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Best Saucony Jazz Sneakers - August 2019

The Saucony Jazz is widely recognized as the brand's hallmark model and is, in fact, one of their best-selling sneakers even up to this day. But before all the recognition and fame Saucony's aim in creating the Jazz was to produce the most outstanding running shoe in the world during the 80s. This goal was ultimately realized thanks to the help of an expert podiatrist named Frank Santopietro. In 1981 the partnership introduced the Saucony Jazz shoes, and it pioneered the triangular lug outsole footprint and established the brand's signature silhouette.

The original Jazz featured suede and nylon uppers providing the perfect fit and support for running. The design was declared as 'best quality running shoes' and helped put the brand on the map in the 80s. The shoe's simple yet recognizable aesthetic proved to be stylish on and off the running tracks, which could explain why it remains coveted almost 40 years later.

The Saucony Jazz shoes' unwavering reputation in the sneaker scene has spawned various iterations. Below are some of the silhouette's primary offspring.

Successors of the Saucony Jazz shoes

Saucony Jazz Original

This kick is essentially the original Jazz Saucony shoes from the 80s but with a few modern updates. It retains its standard silhouette and suede/nylon upper and added more padding in the collar, tongue, and footbed for that modern in-step comfort. The shoe also features improved materials that live up to today's footwear standards.

Most famous for the classic black and silver colorway, these Saucony Jazz shoes are available in both men and women's sizes with the ladies' color schemes displaying more effeminate and vibrant hues.


  • Navy / Silver
  • Black / Red
  • Tan / Navy
  • Blue / Navy
  • Gray / Navy

Saucony Jazz Low Pro

Launched in 2002, the Saucony Jazz Low Pro  was introduced as the sleeker lifestyle substitute to the original model via a lower profile. It remains faithful to its predecessor by maintaining its signature upper materials, design elements, and XT-600 triangular lug rubber outsole. The shoe offers a slimmer and lighter fit compared to the original.

These Saucony Jazz shoes come with an extra pair of colored shoelaces and are also offered in both women and men's sizes and colorways. Shades of pastel blue, green and pink dominate the ladies' section while red, gray and forest green prevail in the men's.


  • Green / Orange / Silver
  • Blue / Yellow / Silver
  • Peach / Blue / Silver
  • Seafoam / White

Saucony Jazz Original Vintage

This pair serves as an ode to the silhouette's rich heritage in the retro running world. Released in 2017, it celebrates the Jazz Original by retaining most of its attributes other than the addition of a new mesh textile on the toebox providing more ventilation. The sneaker's tongue is unlined and unpadded just like the original design.

The Jazz Original Vintage sneakers could jazz any outfit up through its extensive color scheme collection. Hues from the Saucony Jazz men's section boast of shoes with hits of yellow and orange, while the ladies could enjoy shades of pink, green and blue.


  • Baltic
  • Flame / Maroon
  • Cement / Yellow
  • Rosin / Treetop

Saucony Jazz Original Knit

This iteration offers a cozy alternative to the original as it is crafted from knit and suede. Jazz up your Fall outfit with these Saucony shoes as it could keep you warm and stylish despite the cold weather. It is available in a single colorway of white and brown.

Saucony Jazz Original Suede

This pair is one of a number of Saucony sneakers from the Jazz collection that offers warmth and protection during the winter season. Thanks to its suede-crafted upper, fleece lining, and effortless style, the Saucony Jazz Original Suede could be your next go-to cold weather footwear.


  • Excalibur / Black
  • Grey / Teal
  • Navy / Light Blue

Saucony Jazz 91

These Saucony Jazz shoes are somewhat special and very rarely seen in the market. It has only been available for a short period and in very limited quantities with only true Saucony fans in-the-know. The Saucony Jazz 91 utilizes the Shadow 6000's midsole for a hybrid-type sneaker and features a broader use of mesh material.


  • White / Blue / Red
  • White / Red / Green
  • Black / Brown

Saucony Jazz Low Pro Vegan

This version of the Jazz Low Pro does not contain any animal by-product making it a vegan-friendly sneaker. The shoe’s upper is crafted from a combination of hemp and canvas materials offering a lightweight and breathable fit. Size-wise, this particular Saucony Jazz model is only available in men’s shoes sizes. Ladies who fancy a pair should go 1.5 sizes down from their standard shoe size.


