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PUMA Low Top Sneakers

Best PUMA Low Top Sneakers - September 2019

Some are may not aware of the history that Rudi Dassler, the co-founder of Adidas, is the one who started PUMA. When the Dassler siblings got estranged due to numerous reasons, Rudi decided to build his own sneaker company. Rudi Dassler initially named his company RuDa, which is the portmanteau of his name. After some time, it is changed to PUMA due to the suggestion of his contemporaries.

PUMA has been associated with the game of football more than any of its competitors. Casual buyers may not have PUMA as their first choice as the sneaker game has always been dominated by the household name brands Nike and Adidas. However, the company also has its share of sneakers that became a fixture in lifestyle fashion because of the style, comfort, and inexpensive price tag. We compiled a list of PUMA shoes in low top construction and other relative topics.

Outstanding PUMA Low Top Shoes

Below are the best PUMA low top shoes based on customer reviews and other aspects. Sizes and prices mentioned may not be accurate all the time.

PUMA Basket Classic

  • Regular Price: $70
  • Size Range: Men’s – 3 to 14 / Women’s – 3 to 12
  • Notable Colorway/s: PUMA White, Black / White, Orange Basket / Red Blast, Pomegranate / Red Gold, and 4th of July Pack – Peacock White

It is common for most to associate the Basket Classic as a leather variation of the PUMA Clyde. The Clyde was first made popular by NBA Hall of Famer Walt Frazier and has been a fixture in street fashion ever since its first release in the 70s. For the PUMA Basket Classic, its trademark Formstrips are distinctive, which is the brand's most defining design detail.

This low-top's basketball heritage has made it very durable and comfortable. The overall qualities of the PUMA Basket Classic made it a staple for many consumers. Some subsequent models are the PUMA Basket Classic Gum Deluxe, PUMA Basket Classic LFS, and PUMA Basket Classic Metal.

PUMA Ignite Limitless

  • Regular Price: $110
  • Size Range: Men’s – 7 to 14 / Women’s – 6.5 to 12
  • Notable Colorway/s: Vintage Khaki, High-Risk Red, White / Grey / PUMA White / Quarry, and Peacoat / French Blue

Released in January 2017, the PUMA Ignite Limitless was introduced as among the collection of street-worthy running-inspired shoes called the “Run the Streets” project. This collection features the qualities of modern aesthetics with enhancements that are considered integral on and off the track. The low-top is seen on the feet of a famous singer named Weeknd. Within a few months, the Ignite Limitless has gained a decent following.

Famous for its clam-like construction, the upper is consists of Ariaprene fabric that delivers ample ventilation. Embedded on its midsole is the signature tech called the Ignite Foam, which offers optimal and responsive cushioning. Also, the midfoot cage that is made from TPU heel clip and Kurim are there to give additional durability. A few examples of other models from the Ignite Limitless collection are the PUMA Ignite Limitless Swirl, PUMA Ignite Limitless Reptile, and PUMA Ignite Limitless 2 Unrest.

PUMA Fenty Suede Cleated Creeper

  • Regular Price: $160
  • Size Range: Men’s – 7 to 14 / Women’s – 4 to 11
  • Notable Colorway/s: Triple Black, Golden Brown, and Rosin

Released in August 2017, the Fenty Suede Cleated Creeper is released as part of superstar artist Rihanna's growing PUMA shoe line. Its upper is essentially similar to the original PUMA Fenty Creeper, but this model has a unique elevated cleated platform sole that is made from rubber. Some of its design details are the PUMA logo that is placed at the heel and other brandings on the tongue and sides.

The PUMA Fenty Suede Cleated Creeper features a plaid fabric lining and a rounded toe cap. As a bonus, it comes with a dust bag and an extra pair of lace. For the majority of the wearers, the shoe provides ample comfort and durability. However, this low-top is regarded as more expensive than the average fashion sneakers, and its availability is almost non-existent after a short amount of time.

PUMA Clyde Core Foil

  • Regular Price: $70
  • Size Range: Men’s – 6 to 15 / Women’s – 5 to 11
  • Notable Colorway/s: White / New Navy / Gold, White / Red, and White / Gold

Among the latest iterations of the timeless PUMA Clyde is the Clyde Core Foil. The original silhouette is revamped with fresh and modern design details. With its metallic foil detailing on the shoelace tips and brandings, it brings a new take on the classic PUMA Clyde. 

