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Red Adidas basketball shoes

Adidas has always been one of the most innovative players in the footwear industry, and this helped them stay on top of the game even after all these years. The Three Stripes also makes sure to keep up with fashion trends. Catering to a broad market, the brand has releases that appeal to the hip and fresh without forgetting to pump out more traditional-looking shoes for the more conservative players. The colors of these Adidas models range from the traditional black and white to the more daring looks such as bright red and forceful maroon. Red basketball shoes from Adidas are particularly popular because of their streamlined bold appearance.

Red basketball shoes from Adidas: What do they stand for?

The color red stands as a symbol of energy, vitality, and power. This color also means several different other things in different cultures. For the Chinese, for example, crimson represents luck and good fortune. It is also the color associated with China’s four seasons. It is perhaps because of this that Adidas Hardens and Dames that celebrate the Chinese New Year are often dressed in red or have a touch of red on them. Some non-signature shoes also get the Chinese New Year treatment, and they are released as all-red or predominantly red Adidas basketball shoes.