buy slip-on climbing shoes for men and women

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, you might want to check out the benefits of slip-on climbing shoes. These kicks are characterized by the lack of laces or Velcro straps in the upper to manage the fit. Instead, they rely on elastic closure systems to keep your feet snuggly in place. 

These climbing pieces, also known as slipper shoes, are usually used for indoor sessions and training purposes. Moreover, advanced climbers keep a pair for crack climbing and bouldering. Shown below are some of the advantages of using slip-on climbing shoes.

Benefits of the best men's and women's slip-on climbing shoes

Best slip on climbing shoes

Best slip on climbing shoes - November 2019

  • Low-profile. The finest slipper kicks for climbers are those with a slim or low-profile. They are narrower and possess a small heel shape. This is made possible by the absence of Velcro straps or lace closures in the upper’s design. As a result, slip-on climbing shoes are usually chosen for individuals who plan to take on thin cracks during an ascent.
  • Sensitivity. Slip-on climbing shoes provide more sensitivity than their Velcro and lace-up counterparts. This benefit helps you feel the surface you’re climbing. In turn, you can determine if your foothold is secure or not.
  • Strength conditioning. Some slip on climbing shoes don’t come with a stiff sole. They are traditionally more flexible than moderate and aggressive climbing pieces. This quality is advantageous for beginners as it helps improve the strength of their feet.
  • Comfort. Slip-on climbing shoes feature elastic closures, making them supple and flexible. As a result, they feel more comfortable to use, especially for beginners. They are also an ideal option if you plan on performing and mastering technical maneuvers.

Notable brands that offer the best slip-on climbing shoes

La Sportiva

La Sportiva offerings, specifically those with a slip-on construction, are typically used for indoor climbing and speed climbing. They are geared towards sensitivity, comfort, and precision. Some of the brand’s slipper shoes come with a thin midsole which grants sufficient support for edging without compromising friction. Moreover, they are equipped with La Sportiva’s No Edge technology for improved senstivity during a send.

Five Ten

The finest Five Ten slipper shoes are often preferred for crack climbing. They feature the two of the brand’s technologies - Asym slingshot and Stealth C4. The former offers high heel tension and support while the latter provides high-friction grip on most types of surfaces. These Five Ten climbing shoes are also equipped with an elastic closure for easy on and off.


Notable Scarpa slipper climbing shoes use an aggressive downturn to provide performance for technical climbers. These kicks come with Vibram XS Grip outsoles for improved ground adherence. They also use the brand’s SRT toe rand system for an enhanced toe-hooking ability.