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Reebok Answer basketball shoes

Allen Iverson is an NBA Hall of Famer who is best remembered for the crossover that he did against Michael Jordan in a game in 1997, when he was still a rookie.  He was wearing the Reebok Question at that time, and that moment made him more deserving of the nickname "The Answer." As a result, many of his subsequent shoes were all called Reebok Answer basketball shoes.

Though AI retired in 2013, a 14th Answer was still released in 2014. This shoe ended the collection's five-year hiatus. OG versions of some Reebok Answers are also re-released from time to time.

Allen Iverson has a lifetime contract with Reebok, so we can expect that any of his Reebok Question sneakers and Answer basketball shoes will be made available again in the coming years. We might even be getting brand new Allen Iverson basketball shoes anytime! Who knows?

Answer basketball shoes from Reebok: Do they (still) work?

Notable Reebok Answer shoes such as the IV are re-released at random time. According to the product specs, they retain the structure and function of the OG, which begs the question: do they still have a place in the modern courts? 

One way to find out is to read performance reviews. RunRepeat makes this process a lot easier by presenting concise shoe profiles based on hundreds of reviews from all over the net. These short profiles give you a quick idea on how the shoes perform on dimensions that matter.