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Reebok Running Sneakers

Best Reebok Running Sneakers - August 2019

The athletic brand Reebok has been a fixture in the sneaker industry for decades. Back in the twilight years of the 1800s, the company started in Bolton, England and was named after its founder, Joseph William Foster. Foster designed one of the earliest version of spiked running shoes, which started the affiliation between the sport and the brand. In 1958, Foster’s grandsons renamed their company to Reebok,  a name that is inspired from a species of antelope in Africa.

As among the top sneaker brands in the world, like its competitors, Reebok is also engaged in the lifestyle sneaker game. Many of its casual sneakers are inspired by the shoes released for different types of sports, such as training, basketball, and running among others. For this section, we focused on the brand’s remarkable collection of running-inspired sneakers and other relative topics.

What consumers could expect with Reebok running shoes

High-Quality Materials - Its century-long history with shoe-making is paying dividends, as Reebok is a bastion on the industry regarding sneaker durability and overall longevity. According to the majority of the brand-loyal purchasers and casual buyers, it is arguably the brand’s most prominent trademark.

Budget-friendly price – It is a pleasant aspect that many of the running-inspired Reebok kicks come at an inexpensive or reasonable price tag. This attribute is more evident when compared with Reebok’s competitors such as Nike, Adidas, and other popular athletic companies.

Availability – For some, this quality may seem nonchalant, but it is undoubtedly an aspect worth highlighting. Shoppers can select from an extensive catalog of the brand’s offerings and may not worry about size options and product availability.

Remarkable Reebok running shoes for men and women

Our website has managed to compile a list of highly-rated Reebok running sneakers which is definitely worth taking a look or even a spot in anyone’s shoe rack.

Reebok Classic Leather series

Regarded as among the most popular shoes by Reebok, the Classic was significantly popular during the 80s. It became the staple footwear for many women and male wearers due to its stylish appearance and comfort. 

As with the case of other famous shoes, the Reebok Classic Leather transitioned into the lifestyle category and has become a fixture since then. Throughout the decades, multiple iterations have been released. Below are some of the most favored by wearers.

1. Reebok Classic Leather Pastels

Released in 2017, this version of the Classic Leather retains most of the design element but is offered in pastel colorways. These color options allow the sneaker to blend naturally with several casual clothing. Some retailers have the shoe named as Reebok Classic Lthr Pastels.


  • Available in women’s and men’s sizes. 
  • It is safe to order a pair of these in the customer’s actual measurements.
  • This model has an affordable regular price of $60.
  • Plenty of toe room is one of the aspects that many are delighted with.
  • Supportive ride and lightweight feel are possible because of the die-cut EVA midsole.

2. Reebok Classic Leather Altered

As part of Reebok’s campaign in 2018 called “Alter the Icons,” the Classic Leather Altered and other brand merchandises paid homage to the individuals who strived to change the game. The design elements of the original model are consistent, but this time, with modern accents. Trendy colorways, the woven label tag, and the 1983 flaglet at the heel quarter bring a new take on the vintage sneaker.


  • Offered in men’s and women’s sizing.
  • The comfort provided by the Classic Leather Altered is so impressive that several of the buyers made it their everyday go-to shoes.
  • For the regular price of $85, it is reasonably priced when considering its quality.
  • The brandings placed on various parts of the shoe add distinction and style.
  • Similar to most of its siblings, the RCL Altered showcases a durable rubber outsole that deliver 
  • ample traction.

3. Reebok Classic Leather SG

RCL SG or Reebok Classic Leather Seasonal Gum brings an exciting vibe to the vintage footwear. Exhibiting two-toned colorways with the ever-reliable gum outsole, it offers a mix of throwback and modest appeal. The pigskin nubuck leather upper and the nondescript color options give an amount of sophistication that enables it to be worn even during semi-formal occasions.


