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Best Saucony Running Sneakers - May 2020

The right way to read Saucony is sock-uh-knee. It may be challenging to read, but there is a story behind it. The word Saucony means “where two rivers run together.” It came from the Lenni Lenape Native American word “saconk.” The brand’s logo represents a running river that is marked by three boulders.

In the early to mid-1900s, athletes seriously focused on running. At that time, there were no high-performance running shoes. People were running in spikes or leather shoes. Some ran barefooted. Saucony was determined to change the way people ran. 

Needless to say, Saucony succeeded. The company has released dozens of running shoes, which later became part of trendsetters’ closets everywhere.

Some of the most popular Saucony casual running shoes

Saucony Originals

  1. Saucony Bullet - The Bullet is among the Saucony running sneakers that maintain the original silhouette from 1985. Instead of spikes, the upper sits atop a rubber outsole. 
    • A low-top shoe, it has a nylon upper with suede overlays for style and comfort. 
    • It is one of the Saucony running sneakers that use EVA midsole for cushioning, shock absorption, and support. 
    • Available in both men’s and women’s sizing, it has a padded tongue and ankle collar for support as well as a soft fabric lining for added comfort.
  2. Saucony DXN Trainer - It is among the Saucony running sneakers that placed itself into the history books. It was initially introduced in 1983.
    • With a low-top silhouette, it has an upper made of a combination of nylon, mesh, and suede materials. 
    • This unisex shoe is among the Saucony running sneakers with EVA midsole for shock absorption. 
    • It has a textile lining, rubber outsole, and removable insole.
  3. Saucony Freedom Runner - It is among the Saucony running sneakers where function meets fashion. This multi-purpose shoe provides durability, comfort, and style.
    • It has a suede upper.
    • It is a type of Saucony running sneakers that has a durable Tri-flex crystal rubber outsole for reliable traction. 
    • It is equipped with an Everun midsole that offers soft landings and springy takeoffs.

Saucony Shadow

  1. Saucony Shadow 5000 Vintage - Initially released as a performance runner in 1989. This modern classic represents a genuine innovation where athletics met aesthetics.
    • It has an upper made of suede and nylon materials.
    • The ankle collar and heel are well padded for cushioning comfort. 
    • Like other Saucony running sneakers, it is equipped with the EVA midsole. 
  2. Saucony Shadow Original - Initially introduced in 1985, the Shadow Original is a fashion sneaker that provides comfort and stability. It has a heel height of 1.25 inches and a platform height of .75 inches.
    • It has a cushioned EVA sockliner and fabric lining for all-day comfort. 
    • The upper is made of nylon and mesh materials. It has suede overlays.
    • Equipped with the ionic cushioning system, it offers impact protection and heel cushioning.

Saucony Jazz 

  1. Saucony Jazz Original - These are time-tested Saucony running sneakers that are available in men’s and women’s sizing. It offers comfort and style. 
    • This lace-up shoe has an upper made of nylon and suede material.
    • It has a padded footbed and EVA midsole for cushioning and shock absorption.
    • It has a textile lining, cushioned collar and tongue, and a rubber outsole. 
  1. Saucony Jazz Original Knit - A time-tested shoe when it comes to comfort and effortless style. The upper material is updated to deliver enhanced comfort and foot breathability. 
    • This lace-up shoe is among the Saucony running sneakers with knit upper and leather and suede overlays.
    •  It has a padded and removable footbed and EVA midsole for cushioning and shock absorption. 
    • It has a textile lining and padded tongue for added comfort. 
  2. Saucony Jazz Low Pro -Introduced in 2002, the Jazz Low Pro has a slimmed-down construction of the iconic Saucony Jazz. It is available in both men’s and women’s sizing.
    • This lace-up Saucony running shoe has an upper made of nylon and mesh materials.
    • With a low-top profile, it is equipped with the EVA midsole for shock absorption. 
    • It has a textile lining and XT-600(TM) triangular-lug outsole. 

