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Puma is a brand that is very well-acquainted with soccer. Being the name that has developed the earliest cleat technologies that are widely utilized until today, the soccer pioneer has contributed so much to the cleat manufacturing industry. In fact, Puma has produced classics like the well-renowned Puma King, that has proven its timeless appeal to this day.

From its vast selection of cleats, the brand offers a solid line of Puma low top soccer cleats that showcase their many innovative technologies. Each shoe has been expertly designed to answer to the various needs of soccer players, especially when it comes to their performance in the playground. Not to mention, Puma has also been known to create cleats with bold and bright colorways that are sure to steal the scene.

Short history of Puma low top soccer cleats

puma low top soccer cleats
Best Puma low top soccer cleats - November 2019

Puma’s accounts date back to the 1940s when brothers, and then partners, Adi and Rudolf Dassler split, leading the latter to promote his own brand, which would later be known as Puma. Being among the pioneers in the soccer market, the company has contributed much to the soccer scene through their many innovative releases.

Their first notable release was the Super Atom, a soccer cleat with screw-in studs and the first of its kind during that time. This release was a result of the brand’s collaboration with West Germany’s head coach. This revolutionary soccer cleat marked the start of the company’s successful soccer heritage.

Decades later, another release from Puma would take center stage at the World Cup Finals. The Puma King entered the soccer scene in 1970, as endorsed by Brazil’s national hero, Pele. This silhouette wore a low top design and highlighted the Puma form strip. Moreover, it was known for offering unparalleled comfort, durability, and quality.

The King set the standard for Puma’s next releases, which were also set with a low cut. Not only that, this classic Puma low top soccer cleat has also evolved in many ways, as the brand continuously upgraded its design, making it one of the sport’s timeless cleats.

Today, the low top design is evident in most of Puma’s soccer cleat collections. From their natural ground options to their trusty trainers, there is surely a Puma low top soccer cleat that can answer to a player’s specific need.

Puma low top soccer cleats for soft ground

Puma King Pro SG

This Puma low top soccer cleat needs no introduction. Being one of the modern versions that sprung up from the classic Puma King, it is known for its comfort and durability as well as its impressive performance when playing on wet grounds. Just like its predecessors, the Puma King Pro SG wears a thin and lightweight kangaroo leather upper that enhances ball touch. It also features Pebax outsole with Duoflex technology that efficiently delivers grip on the soft ground pitch. This sure is a cleat that lives up to its name.

Puma Classico SG

This Puma low top soccer cleat promises to score with every shot. With a design inspired by Puma heritage soccer cleats, this model sports a synthetic upper that looks like leather at first glance. The quilted details on the upper allow the Puma Classico SG to perform with impeccable ball touch. Moreover, this shoe wears a PU (Polyurethane) soleplate with injection moulding for added durability. It also highlights a combination of bladed and conical studs that give the perfect balance of maneuverability and stability on the soft ground surfaces.

Puma low top soccer cleats for firm grounds

Puma EvoPower Vigor 1 Graphic FG

The brand has designed this Puma low top soccer cleat to deliver power and accuracy in attacks. Among the technologies it features is the AdapLite upper that allows for excellent flexibility. It also highlights the AccuFoam design for enhanced ball control and the Gradual Stability Frame outsole that offers excellent flexibility for enhanced power. The Puma Evopower Vigor 1 Graphic FG also boasts of superior responsiveness, especially when it comes to overall ball handling.

Puma Classico FG

Sporting a rather old-school design, this Puma low top soccer cleat is set to provide comfort and durability. It comes in a classic black and white colorway and wears a soft and lightweight synthetic upper that offers a long-lasting fit. Moreover, the Puma Classico FG features a PU (Polyurethane) outsole with molded conical studs that offer an even distribution of pressure as well as increased stability and reactivity on natural grass pitches.

Puma low top soccer cleats for the turf and indoor courts

Puma Spirit Turf

This Puma low top soccer cleat promises a lightweight feel alongside utmost comfort and longevity. The Puma Spirit TT steals the scene in a bright red colorway and a supple yet long-lasting synthetic upper that ushers in a premium ball touch. This lightweight cleat has been equipped with a low-profile sole unit that utilizes short rubber bumps to supply the necessary grip to perform with finesse on the turf.

Puma EvoPower Vigor 4 Graphic IT

Engineered to load power into every play, this lightweight Puma low top soccer cleat showcases a synthetic upper that’s configured to optimize fit and enhance ball touch. It also employs a non-marking rubber outsole that performs well on indoor surfaces. Additionally, the Puma EvoPower Vigor 4 Graphic IT integrates a shock-absorbing compound on its midsole construction to protect and cushion the foot.

