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  1. Any color
    Puma Hybrid Fuego - Nrgy Red / Rhubarb (19266105)
    Puma Hybrid Fuego - Puma Black / Yellow Alert (19266102)
    £80 £40 Save 50%
  2. Any color
    Puma Trailfox - Peacoat/Taos Taupe (36933801)
    Puma Trailfox - Elephant Skin/Whisper White (36678702)
    Puma Trailfox - Forest Night/Whisper White (36678701)
    Puma Trailfox - White (36709501)
    £120 £52 Save 57%
  3. Any color
    Puma NRGY Neko Skim - PUMA White/PUMA Black (19262104)
    Puma NRGY Neko Skim - Black (19293802)
    Puma NRGY Neko Skim - High Risk Red/Black (19293801)
    Puma NRGY Neko Skim - High Rise / High Risk Red (19262101)
    Puma NRGY Neko Skim - Peacoat / High Rise (19262102)
    £80 £33 Save 59%
  4. £120 £40 Save 67%
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buy puma minimalist running shoes for men and women

The Puma brand has years of experience when it comes to satisfying their customers. They have placed much thought in providing only the best products for everyone. Their innovations and technologies are there to serve the interests of each buyer. Their reviews reach more than 100, 000. Enthusiasts may desire more features in their shoes; maybe toned-down versions are their wish. All of these, Puma can deliver.

Things to ponder on the best Puma minimalist shoes

  • Minimalist shoes have lesser features than most types. They are naturally more lightweight because of the lack of additional foams and foot stabilizers. They are still comfortable to wear and can handle impact strikes.
  • EVA cushioning systems are installed in the mid-sole these shoes. These materials are soft and comfortable to wear. They make sure that the soles of the feet will avoid any strike-related injuries.
  • The best Puma minimalist shoes have breathable sock liners that provide optimal fit and comfort. They anatomically fit the user’s feet and are snug enough to alleviate any discomfort to the metatarsals and heels.
  • Minimalist shoes have design choices that are subtle, as well. The Puma label and logo are the only ones placed in the façade of the shoes. The color schemes are limited to two main colors and optional decals on the edges. Users who prefer to complement their minimalist shoes with an equal restraint in the design mechanic would appreciate the nominal design outlines present in this roster of footwear.
  • The best Puma minimalist shoes make sure that the wearing experience of the consumer is easy. They’ve installed a hell pull tab on their shoes to facilitate easy removal. They have optimal lace closures for a snug fit and so that their laces stay in place. The upper portion of their shoes is made out of breathable air mesh. This would allow the foot some breathing space while maintaining a firm grip.

What are the features you can discover in the best Puma minimalist shoes?

  • Weight. the best Puma minimalist shoes aren’t bulky because they did away with most of the heavier features that encompass the other types of shoes. This advantage will mimic the feeling of running on one’s own feet, albeit with the presence of lightweight shoes for protection and comfort. Minimalist shoes weigh at about 150-300 grams.
  • Structure. Aside from breathable air mesh uppers, they also have a breathable, die-cut sock lining technology that will provide peak fit and ease. The EVA cushions are accompanied by rubber outsoles to deliver extra cushioning. These outsoles also have abrasion-resistant rubbers so that the durability of the shoes can be ensured. The best Puma minimalist shoes are still solid despite the lack of most features.
  • Design Perks. Puma is one of the leading brands in quality footwear. Minimalist shoes have no-sew overlays for seamless and lightweight support. The fabrics that they use also have a perk: it helps deliver optimum body temperature so that there would be no further discomfort felt due to heat and tightness.