  • Navy
  • Black / Oatmeal
  • Charcoal / Orange

Saucony Shamrock Jazz Low Pro

An ultra-jazzy classic Saucony shoe, this pair retains the Low Pro’s silhouette and steps it up in the design department as it features hits of vibrant green and Shamrock brandings. It utilizes premium mesh, Wolverine silkee suede (which is chrome, tanned suede material) and green carbon fiber synthetic patch on the heel. The shoe is offered in a black and green colorway.


Saucony Jazz Original x Anteater

Russian brand Anteater and Saucony have partnered a couple of times in the past. In 2014 the two brands came together a third time to release a collaborative version of the Saucony Jazz shoes. These kicks primarily use a combination of suede and nylon materials bathed in a unique blue and beige colorway. These hues are inspired by the “break” seen on the beach every time the waves arrive.

This Anteaters’ version of the iconic Saucony sneakers also jazzes things up by incorporating the TR-type shoelaces from the Jazz Low Pro.

Saucony Jazz Original x White Mountaineering

Famous Japanese label teamed up with Saucony in 2013 to create a rugged version of the Jazz Original also referred to as the Saucony Courageous. The shoe is crafted from a combination of suede and leather for that heavy-duty aesthetic. The collaboration released three colorways: burgundy, navy, beige.

Saucony Jazz 91 x ALIFE

Having a number of collaborative releases under their belt, Saucony and ALIFE utilized the Jazz 91 silhouette in 2016 for a very limited release. This hybrid sneaker came in two colorways - white/red/green and white/blue/orange – and constructed in suede and mesh materials.

Significant Releases

Saucony Jazz Original “Lux Pack”

Classic retro runner updated with premium construction always proved to be a sure-fire hit among sneaker fanatics. This pack comprises of two tonal colorways of the Saucony Jazz Original crafted in top-rated suede and leather materials. The shoe also features a lace-up closure with non-traditional eyestays that add a rugged yet elegant update to the classic Saucony Jazz shoes.


  • Black
  • Tan

Saucony Jazz Original Chicago Dog Pack

This collection is an exclusive Saucony Jazz for women’s shoes that takes inspiration from the famous Chicago Dog delicacy. It includes three colorways that mimic the hues of hotdogs and its various condiments. The shoes retain the original material combination of suede and nylon providing that time-tested good looks.


  • Yellow / Pink
  • Pink / White
  • White / Yellow / Blue

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Saucony Jazz shoes fit?

Most sneakers in the Jazz collection are often released in men’s sizes with a usual size range of 5 to 14. And although not as prevalent as the men’s, the Saucony Jazz range also offers numerous women’s shoes, with sizes stretching from 5 to 12. Moreover, the ladies could still cop a pair of men’s pair by going down 1.5 sizes from their normal shoe size.

A specific pair’s fit depends on the materials used on the sneaker. Hence each model released could fit entirely different from its predecessors. Below is a number of Saucony Jazz shoes grouped according to the majority of the reviewers’ sizing feedback.

True to size:

  • Men’s Jazz Original
  • Women’s Jazz Low Pro
  • Women’s Jazz Original
  • Men’s Jazz Low Pro Vegan
  • Men’s Jazz Low Pro


  • Men’s Jazz Original Vintage


  • Women’s Jazz Original Vintage

Can it be used for running?

Saucony Jazz shoes were initially engineered for the sport of running. These sneakers were the go-to running footwear of athletes during the 80s and had received acclamations for its excellent performance and quality. Its chunky impact-absorbing midsoles, stabilizing triangular lug outsoles, and supportive suede and nylon uppers were considered efficient for running.

However, with so much futuristic footwear technologies available in the market today there could be more appealing and more ideal running shoes one could get their hands on, especially people who need extra care for their feet ailments. Nevertheless, if you don't have unique feet conditions and you feel supported and comfortable running in a pair of Jazz sneakers, then by all means you could use this pair for running.

Which celebrities were spotted wearing a pair of Jazz Saucony shoes?