The shoe has an upper made of premium leather with the trademark Formstrip on the contrasting sides and tonal stitching details. A lightly cushioned footbed, tongue, and collar make the PUMA Clyde Core Foil comfortable for wearers. There is a mid-top variant of this model, called the PUMA Clyde Mid Core Foil.

PUMA Whirlwind Classic

  • Regular Price: $60
  • Size Range: Men’s – 6 to 16
  • Notable Colorway/s: True Blue / PUMA White, Mandarin Red / PUMA White, and Black Blue / Jewel White

During the 80s, when the running style is becoming a trend in casual fashion, the Whirlwind Classic from PUMA is among the popular choices. Back then, PUMA seemed to have similar design features for many of its sneakers. The unique feature of the original Whirlwind was the mix of nylon and suede as its upper and the non-slip rubber outsole texture. In 2015, the PUMA Whirlwind Classic was re-issued, retaining most of the elements of its 80s counterpart. 

Details of the low-top are the Formstrip at the sides and brandings at the tongue and heel. Seemingly fit for today's trend of athleisure footwear, the PUMA Whirlwind Classic is a must-have for those who want an all-purpose shoe without the hefty price tag.

PUMA Turin

  • Regular Price: $60
  • Size Range: Men’s – 4 to 14 / Females are welcome to wear the Turin, they just need to deduct 1.5 sizes from their regular measurement
  • Notable Colorway/s: True Blue / PUMA White, White / Dark Shadow, PUMA White / Quarry, PUMA White / Forest Night, and Peacoat / Tempest

Inspired by various Puma's greatest silhouettes on its history, the Turin showcases a vintage and timeless appearance that makes it wearable for casual and sporty get-up.  It has a football-inspired design that consists a soft synthetic leather upper, regular lace-up enclosure, rubber outsole, and brandings on the tongue and sides.

The PUMA Formstrip is also seen as one of the signature design details. The PUMA Turin has spawned a variety of versions, including the PUMA Turin Suede, PUMA Turin NL, PUMA Turin Preschool, PUMA Turin JR and PUMA Turin AC Kids. Recently, a collaboration with Korean pop group is released, called the PUMA x BTS Turin. For its wearers, the budget-friendly price, versatility, and classic looks are the footwear's best qualities.

PUMA Thunder Spectra

  • Regular Price: $120
  • Size Range: Men’s – 6 to 14
  • Notable Colorway/s: Glacier Gray – Indigo Bunting, PUMA Black – High-Risk Red, Rhododendron – P / Black T-Port, and Drizzle – Drizzle / Steel Gray

The Thunder Spectra was released on April 2018. It is the first model to be introduced from the brand's Thunder collection. Its design is based on the brand's 90s running shoes that look bulky and dynamic and the PUMA x McQueen collaborative sneakers. The over-the-top tooling, the loud color blocking, and the exaggerated proportions make the PUMA Thunder Spectra stand out.

Considering its unapologetic appearance which is comprised of the carefully-chosen color profiling and the blend of materials, reviewers regarded the low-top as trendy and sleek. Lightweight midsole cushioning is guaranteed because of the Injection-molded EVA and molded TPU compound. Also, support details include midfoot stabilizer and the protective side wall.


  • Regular Price: $95
  • Size Range: Men’s – 6 to 13
  • Notable Colorway/s: PUMA Black / Scarlet Ibis / PUMA White, Lapis Blue / Blue Depths / PUMA White, and Tibetan Red / PUMA White

The Tsugi NETFIT from PUMA is among the latest addition to the growing PUMA Tsugi collection. Inspired by progressive Japanese architecture design, this version of the Tsugi features the NETFIT, a dynamic lacing system which offers customizable style and fit. 

Another prominent detail of the Tsugi Netfit is the presence of the Ignite Foam, a PU midsole that provides responsive cushioning. It also gives an impressive degree of energy return that contributes to foot stability.

Thanks to the fully knitted sock construction, wearers can enjoy form-fitting comfort, breathability, and lightweight feel. Additionally, the woven PUMA-branded gore at heel helps to lock in the foot. Several buyers were delighted because the Tsugi Netfit package comes with an extra set of lace. Subsequent models include the PUMA Tsugi Netfit v2 Evoknit, PUMA Tsugi Netflix Against the Elements, and PUMA Tsugi Netfit Paparazzi.