Saucony Grid

  1. Saucony Grid 9000 -Embodying one of the Saucony running shoes from the 80s, this kick is one of the must-haves and most collaborated silhouettes. It is a low-key, casual shoe with sportswear aesthetics.
    • It has a mesh upper with suede overlays.
    • It is equipped with an EVA midsole for shock absorption.
    • A pull tab on the tongue is installed for easy wear. 
  2. Saucony Grid 8000 - Initially introduced in 1993, this kick is a perfect example of excellent harmony between style and technology. It is a low-top shoe with a lace-up design.
    • It has a suede upper.
    • The midsole is equipped with the GRID in the heel area for shock reduction and enhanced stability. There is an interlocking configuration of composite Hytrel filaments installed in the midsole. 
    • A durable rubber outsole with a triangular lug system is installed for reliable traction.
  3. Saucony Grid SD - Originally released in 1991, it is among the Saucony running sneakers that have the same tool as the Shadow 5000. Equipped with the GRID system, it offers excellent cushioning, stability, and shock reduction.
    • The shoe upper is made of a combination of mesh, suede, and leather materials. 
    • It is equipped with quarter straps for support. 
    • It has an XT-600 rubber outsole for reliable traction.

 Facts & tidbits

  • The PWRGRID+ cushioning system is based on the G.R.I.D concept, which is a technology ahead of its time. 
  • The Saucony DXN Trainer was named after Rod Dixon. Dixon was a 1983 New York City Marathon winner that the brand contracted to design a shoe.
  • The Shadow sneaker from Saucony was introduced in 1985, it was the enhanced version of the Saucony Jazz. It offered stability.
  • The Saucony Jazz was originally released in 1981. The outsole had a triangular lug footprint, creating a piston-like suspension and offering traction. Saucony worked closely with podiatrists when they created the Jazz shoe. This was to ensure comfort and impact protection. 
  • The Saucony Grid shoes were introduced in 1991. Grid means Ground Reaction Inertia Device. The Grid utilizes negative space carved into strategic zones, providing shock absorption and weight reduction. It also offers foot guidance in every stride for maximum support and control.
  • Introduced in 1991, the Saucony Shadow in 1991 had an innovative midsole that featured the VIP (Vertical Ionic Pillars) system, offering step-in comfort, cushioning, and stability.

How Saucony started

Saucony was founded by four businessmen in Kutztown, PA, in 1898. It was a partnership between William A. Donmoyer, Thomas S. Levan, Walter C.C. Snyder, and Benjamin F. Reider. They started in a two-story brick factory on the Saucony Creek. The company was named after the place. 

The 7446 Spikes by Saucony was launched in 1958. It was the brand’s first shoe, which was a lightweight shoe made of kangaroo leather.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we buy Saucony running sneakers?

Saucony shoes can be conveniently bought online through the brand’s official website and retailers like Zappos, Lyst, Shoe mall, Amazon, Sun and Ski, Jack Rabbit, among others. People can also buy at a boutique store. 

Are Saucony sneakers good for running?

Saucony shoes are perfect for running. Compared to other competing models, Saucony running sneakers are bouncier and lighter. Saucony utilizes Everun sole technology, which is a close competitor of Boost that is utilized in some Adidas shoes.

What are Saucony shoes good for?

Saucony is a famous brand that is known to offer shoes meant for walking, trail running, racing, and road running. 

Are Saucony shoes good for flat feet?

The Saucony Echelons is one of the Saucony running sneakers that are good for people with flat feet. It is best for those who have mild to moderate issues. It has a leveled insole perfect for flat feet to have full contact with the footbed.

Is  Saucony better than Asics?

Others may prefer Saucony running sneakers because they are lightweight. Users who want speed, as well as breathability, may want to consider Saucony. Although both Asics and Saucony shoes have minimum slopes and comparable weights, Asics is more likely to have additional features. 

How to properly maintain Saucony shoes?

  1. Cleaning: For surface dirt, remove it using an old toothbrush or nail brush. 
  2. Washing: Never machine washes your Saucony running sneakers. Remove the insole and wash it separately. Wash laces separately. 
  3. Drying: Never place the shoes near the radiator, airing cupboard, heater, or other heating devices because it will alter the shape of the shoes. Instead, stuff the inside of the shoe with newspaper or kitchen paper and leave it to dry overnight. 
  4. Reproofing: As much as possible, reproof a waterproof product when you clean it. Reproofing is vital as it looks after outer material. Cleaning shoes will remove any remnants of a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) coating, avoiding degradation of the outer area. 

What is Saucony known for?

Saucony is known for the Jazz shoe. It is the best-selling Saucony sneaker of all time. 

How long do Saucony running shoes last?

Saucony shoes can last around 400 miles. Although this number is a good benchmark, users need to always monitor any sign of wear and tear because running in worn-out footwear can increase risk injury.