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Best Skechers Casual Sneakers - May 2020

Before Robert Greenberg brought into being the Skechers brand, he was one of the founders of the L.A. Gear, which was the hottest shoe brand among the young American women. But an unexpected turn of events led Robert Greenberg to leave the L.A. Gear in 1992 and establish Skechers in the same year.

Skechers was born in the year 1992, making it among one of the youngest brands in relation to the age of the leading footwear brands such as Nike and Adidas, which were established in 1964 and 1924, respectively. However, despite being a fledgling, it is among the United States’ fastest-growing brands.

Greenberg positioned the brand in such a way that it targets young, hip men by focusing on stylish casual footwear. However, he realized that there is a vast market for footwear, which included children, men, and women. Since then, the brand diversified its products and is now known for its performance and lifestyle footwear.

Skechers casual sneakers’ Memory Foam

Skechers focuses on two different shoe categories: lifestyle and performance. Its performance shoes feature the GOrun and GOwalk, while the Skechers lifestyle shoes offer the Memory Foam. What is in a Memory Foam?

  • A Memory Foam is a material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature.
  • It reacts to body heat by softening the material, which allows the shoe to mold to the shape of the feet for a relaxed fit.
  • The Memory Foam provides extra cushioning on the sole, and it flexes as wearers walk, making it exceptionally comfortable to put on throughout the day.

Most popular Skechers casual shoes

The casual shoes designed by this brand are considered the best around the world. They are known for having superb comfort and elegant looks. Below is a list of the most sought-after casual shoes by Skechers.

Skechers D’Lites

The Skechers D’Lites is a comfortable dad shoe that has successfully placed itself as a staple footwear choice in both men’s and women’s daily wear. The brand has produced the D’Lites in a number of iterations already. Among these includes a version where it does not feature the Memory Foam. Some models that belong to this line are the Life Saver and Biggest Fan sneakers.

Look forward to these features of the Skechers D’Lites:

  • Wearers who have foot and back problems find using this pair to help alleviate their pain when walking.
  • Despite having a bulky design, it is not as heavy as it looks.
  • Due to its memory foam, walking in this sneaker is like walking on a pillow.

Skechers Delson - Axton

This sleek-looking pair of sneakers by Skechers are for those who are on the go and do not want to bring different pairs of shoes. The Axton is a versatile shoe, which has the right amount of classiness, allowing it to be easily dressed up and down.

Anticipate the following from the Skechers Delson - Axton:

  • This pair provides a significant amount of support to those who have average to high arches.
  • The Delson - Axton is breathable, providing enough ventilation to the feet.
  • The sneaker has a flexible midsole that is responsible for absorbing shock.

Skechers Citywalk - Malton

Having a leather material with an Oxford design definitely struck a number of wearers. This pair belongs to the Citywalk series, which is designed for casual wear. However, due to its slightly squared toe design that gives the pair a non-formal silhouette, the Citywalk - Malton is only appropriate for city walks to relaxed dinners.

While wearing the Skechers Citywalk - Malton, expect the following:

  • Aside from the Memory Foam, this sneaker has a padded collar and tongue, providing its wearers maximum comfort.
  • Despite its good traction, it is better to avoid wearing this pair on wet surfaces as its grip weakens.
  • The Skechers Citywalk - Malton is a men’s casual sneaker.

Skechers Uno - Rose Bold

This women’s Skechers casual shoe, the Uno - Rose Bold, screams a classic look while showing off its metallic finish and air-cushioned midsoles. The brand has released a number of iteration for this silhouette. The Skechers Uno – Stand on Air, Skechers Uno – Roundabout, and Skechers Uno – Pearl are some of its versions.

Among its features, look forward to the following:

  • It provides women with a sporty yet stylish look due to its fashion-forward design.
  • The Skechers Uno - Rose Bold makes its wearers look tall because of its one and a half heel height.
  • It has perforations on its collar and front panels, which makes the pair well-ventilated.