PUMA Smash Buck

  • Regular Price: $60
  • Size Range: Men’s – 7 to 14
  • Notable Colorway/s: Peacoat / White, Peacoat / Honey Mustard, and Nero Black

The Smash Buck features a throwback design with the signature Formstrip and a bumper sole. Inspired by the 1960s PUMA tennis shoes, it has a fresh and sporty vibe which are praised by most of the wearers. The most prominent material used on the Smash Buck is the nubuck leather as its upper. This type of leather is a very rigid synthetic leather that is legitimately durable. Its smooth surface looks more expensive when compared to the common suede upper.

For adequate all-day comfort, its padded collars, cushioned footbed, breathable mesh lining make it possible. Design details for the PUMA Smash Buck include the stitched Formstrip, stitch texture on the midsole, and brandings at the tongue and heel.

PUMA California

  • Regular Price: $70
  • Size Range: Men’s – 4 to 14 / Women’s – 5.5 to 15.5
  • Notable Colorway/s: White / Ribbon Red / White, Peacoat / Spectra Yellow / White, and Ribbon Red / White / Team Gold

First seen in the tennis courts in 1983, the PUMA California is regarded as among the brand's classic offerings. Argentinian champion Guillermo Vilas helped the shoe on becoming popular during that time. Because of its overall appeal, the low-top reached the streets. Its tennis heritage design with leather and Nubuck upper has been the PUMA California's most beloved features.

Perforations on the toe provide ventilation while the padding at the tongue and collar gives comfort. The PUMA logo is situated at the tongue and heel, while the model label is seen near the laces. Follow-up iterations for the PUMA California are the PUMA California East LA, PUMA California Exotic, and PUMA California Hollywood.

PUMA Astro Sala

  • Regular Price: $55
  • Size Range: Men’s – 4 to 14
  • Notable Colorway/s: PUMA Black – PUMA White, Iron Gate – PUMA White, Peacoat – PUMA White, and Burnt Olive – PUMA White

The Astro Sala's design pays homage to the sport that PUMA is most associated with - soccer. Taking details from indoor soccer cleats, this model's slim profile became one of its most praised attributes. Its mesh and suede fabric uppers ensure enhanced breathability and lightweight feel. 

The Astro Sala by the Jumping Cat also have cushioned foam insole, tongue, and collar, which allow for optimal comfort and shock absorption. Brandings are seeable on the heel and tongue while the signature Formstrip at seen at the sides. The Astro Sala is one of the cheapest men's PUMA low top shoes that are very versatile.


  • Regular Price: $90
  • Size Range: Men’s – 4 to 14 / Women’s – 5 to 11
  • Notable Colorway/s: Black High / Risk Red, Risk Red / Black, and PUMA White / White

Seeking to revitalize one of the brand's iconic products, PUMA partnered with fashion figures to reimagine the Clyde. The PUMA Clyde GCC is a premium reissue of the vintage shoe with its cushioned dominant leather upper and a blend of eye-catching color schemes. It has a snakeskin textured upper, which is its most outstanding feature. The outsole has a rounded tip and is made from flexible rubber.

Mixing the elements of haute and heritage, old and new fans of the Clyde have almost nothing to complain about the design elements. It has the trademark Formstrip in tonal color at sides while brandings are seen on the tongue and heel.

PUMA Redon Move

  • Regular Price: $60
  • Size Range: Men’s – 7 to 14
  • Notable Colorway/s: White – Black / Ribbon Red, White / Dark Shadow / Black, and Black / White / High Red Risk Red

The low-top PUMA Redon Move features a martial arts-inspired aesthetic that doesn't try too hard to stand out. Made with a convenient slip-on entry, this model lacks a lacing enclosure. The removal of laces allows the users to have a hassle-free on and off wear, regardless of the place and time. This shoe has a synthetic leather upper that contributes to its overall sleek appeal.

In the absence of laces, the hook-and-loop strap delivers a secure and firm fit that holds up the foot nicely whether during casual walks or while working out. Inside the Redon Move is a comfortable EcoOrthoLite sockliner that allows more cushioning, while also offering resistance to natural odor. Also, it is designed with a pivot point, which gives improved rotation.

PUMA GV Special

  • Regular Price: $65
  • Size Range: Men’s – 6 to 15
  • Notable Colorway/s: White / New Navy, Blue Bird / White, and White / Limestone Gray

Introduced in 1980, the PUMA GV Special is regarded as the signature footwear of Guillermo Vilas, a tennis superstar during the 70s and 80s. Not surprisingly, it became popular as a casual shoe because of its unassuming silhouette. For most of its versions, the GV Special's design remains consistent. The leather upper, perforations at the toe box, and design elements remained untouched.

