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  1. Any color
    Puma Hybrid Fuego - Nrgy Red / Rhubarb (19266105)
    Puma Hybrid Fuego - Dark Denim Palace Blue High Risk Red (19266109)
    Puma Hybrid Fuego - Puma Black / Yellow Alert (19266102)
    £80 £40 Save 50%
  2. Any color
    Puma Trailfox - Peacoat/Taos Taupe (36933801)
    Puma Trailfox - Elephant Skin/Whisper White (36678702)
    Puma Trailfox - Forest Night/Whisper White (36678701)
    Puma Trailfox - White (36709501)
    £120 £53 Save 56%
  3. Any color
    Puma Hybrid NX - High Risk Red Puma Black (19225904)
    Puma Hybrid NX - Quarry/White (19225903)
    Puma Hybrid NX - Black (19236502)
    Puma Hybrid NX - Navy (19225901)
    Puma Hybrid NX - Puma White-orange Pop-fizzy Yellow (19236501)
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buy puma low drop running shoes for men and women

Puma is one of the go-to companies for people who want to benefit from some of the best footwear around. Their years of profound experience in the trade and over 100, 000 reviews would confirm the consistency of their service and development as a premier company. For those who desire low drop shoes, Puma presents some of the best ones with as much flexibility in terms of the featured technologies and lasting power.

Things to consider when choosing the best Puma low drop shoes

  • Flexibility and ground contact are some of the factors that most runners watch for when they traverse the different forms terrain. Their feet have to be trained to do more than just run inside snug footwear. Low drop shoes help train runners’ feet to become more flexible and adaptable to the ground with each strike.
  • Professional athletes can find some prime features with the best Puma low drop shoes because this particular type of shoe has a lot of technologies wedged inside, despite the low heel-to-toe differential.
  • The lessened cushioning means that low drop shoes are definitely lighter than most shoe types. The added flexibility of this type of shoe can also improve the overall performance of an athlete.
  • This type of shoe is not recommended for people who have poor pronation. The limited cushioning in low drop shoes may lead to discomfort for people who don’t have neutral pronation.
  • Speed runners will find a great deal of assistance from low drop shoes, because of the lighter feel and the added freedom of movement involved. This shoe type is specifically tailored for people who have adequate pronation.
  • Low-drop shoes can be worn as a choice by gym enthusiasts, full body exercise aficionados and casual strollers. Low drop shoes further mimic barefoot traversal, thus helping to strengthen a person’s Achilles tendon.

What can be found in the best Puma low drop shoes?

  • Heel-to-toe drop. The best Puma low drop shoes have a drop of 0-4mm. Some people land on the forefoot. The low drop differential will provide breathing room so that the foot can transition well from landing to lifting up again. Heel landings are natural to some runners and this could be a helpful factor in the development of their running skills, though a low drop could be dangerous to heel strikers.
  • Cushioning. The best Puma low drop shoes feature the FAAS Foam+ technology, which is a groundbreaking cushioning system in the midsole that gives a bouncier feel. They also feature lateral release grooves and decoupled heels. Cushioning isn’t profound in low drop shoes, but it does make the running experience lighter and faster.
  • Structure. Foot flexibility within the low drop shoes is found via deeper forefoot flex grooves. This allows the user to move their feet freely. These shoes also have comfortable flex notches to exhibit a smoother transition. Puma has an improved upper bracing technology to ascertain that the foot is fastened. They also have protective TPU tips that ensure lightweight protection to the toes.