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PUMA running sneakers

Best Puma Running Sneakers - September 2019

In the modern-day sneakers trend, classic silhouettes inspired the bulk of today's fashion. Most of the current high-rated lifestyle sneakers were inspired by previous releases designed for different sports, such as basketball, training, tennis, skate,hiking, and running.

 Most brands re-worked these high-performance shoes to suit the lifestyle fashion. Brands unveiled these shoes in different materials into low, mid, and high tops in a multitude of colorways, like red, black, white, blue, green, yellow, silver, and gold, to fit the full range of buyers' penchant.

PUMA, one of the leading producers of high-quality footwear, introduced myriad of running-inspired iterations to add to their impressive arsenal. These Jumping Cat athletic shoes jumped from the track fields down to the city streets, which quickly turned as one's essential casual piece for its stylishness and superb comfort.

 As we hope to be of significant help on your quest for your next PUMA running sneaker pair, our team has pooled some of the best PUMA sneakers inspired by the running shoes currently offered in the market.


Debuted in 1968, the PUMA Roma was introduced as running shoe specifically for sprints and hurdles. PUMA revived this model in 2000s as a casual sneaker enhanced with padded tongue and arch support for better user experience.

  • This budget-friendly sneaker is available at $60.
  • This sneaker generally fits true to size and offered in both genders' sizing.
  • Some of the colorways available are Black, All White, White/Gum, Silver, and Red.
  • Other popular variations of PUMA Roma are the PUMA Roma OG Nylon, PUMA Roma Retro Sports, PUMA Roma Basic Holographic, and PUMA Roma Embossed Zig Zag.

PUMA Blaze of Glory

First introduced in 1993, the B.O.G displays stripped-down mesh upper with one-off lace closure. The perforations found on the heel and quarter and the Trinomic sole unit in the midsole further add retro appeal.

  • This model is available in all genders' sizing.
  • PUMA offers this at $110.
  • Few popular variations of PUMA B.O.G are the PUMA Blaze of Glory Sock Core, PUMA Blaze of Glory Soft, and PUMA B.O.G Limitless EvoKNIT.

PUMA Duplex Evo Knit

Inspired from the 90s running kick, this model features the Evo Knit upper for maximum airflow and lightweight construction. This summer-perfect sneaker has a sock-like upper with flexible soles for all-day comfort perfect for the humid days of summer.

  • This model can be purchased at $105.
  • Buyers can pick from the men's sizing only.
  • Other variations of the PUMA Duplex included in the best PUMA running sneakers are the PUMA Duplex Evo Graphic and the PUMA Duplex Evo Rush Prog.

PUMA Ignite Limitless

Launched in 2017, this sneaker was unveiled as part of the collection for street footwear inspired by the running shoe silhouettes. The highly technical Ignite Limitless sneaker has rich details with daring style and highlights its premium cushioning seated atop the full-length IGNITE foam on its midsole.

  • This sneaker is available at $110.
  • PUMA offers this model exclusively in men's sizing.
  • Notable hues available in the market are PUMA Black, Peacoat, Vintage Khaki, and High-Risk Red.
  • This model was strutted by the famous Starboy singer The Weeknd, which further garnered popularity.


PUMA revamped one of its running-inspired sneakers into a feminine look with its oversized bow on the upper dressed in shiny satin. The tonal colorway of these women-exclusive PUMA running sneakers adds elegant appeal that can easily be paired up with any casual attire.

  • The price point is at $160.
  • This PUMA running sneaker is available in men's and women's sizing.
  • Other prominent hues in the market are Pink, Olive, Pink Tint, Sweet Lavender, and Cream.

PUMA Tsugi Shinsei

The futuristic look of the PUMA Tsugi Shinsei has been inserted with an ample amount of cozy and supportive details while keeping the lightness and breathability. This model was patterned from the unconventional look inspired by the Japanese culture - minimalist but with a fashion-forward look.

  • This sneaker is found at the budget-friendly price range of $100.
  • PUMA offers this in men's and women's sizing.
  • Some of the colorways offered are Black/Gold, Marshmallow, Black/Rose Gold/White, and Hot Coral.

PUMA Muse Metal

Born from the silhouette of PUMA Muse, this Muse model was added with metallic TPU heel counter for added style and support. The neoprene upper, meanwhile, delivers comfort and a superb fit for all day use.

  • This model retails at $80.
  • PUMA delivers this in women's sizing only.
  • Other shades offered in the market are Black/Rose Gold and Forest Night/Metallic Bronze.


The simple and clean design of the low-top PUMA ST Trainer EVO flaunts a versatile look that can be sported for any casual event. The upper is covered in mesh seated on top of EVA midsole and rubber outsole.

  • PUMA presents this at $60.
  • Men and women sizing are available in the market.
  • Some colorways present in the market are the Asphalt/White, Electric Blue Lemonade/White, and PUMA Black/Asphalt.

PUMA Easy Rider

The PUMA Easy Rider was introduced in 1978 as a trail running footwear that featured PU wedge system and outsole with cone studs. It displayed aggressive appeal injected with technologically advanced elements. It was reworked to fit the current lifestyle market by using various materials and cuts.

  • PUMA offers this at $65.
  • Both men's and women's sizing are available in the market.
  • Some hues present in the market are the Barbados Cherry/Puma White, Lapis Blue/Whisper White, and Black/White.

PUMA Thunder Desert

The Thunder Desert is Puma's answer to the dad shoe craze. It features exaggerated tooling fused with premium materials to maximize comfort and style. Unlike the other dad ugly sneakers, this model ditched the loud hues but used subdued colors on its premium suede upper.

  • This sneaker is offered at $120.
  • PUMA delivers this pair in men's and women's sizing.
  • Few popular colors of this model are the PUMA Black, Natural Vachetta/Cream Tan, Bright White/Grey Violet/Puma White, and Smoke Green/Silver Green.