Design elements include a PUMA logo is seen at the tongue while a GV Special label and Formstrip is placed at the sides. While a plethora of shoes boasts the latest in sneaker technology, the re-issued version of the PUMA GV Special has not been able to showcase any of the brand's recent innovations. A few variations to the GV Special are the PUMA GV Special Geometric, PUMA GV Special+, and the PUMA GV Special Reflective.

PUMA Suede in Low Top

When talking about trademark footwear, the Suede series can be regarded as the brand's defining product line. It is the classic casual shoe that led to many reiterations, collaborations, and re-issues throughout the decades. Up to this time, the Suede continues to be hailed as a staple shoe by men and women, much like the Adidas Gazelle. As among the shoes that made an impact on street culture, its basketball roots has been often told. Made popular by NBA legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier, the shoe made the suede upper become a popular choice in sneaker material.

PUMA is also famous to be innovative with the color schemes that have been featured on the versions of the Suede. Countless colorways have been released which gave the consumers a lot of options. First introduced in 1968, the series shows no signs of slowing down. We compile a list of the 15 best low top PUMA Suede shoes, based on popularity, price, and overall quality.

  • PUMA Suede Classic Embossed
  • PUMA Suede Classic Weatherproof
  • PUMA Suede Classic+
  • PUMA Suede Classic Mono Iced
  • PUMA Suede Classic
  • PUMA Suede Black Sole
  • PUMA Suede Classic Citi
  • PUMA Suede Classic Debossed Q3
  • PUMA Suede Classic Emboss v2
  • PUMA Suede Embossed Iced Fluo
  • PUMA Suede Classic Badged Iced
  • PUMA Suede Classic Explosive

Frequently-Asked Questions about PUMA low top sneakers

Where to purchase PUMA low top shoes?

As among the popular shoe brands worldwide, PUMA shoes are available in physical and online stores. The best way to shop for PUMA shoes in low top and other constructions is via the brand’s official website. Online retailers such as Amazon, Zappos, and Nordstrom also have a good selection of famous PUMA kicks. Discounted offers are also fairly common.

What are the some of the best women's PUMA low top sneakers?

The Suede has been a staple for women for decades, due to its timeless appeal and versatility. There is a plethora of Suede models that are exclusively designed for females, such as the PUMA Suede Bow, PUMA Suede Classic Mono Ref Iced, and PUMA Suede Bow Varsity. The PUMA Basket sneaker line is also a popular choice.  

Which PUMA low tops are considered inexpensive?

Here are a few cheap PUMA low top sneakers that cost less than $70. Prices mentioned are all regular.

  • PUMA Bridger Cat - $55
  • PUMA Astro Cup Suede - $55
  • PUMA Smash v2 Leather - $55
  • PUMA Turin - $60
  • PUMA Smash Buck - $60
  • PUMA Basket Classic Cocoon - $65
  • PUMA Suede Classic - $65
  • PUMA Urban Plus Suede - $65
  • PUMA Redon Move - $60

What are the upper materials usually utilized in PUMA shoes in low top construction?

Leather and textile are commonly used as the material for the upper. However, PUMA has treated the suede as one of its trademarks, as a large percentage of its sneakers have the “Suede” on its name.

Are low top sneakers from PUMA fit true to size?

On average, PUMA low tops run true to its size. Still, it is advisable to check the reviews as to be aware of any possible issues. Review sites such as Runrepeat offers pertinent information such as sizing accuracy, size options, and how to style these shoes.

Do PUMA low top shoes costs more than its competitors?

No. PUMA shoes, in general, are priced less, as many of its famous shoes can be purchased for less than $100. Its most popular collection, the Suede, are acknowledged as budget-friendly.

What are some examples of recent collaborations with PUMA low top sneakers?

BLENDS x PUMA Cell Endura – Los Angeles-based boutique BLENDS reimagined the PUMA Cell Endura sneaker.

PUMA Thunder x Bradley Theodore – American artist Bradley Theodore used street art elements to give the PUMA Thunder a revamped look.

PUMA x BTS – Notable kicks such as the Turin and Basket has been part of the sneaker collab between Korean pop group BTS and PUMA.

The color peacoat has been featured in many PUMA low tops. What color is it?

It is a shade of dark blue that is commonly seen on coats.

Are PUMA low top casual sneakers durable?

Several of the low top PUMA shoes are athletic-inspired. Wearers can expect a good degree of durability because those shoes are meant initially to be used for playing sports. Still, a good sneaker rotation is the best way to minimize the wear and tear of PUMA low top shoes.