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    Nike Lebron 19 - Wild Berry 500 (CZ0203500)
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    Nike Renew Elevate 3 - Barely Green Cave Purple Barely Volt (DD9304300)
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Purple Nike basketball shoes

The probable reason why purple Nike basketball shoes exist is that the color is heavily associated with ambitious, powerful, wise, devoted, and independent. All these characteristics are seen in the signature athletes trusted by Nike to sell their innovative basketball shoes.

Kobe Bryant was one of Nike's best-sponsored athletes. Many of his low-top basketball shoes were purple not only because of the above symbolisms but also because of his being a member of the Los Angeles Laker all his NBA life. As we all know, the LA Lakers have yellow and purple as their official team colors.

Purple is also said to be the color of royalty. Dubbed as The King, it shouldn't come as a surprise that LeBron James also has a lot of purple Nike basketball shoes in his signature lines. 

Purple Nike Basketball Shoes: Other Meanings

An intermediate between blue and red, purple is a color of positivity. Studies claim that if a person’s favorite color is purple, he is most likely a free and gentle spirit. This is perhaps the reason Kyrie Irving, known to be an independent thinker and a free spirit, chose purple as one of the inaugurals of one of his signature releases.