chelsea Sneaker Boot. The shoe combines the functionality of a boot, but with the fashion sense of a regular sneaker.

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