  • The footwear’s durability is well-received by many of its buyers.
  • Despite recommended for casual use, the Classic Leather SG could also be utilized for running. This aspect is a welcome one as it is a testament to the sneaker’s heritage and overall quality.
  • Like the majority of the shoe included in the Reebok Classic Leather collection, the EVA midsole on the SG offers cushioning with each step.
  • Its $80 price tag seems appropriate, as per many shoppers.
  • Released in men’s sizing only.

4. Reebok Classic Leather MSP

Adding a playful touch to a classic sneaker is what the Reebok Classic Leather MSP (Munchies Pack) is. Showcasing a vibrant blob of hues to the toe tip outsole makes the shoe stand out even more. Released in 2017, it is unofficially a nod to the “holiday” Weed Day on the 20th of April. It has a suede upper and iridescent heel counter which shines for contrast. Aside from the colors, the design elements of this iteration are very identical to most Classic Leather sneakers.


  • This sneaker offers comfortable cushioning because of the padded collar and tongue.
  • Despite being a special edition footwear, the Classic Leather MSP has a regular price of only $90.
  • Because of its design, this contemporary release of the Classic Leather is easy to style with a plethora of clothing.
  • The sneaker’s interior is padded sufficiently that it could be worn for long periods without experiencing discomfort.
  • The Classic Leather MSP is only released in men’s sizing, but women could also sport the shoe by ordering 1.5 sizes down their regular measurements.

5. Reebok Classic Leather UE

Among the popular rendition of the vintage footwear is the Reebok Classic Leather Urban Exploration or UE. As the name implies, this casual sneaker is conceptualized to be best utilized for striding in the urban areas in classic style. Most of the color options released lacked any distinctive or eye-catching hues which are great for those who want to have a laidback vibe to their clothing fashion. Construction-wise, it pretty much is consistent with most of the Classic Leather silhouettes on the market.


  • No break-in period should be expected.
  • Some consumers advised ordering a pair with their regular measurements, as sizing is accurate.
  • The durability of the Classic Leather UE is impressive for a lot of buyers.
  • The perforations on the side stripe not only look stylish but also offer ventilation.
  • Its soft leather upper has been a delight for a significant number of users.

Other Reebok running sneakers

While the Reebok Classic series is the most famous of the brand’s running-inspired shoes, there are still a lot of kicks that have been just as impressive as the classic runners. Below are a few examples.

1. Reebok DMX Run 10

Reebok left no reservation in promoting the DMX Run 10, describing it as the “best running shoes ever released.” It adapts the DMX cushioning tech which has been one of the trademarks of NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson signature sneakers. The Reebok DMX Run 10 is first introduced in 1997, and immediately became one of the most famous shoes by the brand due to its futuristic design, incredible support, and remarkable comfort.


  • Reliable cushioning is among the highlights of the sneaker, thanks to the EVA midsole.
  • The pigskin nubuck leather and nylon material allow the feet to breathe.
  • Carefree movement capability is guaranteed because of the DMX 10 Air Chamber tech, which consists of 10 linked chambers.
  • The presence of the pull tab helps in making the on and off wear easy.
  • A glow effect during low lighting is due to the reflective details on the DMX Run 10’s design.

2. Reebok Royal EC Ride

The EC foam is among the brand’s homegrown tech that boasts 25% lighter than regular compounds that are situated on the midsole. Because of this attribute, the shoe provides a seamless wear. Among the models that utilize this tech is the Reebok Royal EC Ride, which was first released in 2015. Subsequent iterations were released due to the positive remark gained for wearers, such as EC Ride 2 and EC Ride FS.


  • Aside from the EC foam, the Memory Tech sockliner also contributes to the cushioning and comfort.
  • A mix of synthetic suede and mesh upper allow enhanced flexibility, breathability, and lightweight feel.
  • It showcases the 3D Ultralite outsole, which offers traction and that “walking on clouds” feel.
  • Similar to many of the best Reebok running shoes, the Royal EC Ride has proven to be durable, as per several wearers.
  • There are some who mentioned about the shoe being fairly easy to clean.

