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Puma showed a dedication in developing top- notch performance shoes and state-of-the-art footwear technologies, which is why they are frequently in the spotlight in over 100, 000 shoe reviews. For years, casual runners and professional athletes constantly believe in the brand’s performance line, especially their range of neutral shoes for running. Our reviews will help you choose the best among the best.

What makes the best Puma neutral shoes different?

best puma neutral running shoes
Best Puma neutral running shoes- November 2019

  • Neutral shoes are designed for runners with high to medium arches. A neutral shoe’s arch structure is not as prominent as the ones in stability shoes, because it does not need to provide medial support to the runner.
  • Among performance shoes, neutral shoes are considered great for natural running. Heel to toe drops can range from 6 mm to 12 mm. If you wish to run naturally, choosing a lower drop is possible.
  • Before pursuing minimalist running, runners would need to transition from cushioned platforms through neutral shoes. The best Puma neutral shoes provide a balance of flexibility and cushioning. You can improve your ground response without foregoing the underfoot comfort and support of cushioning.
  • Neutral shoes are designed for the track, trail or both. The best Puma neutral shoes are among the most versatile options on the market. By prioritizing lighter platforms, runners can pursue speed training and racing on top of regular fitness and performance activities.

How would you know which is the best Puma neutral pair for you?

  • Durability. In selecting a new pair of neutral shoes for your performance footwear collection, durability should be a top priority. Whether you are using neutral trainers on the trail or track, excessive use and terrain irregularities would lead to wear and tear. Elements, such as rain and snow, could also affect the shoe’s condition. To make your shoes last more than 500 miles on the road or trail, make sure to choose shoes that are made from durable materials. The outsole should be abrasion- resistant and tough to withstand debris. Resilient upper technologies are needed to keep sufficient coverage against the elements. As for the midsole, long- lasting cushioning will keep comfort and support top- notch.
  • Weight. The best Puma neutral shoes are considered lighter than most stability shoes. This is due to the lack of a structured arch unit and a balanced cushioning that only serves adequate comfort and support. However, if you want to pursue racing and speed training in your neutral pair, you need to find a lighter platform. The weight of neutral shoes commonly falls between 150 grams to 300 grams. Choose shoes that weigh 150 to 230 grams if you are serious in improving your speed record. There would still be cushioning and support present, but in limited amounts.
  • Midsole. Neutral shoes are said to be a hybrid type between a stability shoe and a minimalist shoe. This means that its midsole cushioning is not too much or too lacking. However, there are neutral shoes that deal with extreme cushioning without sacrificing ground contact. If you need a pair of neutral shoes for regular running and daily training, an average cushioning is enough for support and comfort. If you want to pursue a more natural running movement, choose the best Puma neutral shoes that have less cushioning in the midsole. There are trusted midsole technologies from Puma, including the IGNITE Foam midsole, ForEverFoam and FAASFOAM+ midsole among others.