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    Nike Zoom Rival S 9 - Red (907564604)
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    Nike Zoom Rival D 10 - Red (907566604)
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    Asics Hypersprint 7 - Red (1091A015701)
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The color red has always been a symbol of power and strength. It is a dominating color that sports a very aggressive look, giving the wearer that extra oomph. This is the very reason why a lot of purchasers still go for the red track spikes even though it does not offer much versatility as the white nor black track and field shoes. As fashionable as it may look, the red track shoe is not just about the exterior, it also exhibits some of the most integral elements that boost the performance of the athlete. 

What to look for in a red track spike

Best red track and field shoes - June 2020

Grippy. The main feature of the red track and field spike is its traction; hence, the incorporation of spike pins on the outsole. These spikes dig into the ground for a very stable and propulsive performance. Although these pins are added components, these do not necessarily affect the weight of the platform that much. Here are some of the spike pins that can be attached to the shoe: 

  • Pyramid spikes - This spike type is perfect for rubber and grass surfaces. For optimal grip, ¼-inch pyramid pins are best used. 
  • Needle spikes - These are also tagged as “slim” spikes, providing ground adherence on all-weather tracks. 
  • Christmas tree spikes - Apparent through its design, these spike pins feature a tiered configuration, earning the name of compression-tiered spikes. These are best utilized on tartan and rubber track surfaces. 
  • Tartan spikes - Intended solely for rubber tracks only, the tartan pins are also dubbed as the dull version of the needle spike. 

Ultra-light. Compared to regular athletic footwear, the red track and field shoe offers a featherlight composition. With speed and drag prevention as its primary targets, the platform is comprised with some of the lightest components. With a lightweight fashion, the user can conserve energy and deliver a lasting performance. Some of the famous track spikes sporting the same attribute are the Adidas Adizero Finesse and Nike Zoom Matumbo 3

Snug wrap. Generally, track and field spikes are engineered to have a tighter fit than typical shoes. However, this does not mean that the track shoe should feel constricting when it comes to foot movements and flexion. There should still be enough room to execute various motions for amplified comfort, allowing the contender to focus on the competition. Also, it should not feel as if it’s too tight that it obstructs the blood flow of the foot. 

Comfortable. Despite the ultra-light construction of the red track and field spike, it does not necessarily get rid of a plush in-shoe sensation. It is still configured with a comfortable cushioning that gives the foot a smooth yet responsive feel. It also presents technical elements that increase the protection of the foot from abrasion and blisters. 

Frequently asked questions

Do red track spikes enhance speed? 

In general, track and field spikes are centered on heightening the acceleration of the sportsperson. That is why the spike pins are added to the shoe’s spike plate. These deliver maximum traction for a propulsive running performance. Moreover, the spike plate configured into the platform supplies a good fusion of rigidity and weight, positively affecting the forward motion of the racer. 

How do I take care of my red track spike? 

There are a few steps to follow when cleaning one’s red track and field shoe to maintain its quality and  prolong its technical function: 

  • Every after user, remove the dirt and grime stuck in between the track shoe’s spike well and spike pins. Do this with a clean and soft brush. 
  • When washing the shoe, always separate the laces and insole from the platform. 
  • To get rid of the dirt on the red track shoe, use a mixture of soap and water, and brush out the remainder of the dirt on the platform. 
  • An important reminder, never ever use the washing machine to clean the track spike. This can damage the plate of the shoe.  
  • To rinse, just let the water run through the track and field spike. 
  • When drying, just let the shoe air dry. Do not use the dryer as this can shrink the shoe and affect the spike plate and pins of the track shoe. 

Do I have to wear socks when using the red track shoe? 

The red track spike is engineered to have a narrower fit than the regular athleisure shoes. So, wearing or not wearing socks is really up to the athlete. Some choose to incorporate socks in order to prevent irritation and blisters, while others prefer not to in order to have a better ground feel.