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Puma One soccer cleats

Aiming to combine the key elements of the Evotouch and Evospeed silos, the German-brand created the Puma One collection. Pumping out well-rounded models, the cleats belonging to the series are designed to hit the three Fs of soccer - fit, fast, and feel. 

Puma One for touch and speed

The Puma One seamlessly fuses the key elements from its muses. The series also features some tried-and-tested and unique soccer tech to capture the experience from the Evotouch and speed collections. 

Optimizing the touch element of the Ones is Kangaroo leather as well as evoKNIT. While the k-leather is considered a premium element in soccer cleats for its touch and comfort, it is further optimized by evoKNIT. The latter is Puma’s answer to the knit-craze and is designed to deliver a snug and sock-like fit for players. 

The speed aspect of the boots is covered by a Pebax soleplate. Bringing a durable and lightweight experience on the pitch, this element is well-adapted for an explosive play in the courts. 

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