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buy scarpa mountaineering boots for men and women

There are many types of mountaineering boots in this world, but only very few stand out. Scarpa is one maker of outdoor footwear that has earned the respect and admiration of many. Their reputation for producing high-quality footwear for outdoor adventures stretches through several decades. Whether you get a pair of Scarpa mountaineering boots, ski boots, trail shoes or hiking boots, the makers pledge unparalleled quality.

Scarpa stands for Societa Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima or Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area. It was founded by Luigi Parissoto and his brothers. Since 1938 and up to this day, it remains a family business. 

From the resources that Parissoto and his brothers pulled together to invest in the shoemaking business, Scarpa went on to become one of the most popular shoe brands all over the world. While they initially produced 50 to 60 pairs a day, the company innovated to meet growing demands.

Scarpa is a company of many firsts. It is one of the firsts to attend to the growing outdoor footwear market in Italy. Because word spread about the company’s products, it became in demand in other countries, and Scarpa footwear became one of the first manufacturers from the Asolo region to export to the United States. The company is also a pioneer in introducing high-altitude plastic boots for mountaineering.

Why people love Scarpa

Best Scarpa mountaineering boots - May 2020

Scarpa mountaineering boots started humbly but went on to become one of the most respected brands in the outdoor footwear market. Some of the popular mountaineering boot models are known for their excellent build and great technology. These factors greatly contribute to the durability, performance, and dependability of each pair of Scarpa mountaineering boots.

Benefits of wearing the best Scarpa mountaineering boots for men and women

There are different models of Scarpa mountaineering boots that can be worn on one’s journey to the top. For many Scarpa followers, their choice of footwear is a great one. Here are just a few benefits that they look forward to enjoying with every pair:

Comfort and fit

Climbers expect that their footwear will give just the perfect fit and not feel like walking on shards of glass scattered along the trail. For owners of Scarpa mountaineering boots, the secret to a comfortable climb is in the upper materials used. For models like Charmoz, different features like L-Tech water-resistant Microtech upper, memory foam, and self-molding ankle padding are just some of the techs added to ensure the boots fit and are comfortable at the right places.


As everyone wants to make sure that their boots will not give up on them in the middle of a trip, they see to it that they are going to use only ones that are durable enough. In the case of Scarpa mountaineering boots, the mix of traditional techniques and technology make up a high-quality pair. The models are mostly made to accommodate crampons, with some even reinforced with full rands. 


As mountaineering is a very demanding activity, it is important to find footwear that can support you whatever difficulties you meet along the trail. Scarpa mountaineering boots are equipped with technologies and designs that aid hikers throughout their trip. The Charmoz, for instance, has a flex-point upper design which allows natural walking motion . The Zodiac Tech GTX, on the other hand, has an up-to-the-toe lacing system which allows the foot to feel wrapped.


Walking with sure footing is important for mountaineers. To make sure that owners of Scarpa mountaineering boots won’t have to worry about their boots’ grip, the brand uses only the best outsoles. Many of the mountaineering models are equipped with a Vibram outsole.


To keep them safe, Scarpa mountaineering boots are fitted with upper and sole materials that prevent things from hurting wearers. Robust upper materials include 3mm suede Perwanger HS12 + S Tech fabric on the Mont Blanc Pro GTX , water-resistant suede on the Zodiac Tech GTX , and Nylon L-Tech and water-resistant Microtech upper on the Charmoz to name a few.

The qualities of men's and women's Scarpa mountaineering boots

A reliable pair of alpine boots from Scarpa does not happen by accident. There are actually different factors that contribute to the quality of each pair that comes out of Scarpa’s manufacturing shops. Each pair you get comes with Scarpa’s promise of quality.