Notable technologies of low top soccer cleats from Puma


  • AdapLite - This upper technology consists of a microfiber material that offers an unconventional one-way stretch. As the material stretches towards the toes, it follows the natural shape of the foot for a snug wrap. This also allows for optimal flexibility of the foot, mimicking a barefoot sensation when handling the ball.

Seen mostly on EvoPower models, the AdapLite technology enables players to improve power and accuracy in each strike. Among the Puma low top soccer cleats installed with this feature are the Puma EvoPower 1.3 and the Puma EvoPower Vigor 1 Graphic FG.

  • Accufoam - This innovation from Puma utilizes three-dimensional elevations called Topaz dots. These diamond-shaped dots are integrated on both sides of the upper to enable unmatched comfort as well as a high-level of accuracy when kicking the ball. Additionally, this detail also adds aesthetic value to a soccer cleat.

Seen alongside the AdapLite feature, this innovation is integrated into Puma low top soccer cleats like the Puma EvoPower Vigor 2 FG and the Puma EvoPower Vigor 1 Graphic FG.


  • RapidAgility - First introduced in the Puma Torero in 1982, this outsole technology allows maximum flexibility of the forefoot and toe box areas. This feature has introduced the concept of molded flex zones that are very widely used in modern-day soccer cleats.

This sole innovation is utilized in Puma low top soccer cleats like the Puma King Pro SG and the Puma Future Netfit 18.1 FG/AG, which is a mid-top model.

  • Gradual Stability Frame - This innovation functions to enable the outsole to bend like that of a spine. This improves overall ball handling by promoting a more barefoot kicking experience. The result is an increased power in shots, which strikers will greatly benefit from.

Most EvoPower cleats employ this technology in their design. Among the Puma low the soccer cleats that have this feature is the Puma EvoAccuracy 1 and the Puma EvoPower Vigor 1 Graphic FG.

Frequently asked questions

What shoe width do Puma low cut soccer cleats usually offer?

Width can differ with every soccer cleat. When it comes to Puma low top soccer cleats, most of them are designed in a men’s version only and offer the standard width for men, which is D. Moreover, Puma soccer cleats are engineered with the player’s comfort in mind. That is why their silhouettes are set to fit comfortably on the foot.

In terms of fit, one also needs to consider the material used in a cleat’s upper. For instance, leather soccer cleats can be expected to fit a bit snug as compared to models that sport a synthetic upper. However, this will differ over time since leather tends to stretch with each wear while a synthetic lining will provide a more consistent fit even with regular use.

As users have compared, many have observed that cleat models from Puma usually fit wider than models from other brands. This favors those players that have broader feet as well as those who do not prefer snug-fitting cleats. Some Puma low top soccer cleats that are set in a standard men’s size include the Puma Adreno III Firm Ground and the Puma Spirit Firm Ground.

What kind of support can be expected from Puma low top soccer cleats?

Most Puma low top soccer cleats feature AdapLite and Accufoam. These are two notable technologies that are very common on these cleats.

Puma took advantage of the AdapLite for its upper offering a microfiber material that offers an unconventional one-way stretch. This provides optimal flexibility of the foot. Accufoam is another technology used by Puma in most of its low top soccer cleats. This provides a different level of comfort and kicking accuracy.

What made Puma low top soccer cleats popular?

With more than six decades of its existence in the soccer market, Puma has always belonged to the top brands alongside its long-time rival, Adidas, and Nike. Some may say that the brand’s popularity owes itself to the company’s very early beginnings, being among the soccer world’s firsts. Then again, their place at the top is definitely well-deserved as the brand has maintained its standard of producing soccer cleats with lasting quality and appeal.

It is no big surprise that their selection of Puma low top soccer cleats is widely welcomed by athletes and cleat enthusiasts all around the world. They have, after all, released the first notable low top soccer cleat, namely the Puma King, whose relevance remains until this day. With the King as the standard, Puma has definitely stepped up their game with their modern releases, appealing to a wearer’s need for high-quality comfort. Moreover, fans of the brand commend its low-top releases for offering various options for wide-footed players as well as facilitating an easy, slip-on design.

What are the popular choices among the Puma low top soccer cleats?

Puma EvoSpeed and Puma EvoPower are among the hottest collections from Puma. These two are among the first choices of most Puma lovers. Many popular athletes have also been seen wearing these cleats during tournaments.