3. Reebok Furylite X

Considering its name, it is surprising that the Reebok Instapump Fury was introduced in 1994. Runners appreciated its comfort and support, which are the most essential component of every running footwear. Throughout the years, the classic sneaker has undergone numerous iterations and collaborations. The Reebok FuryLite X, a contemporary lifestyle version of the shoe has been released. Its construction has a great mix of classic design and modern details.


  • The slip-on entry and the toggle lacing provides an easy on and off wear.
  • Its design is made for effortless athleisure style.
  • This casual sneaker has a molded heel that helps in delivering a locked-in fit.
  • Reflective details offer visibility in low lighting.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Where to purchase Reebok running sneakers?

Going to the brand’s website is always a good initiative. However, major retailers such as Zappos and Amazon offer a variety of Reebok running sneakers that may not be available in the brand’s official site anymore.

Which Reebok running shoes cost less than $100?

Below are a few examples. Prices mentioned here are the footwear’s standard price. It may change at any point.

  • Reebok Classic Leather - $75
  • Reebok Classic Leather Perfect Split Pack - $75
  • Reebok Classic Nylon - $60
  • Reebok Furylite - $75
  • Reebok Classic Harman Run - $65
  • Reebok Classic Leather Pastels - $60
  • Reebok Classic Renaissance Ice - $65
  • Reebok Royal Complete 2LS - $60
  • Reebok Royal EC Ride - $60

Aside from the Reebok Classic series, is there another line from the brand that is also famous?

Not as popular as the Classic sneakers, but the Reebok Royal collection has a great selection of kicks that have an inexpensive price tag and good-looking casual design. Models such as Royal EC Ride and its follow-up versions and Reebok Royal BB4500 Hi have gained praise from users.

Could Reebok running-inspired shoes be also used for running and workouts?

As mentioned above, quality is among the trademarks of the Reebok. While there are shoes that may provide excellent support and other essentials, it may not hold up for long. With Reebok running sneakers, durability is among its consistent aspects. With that in mind, it is indeed feasible to use these shoes for working out and running.

What are some of the expensive Reebok running sneakers?

These are a few models that cost more than $150.

  • Reebok x Future Furykaze - $250
  • Reebok InstaPump Fury AR - $180
  • Reebok InstaPump Fury ACHM - $155
  • Reebok Classic Leather Mid GTX-Thin - $195
  • Reebok InstaPump Fury SP - $160
  • Reebok InstaPump Fury Tech - $165
  • Reebok InstaPump Fury OG Ultraknit - $240
  • Reebok InstaPump Fury OG TW - $175
  • Reebok x Kendrick Lamar Classic Leather Lux - $160

How do Reebok running shoes fit?

For the most part, Reebok running sneakers’ sizing is accurate. Although there would be exemptions, many of the wearers are confident in ordering a pair without adjustments.

What are some examples of recommended Reebok women's running shoes?

  • Female wearers found the Reebok Classic Leather Pastels appealing due to its colorways that are simple to style with.
  • Going with the original version of the Classic Leather is always a good way to start sporting Reebok running shoes for women.
  • If aiming to have the full athleisure vibe, opting for the Reebok Rapide is among the best the brand has to offer.
  • The Reebok Royal Nylon is one of the best-rated Reebok women's running shoes due to its versatility and budget-friendly price.
  • If looking for monochromatic shoes, the Furylite New Woven is one of the best women's Reebok Furylite running shoes.

What are some of the latest technologies applied on Reebok running kicks?

The DMX Ride+ Foam is the improved version of the original DMX midsole. Because of this improved cushioning, some new Reebok running shoes for men offer an enhanced shock absorption. Another recent tech introduced is the Floatride foam. This midsole material allows wearers to have a feeling of “floating” during runs or long walks.

Do Reebok running sneakers are considered stylish?

Style is a subjective term, but it is a common occurrence for consumers to describe these Reebok running shoes as eye-pleasing. So, if we are going by the numbers, it would be fair to assume it is generally perceived as stylish.