Materials used

The kind of materials used on every pair of Scarpa mountaineering boots contributes largely to how great they will come out. Here are some of the materials that Scarpa used in their mountaineering line:

  • Suede Perwanger HS12 – Perwanger is a company is best known for producing leather for the outdoor sports industry. Perwanger leather products are being used for their waterproofness, scratch resistance, breathability, and longevity.
  • Nylon – This synthetic material is known for being waterproof, strong, lightweight, and durable. Nylon is a popular fabric used in different outdoor products. 
  • Polyurethane – PU midsoles are used in most Scarpa mountaineering boots. This is often used in midsole footbeds and upper cushioning parts. This material is more elastic and bendable than EVA making it perfect for boots for rigorous activities.

Technologies used

The quality, performance, and durability of each pair of Scarpa mountaineering boots are also affected by the technologies incorporated in them. The brand, despite its traditional nature, doesn’t shy away from technology. Here are some technologies incorporated in Scarpa’s mountaineering line:

  • Pro-Fiber XT20. Scarpa mountaineering boots like the Charmoz can also come with a Pro-Fiber XT 20 insole. This provides plenty of support when carrying heavy loads for long distances.
  • OutDry. This waterproof lining is produced in patented 3D lamination machine that doesn’t involve cutting and seaming in the process. The result is a component with an improved waterproofness.
  • ACTIVimpact Technology. This construction process uses materials that help in absorbing the negative impact of ground shock. By incorporating this technology, mountaineers feel less stress on their lower limbs.
  • Sock-FitDV by Scarpa. This patented construction system makes wearers feel that their foot is one with their shoe. The shoe hugs the foot like a sock, making it narrower and more comfortable.
  • Schoeller Fabric. The fabric is specially designed for outdoor and action activities making it ideal for Scarpa mountaineering boots. It consists of synthetic materials on the outside and functional fiber on the inside, so it is easier to wick water and dirt.
  • Gore-Tex. This membrane is known for its 9 billion microscopic pores that are smaller than water droplets. Having this makes this makes footwear waterproof. Since the membrane’s pores are larger than moisture vapor molecules, the upper material also retains breathability.
  • Vibram rubber soles. A technology present in a lot of Scarpa mountaineering boots, Vibram is known for its rubber soles and compounds. Revered for providing excellent grip on different surfaces, this is an ideal technology for climbing mountains.


Scarpa mountaineering boots come equipped with the best materials and technologies, so it is often priced more than the offerings of other brands. Expect to pay $300 to $500 for a pair of Scarpas.


There is a high demand for Scarpa mountaineering boots, hiking boots, and other outdoor footwear. Thus, the company has made it possible to cater to its market within and outside Europe. Aside from stores in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Asia , loyal Scarpa followers can also place an order via its website. 

Scarpa mountaineering boots FAQs

How do I choose the right Scarpa mountaineering boots?

Mountaineering is a multi-faceted activity that demands the use of a dependable pair of footwear. When looking for a good pair always consider if it is insulated, waterproof, and has rigid soles.

You can choose from single boots, double boots and super-gaiter boots. Single boots are ideal for mountaineering in the lower 48 states. For colder regions, consider double boots or super-gaiter boots.

Finally, all mountaineering boots should be crampon compatible. Hence, they must be stiff. Crampons are traction devices attached to the boots to make, so wearers to improve mobility when climbing ice or moving over snow-covered trails . Check the compatibility of the boots with your crampons.

How durable are Scarpa mountaineering boots?

There is no implied time duration for Scarpa mountaineering boots to serve wearers. What the company promises is that every product that goes out of its doors can be depended on. The durability of the boots, while partly due to the craftsmanship, materials used, and technologies, still depend largely on how well the wearer takes care of them. Scarpa, however, covers repairs and replacements if factory defects affect a pair as expressed in its one-year warranty coverage. 

Are all Scarpa mountaineering boots made of leather?

No, there are some Scarpa mountaineering boots that are also made of synthetic materials like the Charmoz with Nylon L-Tech and Microtech upper materials. While leather is a coveted footwear material, synthetic materials are also embraced as they are light and less expensive.