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  1. Any color
    Adidas Adizero MD - Blue (BB3542)
    Adidas Adizero MD - Black (CG3838)
    Adidas Adizero MD - White (B37493)
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    Adidas Distancestar - Black (AQ0217)
    Adidas Distancestar - Ftwr White / Core Black / Shock Red (F36063)
    Adidas Distancestar - Multicolore Core Black Core Black Ftwr White F36062 (B37497)
    Adidas Distancestar - White (BB5753)
    Adidas Distancestar - Multicolore Blue Ftwr White Easy Green S17 (BB5755)
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    Adidas Adizero Avanti - Blue (BB3529)
    Adidas Adizero Avanti - White (BA9878)
    Adidas Adizero Avanti - Black (CG3831)
    Adidas Adizero Avanti - ftwr white/core blac (B37486)
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buy pyramid track & field shoes for men and women

What makes the track and field shoe a standout from the regular running shoes is its employment of the spike pins. These spikes are intended to better the grip of the track shoe on multiple track surfaces. Among these spike pins, the most frequently used spike type is the pyramid spike. It is distinguished for its optimal grip on rubber track surfaces. It digs into the ground, augmenting stability and acceleration. 

Track shoe models utilizing pyramid spikes

Best Pyramid track and field shoes - June 2020

Adidas Adizero Accelerator

A track running spike from Adidas, the Adizero Accelerator is built for ultimate speed and maximum energy return. Because of its construction, the sprinting spike is suitable for beginning and elite athletes alike, delivering a very stable and supportive running experience. Equipped with some of Adidas’ renowned technologies, the running spike offers optimal security. 

Nike Zoom D 

Exhibiting all the good qualities needed in a track and field running shoe, the Nike Zoom D is a top choice among runners. The pyramid track spike sports a good blend of comfort and traction for a race-ready performance. Although keeping a lightweight profile, the track shoe does not fall short when it comes to support. It also gears the contender with sufficient ground feel for improved sensory feedback. 

Saucony Endorphin 

Perfect for the long-distance contest, the Saucony Endorphin features maximum breathability and comfort. With all these qualities, the pyramid track spike permits a lasting performance on the tracks. Moreover, its construction embodies the perfect fusion of rigidity and lightness for heightened propulsion. The track shoe also implements a very grippy outsole engineering for increased surefootedness. 

The benefits of using pyramid track shoes

Pronounced grip. The incorporation of the pyramid spike pins is responsible for the amplified traction of the track shoe. It enables propulsion that’s integral in generating robust performance. Moreover, with the ground adherence optimized by the spikes, stability is maximized. One of the popular pyramid track and field shoes that presents a superb grip on the track surface is the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite

Featherlight engineering. Loaded with ultra-light yet reliable components, the pyramid track spike prevents drag from happening. This enhances the acceleration of the wearer for maximum momentum build-up. Although the technical elements present in the track shoe have minimal bulk, this does not mean that they are inferior in quality. 

Snug wrap. True to all track spikes, the pyramid track and field shoe features a tight yet comfortable wrap around the foot. Given this attribute, the platform holds the foot securely in place, preventing unwanted dislodgement that can be detrimental to the performance racer. One thing to note is that although the track spike has a narrower fit than the regular shoe, it should not feel as if it’s obstructing the blood flow. It should also accommodate unrestrained foot motions. 

Breathable construction. Most of the pyramid track and field spikes feature strategic placement of perforations on their upper textile. This is to enhance the airflow within the foot chamber for an odor- and sweat-free in-shoe experience. Moreover, with the ventilation supplied to the foot, comfort is amplified. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the other spike types? 

Here are the different spike types and the surfaces they are best utilized on: 

  • Pyramid spike - This spike type is best used on rubber track surfaces. 
  • Needle spike - Also dubbed as the slim spike, the needle pin is suited for all-weather tracks. 
  • Christmas tree spike - Sporting a layered design, the Christmas tree spike is also called the compression-tiered spike. It is best for rubber and tartan surfaces. 
  • Tartan spike - Called as the dull version of the needle spike, the tartan spike is intended for rubber tracks only. 

Can I use another type of spike pins on my pyramid track shoes? 

Yes, you can. However, it should be noted that this is dependent on whether the shoe’s configuration presents changeable spike pins. 

How do I know if I already need to change the spike pins of my pyramid track spike? 

This is easily determined by the deterioration of the spike pins. If they become nubs, it is the perfect time to replace them with a new set of spikes. 

Can I wear socks when using my pyramid track and field shoe? 

Yes. Although the track spike already sports a snug fit, it can still go well with socks. One of the advantages of wearing socks is having ample protection from blisters and abrasion. However, the downside reported by several users is that it can decrease the room for foot motions and ground feel.