Skechers Gratis - Going Places

The Gratis - Going Places sneaker is excellent for doing errands as it is effortless to wear due to its slip-on design and bungee laces. It is a relaxed, casual women sneaker, which is available in an all-white and all-black colorway, making it a very versatile sneaker as it can easily accommodate various wardrobe styles.

Be prepared for the Skechers Gratis - Going Places’ attributes:

  • Because of the materials used, the shoe is fresh and airy.
  • The lightweight quality of this pair allows users to be on their feet the entire day without feeling tired.
  • It offers superb comfort due to its Memory Foam insoles and shock absorbing midsole cushioning.

Frequently asked questions

What is the fit of lifestyle shoes by Skechers?

The classic fit of a Skecher shoe is medium, which is made to fit the average fit of the feet. However, the brand understands that the sizes of a foot vary. For this reason, Skechers provide a wide option for a better fit.

If you are worried about what size to buy, it is recommended to go with your actual size. However, some find it a little bit roomy due to its comfortable fit. The best solution is still by going to a physical store and trying the shoe on so you could decide which shoe works well for you.

Are Skechers casual shoes good for the feet?

It is both good and bad for the feet. Let us take a look at its benefits first.

  • Comfortable. Due to its Memory Foam, which compresses and molds to the shape of its wearers’ feet, it provides superb cushioning making it very relaxing to wear even on extended times.
  • Flexible. The sole of a Skechers shoe is flexible. It is responsible for keeping the feet happy since it will not feel strained despite walking the entire day.
  • Stylish. Skechers sneakers have a beautiful exterior. They are also very versatile, making it a staple in many people’s wardrobe.

Below is a list of the disadvantages of a Skechers lifestyle shoe.

  • Lack of support. Because of the Memory Foam, the Skechers casual sneakers feature, the support is everywhere. However, the different parts of the feet, like the heels, arches, and balls, requires a different amount of support. If you suffer from a particular foot issue, it is best to seek a piece of advice before choosing a shoe.
  • “Insole Alzheimers’”. Eventually, the Memory Foam loses its memory. As a result, it forgets its primary function, which is not beneficial for its wearers as this might result in straining the feet or even causing more severe feet problems.

Where to wear Skechers casual sneakers?

The versatility of a Skechers casual sneaker varies. Some sneakers can be easily dressed up and down, which makes it appropriate for a casual stroll in the city to a slightly formal dinner. Shoes like the men’s Skechers Delson - Axton and Skechers Venice - T are an example. 

On the other hand, some casual sneakers are only good for casual to street style use, like the Skechers Citywalk - Malton and some of those from the women’s Skechers D’Lites series. It depends on the materials used and the overall design of the shoe. 

How to clean a Skechers shoe?

Like any other sneakers, to remove surface stains, it is best to clean the uppers of a shoe using a cleanser gel or a solution of mild detergent and a soft cloth. Then remove the remaining suds by wiping them off using a clean damp cloth. Air-dry the shoe afterward.

Can a Skechers sneaker be machine washed?

Machine washing a sneaker, may it be from Skechers or any other brands, may affect the material and stitching of a shoe. That is why this method of cleaning is best kept as a last resort. However, if you plan to machine wash it, keep it in a gentle cycle and apply a protectant spray to help guard against water stains.

Are Skechers footwear waterproof?

No, not all of them are waterproof. However, there are several ways to keep your shoe water-resistant, depending on the material used on your shoe.

How to style a Skechers casual sneaker?

As mentioned earlier, a Skecher sneaker is versatile. These casual sneakers can be easily dressed up and down. For a street to a relaxed vibe, pairing your Skechers with shorts or jeans and a shirt is the go-to ensemble. 

Putting on a denim jacket can also add attitude to your overall look. Ladies can also opt to wear a skirt or a summer dress on a slip on, casual sneaker. For a smart look, you can pair your sneaker with a khaki or any slim pants and a button-down shirt or collared tops.