Equipped with a couple of decades' worth of history, the Jazz had made its mark in the world of classic sneakers and found its way towards enthusiasts' radar. Maybe it's because of the shoes' versatile design or its enduring style, but Jazz's roster of fans includes celebrities. Some notable personalities spotted rocking a pair of Saucony Jazz shoes were Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, and Anna Paquin.

How to clean Saucony Jazz shoes?

The typical materials most commonly used throughout Saucony’s Jazz range are a combination of suede and nylon. Cleaning both of these textiles are easy and straightforward, check the steps below on how to cleanse your pair of Saucony Jazz shoes and make them look as spruced up as if it’s brand new.

Nylon part:

  • Get a clean rag or sponge and damp it with water.
  • Rub nylon parts with a damp cloth until clean.
  • Let it air dry.

Suede part:

  • Brush off dry dirt and debris first.
  • If there are still stains, carefully moisten your shoes and brush it then use a shoe eraser.
  • Let it dry.
  • Apply a coat of suede protecting spray to keep shoes clean longer.


  • Use a soft cloth or brush to get rid of dried and stuck gunk.
  • Mix a solution of warm water and soap, dip a soft cloth in it and wipe the surface of your shoe.
  • Get another clean, damp cloth to remove the soap then dry with a towel.

Where to buy Saucony Jazz shoes?

Most leading department stores offer Saucony Jazz shoes but if you haven’t got the time to go to the nearest mall you could check out these following online stores.

  • Saucony’s official site
  • Eastbay
  • Overkill
  • Kicks USA
  • END.
  • Finish Line
  • UBIQ
  • Urban Outfitters

Are there other types of closures available?

Unfortunately, adult Saucony Jazz shoes come solely with traditional lace-up closures. Jazz models with hook and loop or Velcro closures are usually designed exclusively for babies, toddlers and kids for easier on and off.

How much do these kicks cost?

On average, Jazz models are more affordable than other Saucony shoes. Jazz models that are “General Release” are priced at $60 while special designs range from $65 to $85. Below are Saucony Jazz shoes grouped according to their costs.

General Release ($60):

  • Saucony Jazz men’s and women’s Original shoes
  • Saucony Jazz Low Pro men’s and women’s shoes
  • Men’s Jazz Low Pro Vegan
  • Saucony Jazz Original Vintage

Special designs ($65 - $80)

  • Saucony Jazz Original Knit
  • Saucony Jazz Original Suede

Collaborative models ($90 - $325)

  • Saucony Jazz 91 x ALIFE
  • Saucony Jazz Original x Anteater
  • Saucony Jazz Original x White Mountaineering

Saucony Jazz vs. Saucony DXN

Although almost identical in design, there are a number of significant differences that set the Jazz and the DXN apart. Choosing which one will work for you is unique and personal from person to person. Depending on your feet’s needs it is possible that the DXN feels more comfortable than the Jazz and vice versa. Or it could also be that both could cater to your needs efficiently.

Both the Jazz and DXN employ the same materials. However, the Jazz offers more padding specifically in the tongue area. Despite their aesthetic similarities, most reviewers found the DXN narrower than the Jazz. Lastly, shoe users have disclosed that the Jazz’s signature triangular lug outsole provides better stability compared to the DXN’s.

Ultimately, both shoes offer efficient comfort and support for all-day casual use, but if you have wide feet or need a more stabilizing pair, then the Jazz might work better.

How to dress up a pair of Saucony Jazz shoes?

The classic and effortlessly cool style of the Saucony Jazz makes for an easy pair to match with a multitude of outfits. The iconic retro running good looks of these Saucony shoes could effortlessly jazz up your casual ensemble. Below are some styling tips you could try. Spruce up your every look through the shoe’s various color schemes and shoelace designs.

  • Girl/boy-next-door – Classic tee, denim jeans and topped off with a jacket.
  • Dapper – Crisp button-down blouse, knitted sweater layered on top of the button-down, chino pants, and finished off with a newsboy cap.
  • Easy, breezy summer look – Oversized button-down shirt worn as a dress, accessorized with a pair of dangling earrings and a bag.
  • Effortless cool – Sleek-looking coach jackets layered over a graphic hoodie paired with cuffed jeans and finished off with stylish socks and a 5-panel hat.

