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Part of the throwing meets in track and field, shot put requires strength, flexibility, and body coordination. These are the skills required from the thrower. However, achieving peak performance in the sport of shot put does not end there. It also requires a good set of shot put shoes to complement the abilities of the contender. 

Brands that offer shot put shoes

Best shot put track and field shoes- May 2020


Known for being highly innovative, Nike is a market leader when it comes to manufacturing athleisure footwear. Since the company is very well-versed in various sports, it is not a surprise that it also tapped into the track and field market. One of the brand’s product offerings is its shot put throwing shoe. It is engineered with Nike’s highly advanced technical features, yielding stability, comfort, and flexibility. One of the brand’s well-known shot put model is the Nike Zoom SD 4


Specializing in producing track and field shoes, Saucony offers some of the best shot put platforms for both men and women. Flaunting sport-specific technical components, the Saucony shot put shoe offers ultimate fit, support, and grip. Because of these attributes, to this day, Saucony is one of the top picks among elite and beginning throwers. 


A company that places great importance on quality above all, Asics does not settle for less when it comes to its shot put platform. Given the firm’s reliable background in the sport of track and field, it is only right that its shot put platform optimizes ground control, lockdown, and efficiency. One of the brand’s reliable shot put shoes is the Saucony Unleash SD 2.

What to expect from a shot put shoe

When getting a shot put shoe, there are a few things to put in mind. These are essential in maximizing the throwing performance of the participant. 

  • Flexibility.  Foot movements are very essential in the field of shot put. That is why it should be noted that a good shot put throwing platform has enough pliability to accommodate various foot motions. This is also integral in keeping a good balance of comfort. 
  • Durability. Friction is one of the worst enemies of a shot put shoe when it comes to its strength and longevity. This is all because of the glide and rotational movements involved in the sport. That is why it is fundamental for the throwing shoe to embody high-strength qualities and materials in order to resist wear and tear. 
  • Support. Since there are a lot of rotations involved when executing the throw, the shot put footwear should have ample support. This is intended to keep the athlete from falling, which may cause injury. Moreover, it is integral in protecting the foot from any strain as well. 
  • Good grip.  A firm foot plant is necessary for the shot put meet. This helps keep the balance of the athlete, preventing any kind of slippage. It also heightens the momentum build-up of the contender. That is why it is important to consider the traction when getting a shot put shoe.

Technologies present in a shot put track shoe


  • BRS 1000 rubber outsole

Composed of carbon rubber, the BRS 1000 rubber outsole is intended for maximum grip and sturdiness. It is common among Nike track shoes, providing sticky adherence to the ground. Aside from exhibiting high-strength qualities, it also equips the shot put throwing shoe with a good amount of pliability. This promotes unrestricted foot movements, which are especially helpful during glides and rotations. 

  • Pebax® plate

Another common outsole feature in many track spikes, the Pebax® plate delivers traction and lightness. These are key elements in yielding maximum throwing performance. Moreover, shot put spikes configured with this distance plate flaunt sturdiness, pliability, and shock mitigation. 

  • Pivot point

The incorporation of a pivot point in a shot put platform is aimed to supply ease of rotation. This gives the contender more access to a variety of motions. This is usually situated at the medial forefoot of the throwing spike

  • Flex grooves

Flex grooves are added to the construction of the shot put spike for two major reasons. One of these is to trim down weight, preventing drag from occurring. Second, it is tasked with augmenting the flexibility of the platform. 


  • CMEVA foam

As the name suggests, the CMEVA foam is comprised of compression-molded TPU pellets. This makeup enables a soft, resilient underfoot cushioning to the shot put shoe. Moreover, it flaunts high-strength attributes that allow it to withstand wear and tear. Lastly, it helps attenuate shock during impact, protecting the foot from strain and injury. 

  • Phylon midsole

A proprietary midsole technology from Nike, the Phylon midsole keeps a low profile. This enhances the ground feel of the wearer. Moreover, it is extremely light and sturdy, giving the shot put platform heightened longevity. It also offers the right amount of cushioning to amplify the comfort within the foot chamber. 


  • ISOFIT system

This is a security system developed by Saucony to give its shot put throwing shoe enough lockdown and support. It integrates upper materials that keep the foot in place during throwing performance. It also morphs into the natural shape of the foot for a customized wrap. 

  • Flex film overlays

These upper components are welded into the upper textile. They are seamless and provide an irritation-free experience. Moreover, these are tasked with amplifying the structural integrity of the shot put platform while preventing unwanted shoe removal. 

  • Flywire technology

Made of high-strength tensile fibers, the Nike Flywire technology encourages a dynamic fit. These fibers are ultra-light, adhering to the overall design principle of the upper innovation. With its composition, the Nike Flywire extends the support of the shot put shoe. 

  • Desmopan® toe cap

Apparent through its names, the Desmopan® toe cap protects the foot from any hard elements. This is also especially helpful in relieving stress from the toes. 

Frequently asked questions

How long does a shot put shoe last? 

Generally, a track shoe is claimed to be at its optimal quality up until two seasons. After that, it should be replaced with a new one. This is in order to avoid any injury on the foot just because of a faulty shot put shoe. 

Are shot put shoes expensive? 

Yes and no. Yes, because there are some shot put throwing shoe models that really belong to the expensive category. These are normally priced above $100. Meanwhile, there are some shot put platforms that are also distinguished as cheap track shoes. This is for the very reason that they are tagged with prices less than $100.