PUMA x Han Kjobenhavn Blaze Cage 

Inspired by the Blaze of Glory profile, PUMA collaborated with a Danish streetwear brand to come up with a sleek sneaker. The PUMA Han Kjobenhavn Blaze Craze highlights its stylish overlays while keeping all the retro running details. The Smart Scandinavian design inspired the smooth lines on the leather-suede toe, added with the embossed leather cage on the upper and debossed branding at the rear.

  • This reasonably-priced sneaker is at $115.
  • This unisex sneaker is presented in men's sizing.
  • PUMA offers this in Cameo Brown colorway.

PUMA Duplex Classic

This 90s running-inspired kick provides day-long comfort as it is injected with superb cozy and durable elements. The upper of the Duplex Classic is made of suede and breathable mesh with EVA midsole that absorbs shock effectively.

  • This silhouette is found at the budget-friendly range of $70.
  • Both genders' sizes are available in the market.
  • Aside from the PUMA White running sneaker for women and men, PUMA also offers this in PUMA Black and Glacier Gray/Asphalt.

PUMA Aril Blaze

Molded from the PUMA Aril iteration, the Aril Blaze flaunts its streamlined look added with the TPU saddle on the heel and suede overlays for added style and flair.

  • Price range is at $80.
  • Sizing is available in men's and women's range.
  • PUMA offers this in a wide range of colorways such as White, Black, Geometric Blue, and Black/White.

PUMA 689 Ignite

Fashioned from the PUMA classic running model called R698, this model exhibits the seamless fusion of lifestyle vibe with an athletic feel. The brand inserted the Ignite foam in replacement to the Trinomic cushioning system transforming this sneaker into a more responsive and lighter pair.

  • Many considered this sneaker cheap for its $105 price point.
  • Both men and women can purchase their sizes of 698 Ignite in the market.
  • Some renowned hues of PUMA 698 Ignite are the White, Silver, and Blue/White.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we use the PUMA running sneakers in light physical activities?

Although these sneakers were molded from running footwear, the running-inspired sneakers are not fully equipped to function well in track running. However, you may use these shoes for light physical activities such as one-hour Zumba session or walking session around the town. 

To lengthen the lifespan of your PUMA kicks, it is highly suggested to use it for its intended purpose. Thus, it is best to use your PUMA running-inspired sneakers for casual use, such as going to school, wandering inside the mall, cruising the city streets, and for a laidback night out with friends.

Where can we purchase PUMA running sneakers?

PUMA running sneakers can be purchased in their official stores with ground addresses and official online websites. Also, numerous partner retailers found all over the world and online offer a wide range of PUMA products. Some of the retailers are the 6pm, Zappos, Amazon, eBay, END, Finish Line, Footlocker, JD Sports, and several other popular websites. 

How to take care of my PUMA running sneakers?

PUMA gave simple directions on how to maintain your sneakers so you can enjoy them for a more extended period:

  • Immediately after being exposed to mud or dirt, it is best to spot clean your shoes of any visible grime.
  • Use only your sneakers for its intended purpose. For example, most PUMA running-inspired sneakers are intended for casual use, and it is not advised to utilize them for running.
  • When drying your sneakers, do not forget to remove the insole. It is best to air dry the sneakers and avoid using electric dryers or machines.
  • Avoid exposing the sneakers from extreme heat or direct sunlight.
  • To retain the shape of your PUMA kicks, store them in a dry place packed with crumpled newspaper inside.

What are the technologies used in my PUMA running-inspired shoes?

PUMA used several revolutionary technologies on its sneakers to provide its wearers utmost comfort while strutting the streets without sacrificing the overall appeal. Here are the most popular ones:

  • IGNITE. This ultra-responsive cushioning foam of PUMA maximizes the energy return; thus, allowing its wearers to experience comfort, support, and stability.
  • evoKNIT. This adaptive knit material provides ventilation, durability, and lightness with a sock-like fit.
  • DISC. This lacing system uses a piece of rotating disc that allows for tightening and untightening the inner strings of the shoe.
  • NETFIT. This highly-engineered net is engineered to introduce a change in the lacing game. This technology can be used to thread shoelaces as it is situated around the base upper of the form-fitting material.

How to style my PUMA running-inspired shoes?

Our team came up with some suggestions on how to wear your PUMA running sneakers:

  • The low-top running sneakers look best when paired with joggers or gym shorts and a t-shirt. This ensemble will give you an athletic look.
  • For a smart casual appeal, you may pair these sneakers up with jeans or khakis with polo on top added with a coach or leather jacket or blazer.
  • Ladies, meanwhile, can wear a dress, mini or long skirts, jeggings, or skinnies with their PUMA kicks for a laidback getup especially suitable for the summer days.
  • Another idea to add flair to your overall attire is to use a stylish pair of socks. This accessory will surely elevate your dull, usual look.

What is the price range of PUMA running sneakers?

PUMA running-inspired sneakers price range is from $60 to as high as $175. The most affordable to date is the PUMA Roma with a price range of $60 while the most expensive is the collaboration with Japanese brand called BAPE. The PUMA Disc Blaze x BAPE is offered at $175.

What is the difference between running shoes and running-inspired sneakers?

Running shoes are generally breathable, lightweight, and flexible constructed with complex rubber and cushioning to maximize the shock absorption perfect when running on the track or any field. This kind of shoes has paddings on the side to aid in the forward movements. Manufacturers design various types of running shoes that can suit different styles of running.

Meanwhile, running-inspired sneakers are footwear molded from the silhouette of running shoe but engineered to win the lifestyle scene. Although manufacturers inserted comfortable details and shock-absorbing elements, these are not seemly to be worn for track running.