What are the technologies applied to these sneakers?

Saucony Jazz shoes are virtually unchanged since its inception in the 1980s. Significant modifications were only done on materials and internal padding. Hence technologies applied to this sneaker are understandably simple and vintage compared to today’s countless state-of-the-art innovations. Jazz shoes generally utilize these two following technology: shock-absorbing EVA midsole and signature XT-600 (TM) triangular lug outsole.

Why should I cop a pair of Saucony Jazz shoes?

Often the reason why consumers patronize a brand for long periods is that of brand loyalty mixed with hype. Commonly, big sportswear brands have this formula perfected, constantly creating hype and getting more and more consumers hooked on their products, overshadowing other sneakers from other brands that may be as excellent.

Saucony's shoes, specifically the Jazz is one of the many sneakers eclipsed by more prominent brands' products.  Below are some of the key reasons why opting for a pair of Saucony Jazz shoes could be a worthwhile choice.

  • Out of all the Saucony shoes, Jazz might be the most iconic and classic pair. It became the blueprint of all the other silhouettes that came after it. The sneaker is therefore packed with history.
  • The shoe’s style and design are versatile. Its simple aesthetic could be matched with almost any outfit and could easily be dressed up and down, making it a practical purchase as you would get a lot of uses out of it.
  • The Jazz might be one of Saucony’s most simple shoes, but it offers adequate and time-tested comfort for everyday use. Some consumers have disclosed that the shoe provides support and protection efficient for walking and short-distance running
  • The sneaker is lightweight yet durable - materials that make-up Saucony Jazz shoes are tried and true when it comes to durability. Despite its breathable and lightweight fit, the materials could stand everyday use.
  • Cleaning a pair of Saucony Jazz shoes is very simple and easy. Consumers who are always on-the-go loved this feature as it is very convenient for their lifestyle.

Where did the Saucony name come from?

Four men in Kutztown, Pennsylvania established Saucony. The brand’s first factory stood nearby the Saucony Creek (formerly called the Saucony Creek) which ran 17.4 miles beginning from Berks County through the district of Kutztown.

The term Saucony was derived from the Lenni Lenape Native American word “saconk,” which means “where two rivers run together.” Moreover, the brand’s logo symbolizes the Saucony Creek’s endless flow and the boulders lining the creek’s bed.

Where are Saucony shoes made?

Saucony shoes were made exclusively in the United States until 1994. The brand even started a campaign that highlighted the fact that their products are manufactured in the US. However, Saucony was forced to stop labeling their footwear “Made in the USA” after a number of lawsuits were filed against them. The lawsuits were claiming that although the shoes were assembled in the US most parts were made overseas.

Fast-forward to 2015 the news reported that the acquisition of Saucony by a firm called Wolverine Worldwide in 2012 helped in slowly bringing the brand's manufacturing back to the US. The transition was easier thanks in part to Wolverine’s established footwear factory in Michigan.

Ultimately, each shoe might be manufactured from different countries and if you are very particular as to where your shoes are made it is best to check the labels before purchasing.

When was the brand founded?

Saucony was officially established in 1898, two years after the first Olympic Marathon and a year after the first Boston Marathon. It was founded by four businessmen namely William A. Donmoyer, Walter C.C. Snyder, Thomas S. Levan, and Benjamin F. Reider, and opened their first shoe factory in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

It might also be useful to know that other accounts of the brand’s history were tying Saucony’s history with that of A.R. Hyde’s company history called Hyde Athletics. The reason for this is Hyde bought the brand in the late 1960s.

How long do Saucony Jazz shoes last?

There’s no other way to answer this, but it depends. The longevity of your Saucony Jazz shoes rests upon two major factors: how often you use them and what you use them for. No matter how durable your sneakers seem it would last longer if you use it on special occasions alone versus daily. Moreover, wearing your kicks for heavy physical activities such as running, training and walking would entail shorter lifespan of your sneakers.

Of course, you could use your pair as you please but the Saucony Jazz is recommended for casual everyday use as it features retro characteristics that are ideal for lifestyle purposes.