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When searching for the best sprinting shoe, one of the top recommendations would be Puma sprint spikes. Having been in the sports footwear manufacturing industry for quite a long time, the brand has become a household name. It caters to beginning track and field athletes all the way up to elite-level sprinters. It competes with some of the biggest names in the market like Nike and Adidas. To this day, the company continually innovates, offering some of the best sprinting shoes available for both men and women.

A brief history of Puma

Best Puma sprints track and field shoes - May 2020

Best Best Puma sprints track and field shoes - May 2020

The inception of Puma began with a simple sibling rivalry between Rudolf Dassler and Adolf Dassler (owner of Adidas). Before parting ways, the brothers jointly owned the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. In 1948, Rudolf started his own factory, producing his first and very famous soccer shoe—the ATOM. 

Cementing a good name in the industry, the brand has been around for more than 70 years. It continues to thrive today and even partners with some of the renowned athletes from all over the world. For its track and field spikes, a blend of technology, style, and culture is offered. With high-grade engineering, these shoes deliver speed and endurance. 

Best Puma sprint shoe series

Puma Evospeed Star

Touted as a versatile running spike, it is perfect for contenders who cover multiple disciplines in track running meets. With its composition, the track shoe performs in events that range from sprinting meets all the way up to long-distance matches. 

Puma Evospeed Sprint

As the name pronounces, this platform is best used for sprinting competitions. Offering a high level of responsiveness, the sprint spike is packed with some of the most innovative technologies from Puma. Its construction permits maximum traction, unrestricted movements, and durability. 

Puma Evospeed Netfit Sprint

It is dubbed as the track shoe that’s specifically made for the fastest athletes from all over the globe. It offers exceptional speed, optimum security, and enhanced fit. With this track spike, athletes can soar through the competition without worrying about slippage and injuries. 

Features of a Puma sprint spike

Superior traction

  • Promising to deliver maximum propulsion to each athlete, Puma sprint spikes have a great grip. This ability helps power the ride of the athlete while enhancing stability. With a stable performance, the forward motion of the runner is boosted. 


  • A featherlight platform is very essential when performing in sprinting competitions. This is particularly helpful to the endurance of the contender. With added bulk, the runner’s energy is expended, hampering a swift performance. That’s why Puma sprint shoes are configured with some of the lightest yet most reliable materials and technologies. 


  • Lockdown is of great importance when choosing the best sprint spike. This is one of the bases of Puma when creating its track shoes. With the help of its famous NETFIT technology, the brand’s sprint shoe offers an adaptive fit. This prevents premature removal and provides added support for a safe track performance. 

Ample cushioning

  • Puma sprinting platforms may be ultra-light but they do not necessarily sacrifice comfort. Despite its light profile, the in-shoe is equipped with sufficient cushioning to improve both comfort and responsiveness. The same attribute is also present in the famous sprint spikes—Nike Zoom Superfly Elite and Adidas Adizero Finesse

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Puma sprint spike cost? 

Usually, the price of each Puma sprinting platform costs $100 or less. This automatically places the track spike in the cheap running spike category. However, just because its price is on the lower spectrum does not mean that it functions less too. It is still loaded with the brand’s top-notch technologies for a good performance on the tracks. 

How long does a Puma sprint shoe last? 

It is dependent on the frequency of usage. Just like any other sprint spike, Puma shoes are also susceptible to wear and tear. However, as a rule of thumb, track shoes, in general, should be replaced every two seasons. This is to ensure that all the materials are still suitable for competitions and training.