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Look into the best Scarpa leather hiking boots and find out how they can help you on your adventures. They employ uppers made of different leather materials, imbuing them with durability. They are equipped with the brand’s technologies to help you hike comfortably without compromising your trail performance. At the same time, your feet are shielded from injuries and the elements because of their protective features. If these are the characteristics you need for your trip, better take a look at these tough hiking boots manufactured by Scarpa.

Virtues of the best Scarpa leather hiking boots for men and women

best scarpa leather hiking boots
Best Scarpa leather hiking boots - December 2019


Scarpa’s robust leather boots for hikers are engineered to withstand harsh conditions on the trail. They employ uppers made of leather, a material known for its resistance to wear and tear. The best Scarpa leather hiking boots are equipped with rigid midsoles and durable rubber outsoles that can handle constant ground contact and bending. Their uppers are also wrapped with rands which boost the toughness of these Scarpa models.

What are the different leather materials used in these Scarpa products?

Nubuck. Some of the best Scarpa leather hiking boots use uppers made of nubuck. This leather variant is created when the calfskin’s outer surface is sanded. The result is a durable material that can provide protection from abrasion and the elements.

Suede. Select Scarpa leather hikers feature uppers made of suede. Suede is produced when the underside is sanded. The result is a smooth and affordable material. This type is less resistant to wear and tear than other sturdier leather variants.


The best Scarpa leather hiking boots are designed to shield your feet from harm. Their leather uppers act as the first line of defense against abrasive elements and foot injuries. They are reinforced with robust toe caps which amplifies protection. Moreover, some of the brand’s leather hikers are equipped with waterproof liners, shielding them from rainy weather and various wet trail conditions.

Noteworthy technologies used in Scarpa leather hiking boots

Gore-Tex. The brand’s top leather boots come with a Gore-Tex liner for added protection from the elements. This specialized membrane uses over a billion pores on its surface to prevent water from being absorbed. These waterproof Gore-Tex hikers also allow excess moisture and heat to pass through their uppers, improving airflow in the process. 

Vibram. Some Scarpa leather hiking boots feature an outsole manufactured by Vibram. These components are made of durable rubber compounds which can resist constant ground contact. They also use multidirectional lug patterns to render traction on challenging terrain and slippery surfaces. 

More than a dozen Vibram outsoles are incorporated into Scarpa’s footwear. One of the common ones is the XS Trek (also found in a number of The North Face boots). Its main benefits include wet-surface grip and flexibility.

Heel Tension System. Certain Scarpa leather hiking boots are equipped with the brand’s patented heel tension system. This technology is applied to the footgear’s heel area to deliver added stability when tackling steep terrain.