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Wearing pink hiking boots on your next adventure will surely bring out your playful yet sweet side. Although the color pink is often associated with women, it is said that it has a calming effect on men. This delicate color, plus a number of technologies from various brands, makes hiking more satisfying. This article will mainly discuss hiking boots for women that are either in a full-pink colorway or has pink overlays only.

Some types of pink hiking boots

Best pink hiking boots

Best pink hiking boots - May 2019

Lightweight hiking boots in a pink colorway

Lightweight hiking boots are usually made of mesh upper or a combination of leather and synthetic. This type of boots is the go-to option of hikers who want an agile yet supportive gear. Some are designed with pink overlays which enhance their appearance. There are also styles that use pink laces to accentuate the neutral color of the upper.

Leather hiking boots with pink accents

If you are going on a rugged hike, getting a pair of leather hiking boots is the way to go. However, you would not want to go on that adventure without feeling a bit joyful. Women are sure to enjoy their outdoor adventures with a hiking boot that has been accentuated with a pink lace or lined with a light red mesh. A number of sturdy boots for backpacking also come with overlays and metal eyelets that are both in fuchsia.

Pink breathable hiking boots

There are boots made for summer hikes that allow your feet to breathe. These boots are made of breathable and light fabrics. Manufacturers are able to choose multiple colors thanks to the materials used. There are those boots that come in an all-pink design while some are created with a black and pink combo.

Pink boots for light hiking

Boots made for light hiking are now becoming more common on the market. A majority of selections come with pink accents to let users enjoy their outdoor experience. Some models bear a very feminine look but give the sturdiness of a tough trekking boot. Others have berry-colored accents that make boots entertaining when used on the trails.

A few brands that offer the best pink hiking boots


Numerous pink women’s hiking boots from Keen belong to the Terradora line. These offerings appeal greatly to female outdoor lovers, and despite their feminine and soft look, the brand’s designers ensure that their performance on and off the trails will not be compromised. The people behind these products incorporated technologies that are either brand-owned or a third-party feature.

A familiar element used in the midsole of Keen hiking boots is an EVA foam which yields optimal cushioning without the weight. It is usually paired with a proprietary rubber outsole which delivers on both indoor and outdoor activities. A piece of breathable fabric is often used in its upper material for enhanced comfort.


When it comes to outdoor footwear, Adidas has undoubtedly achieved success. It is quite common to see their sneakers in a pink colorway. However, with the brand’s move in creating hiking products, some of their mid-top boots are accentuated with hot pink lace. This design enables the brand to develop products that are less rugged-looking but are still sturdy and durable. They have offerings made of ripstop mesh upper and synthetic leather overlays.


Initially known for their binding products, Salomon’s passion for sports has driven them to develop new technologies and offerings that will enable every outdoorsy person to enjoy their adventures.

Salomon’s hiking boots are known for their robust and muscular build. To be able to match women’s preference, some of their models have pink accents or laces which help lighten its macho look. The trademarked Advanced Chassis is a regular feature used in their boots. This underfoot platform yields stability and support to hikers. A grippy Contagrip outsole will connect you to the ground while a leather upper will protect you against the harsh environment.


European Brand Lowa has a wide range of outdoor products for men and women. The brand’s engineers were able to play with colors in some select women’s-only styles. A number of these models come with an intricate design in the outer leather material and is designed with berry-colored overlays or pink-slash-gray lace.

The technical details of each boot ensure reliable performance. A common technology is their dual-density DuraPU midsole which renders rebound and shock absorption for a more comfortable ride. The brand’s very own Elika outsole is also incorporated into numerous styles which provides grip on most types of terrain.