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Many runners engage in trail running activities to test their abilities. Some people do trail running to gain more understanding about nature, while others treat it as an efficient form of strength training. Compared to regular road running, trail running is much harder. It is a sport-activity that combines running and hiking and usually takes place in mountainous terrain. In such a challenge, it is nice to know that we can depend on a variety of On running shoes for trail running.  

On trail shoes are made with only the best quality materials and all-new technology to support the runners to reach new heights. On is known for manufacturing lightweight trail running shoes that provide superior gripping and cushioning performance. 

Technologies commonly found On trail running shoes

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Best On trail running shoes - October 2019

  • Missiongrip™ - On developed a new trail-oriented outsole compound that delivers relentless gripping ability. The Missiongrip™ outsole is created from a sticky rubber formulation and combined with smooth gripping surface and diamond-shaped grooves. These components are working together to provide excellent traction on hard, rocky terrain. 
  • CloudTec® - On’s patented cushioning construction is called CloudTec® technology. This rubber foam is designed to absorb horizontal and vertical impact forces. When the user is running, the foam compresses with each stride and then lock in place to create a firmer platform.
  • Speedboard™ - Every On running shoe, including road running shoes like On Cloud and On Cloudflow, features its own unique Speedboard™ design. This springy material is carefully designed to work with the CloudTec® technology to convert soft landings into more energized take-offs. The Speedboard™ rubber bends and flexes with the foot over uneven ground. 
  • Zero-Gravity heel Clouds - On trail running shoes offer maximum heel comfort and protection. The Zero-Gravity heel Clouds cushioning works with the forefoot rubber landing zone to encourage a more agile push-off. 

Qualities of On Trail Running Shoes

  • Lightweight - The traditional trail running shoes are usually heavy. On Trail Running Shoes use breathable and featherlight yet highly durable ripstop fabric, providing protection and added comfort to the foot. 
  • Durable - On trail running shoes utilize midsole and outsole rubber materials that are designed not only to offer protection and responsiveness but also durability. 
  • Terrain proof - The traction capacity of the On trail running shoes was appreciated by those who like to have proper surface control when they ran. The shoes are built for traction and designed to provide protection in all conditions. The Missiongrip™ outsole and deeper, multiple grip patterns enhance the shoe’s gripping ability, allowing the user to keep in control on the trail.
  • Comfortable - The On trail shoes’ midsoles use quality foams that help maintain a better balance between cushioning and energy return. The foam is highly adaptive to the foot and offers a soft landing experience. Some runners compared wearing the trail running shoe to wrapping the foot in a cloud.
  • Waterproof - Wind and waterproof membrane upper is incorporated in On trail running shoes. This component keeps the foot dry even in rainy conditions. 
  • Breathable - The upper mesh of On trail running shoes feature featherlight and breathable fabric, which provides optimal ventilation enough to keep the foot dry and comfortable even on tough climbs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the On trail running shoes also good for walking?

Regular trail running shoes are usually heavy as they are designed to support and protect the foot on rugged terrain. What differentiates On trail running shoes to other brands is their lightweight construction. On trail shoes provide incredibly light running sensation, without compromising the cushioning quality and impact protection. This made the On trail running shoes perfect for jogging and walking. 

How do I clean my On trail running shoes?

Proper cleaning of On trail running shoes is important to promote durability and longevity. Since these running shoes have mudguards and waterproof membranes, they are easier to clean and maintain. 

Here are some cleaning tips that will help preserve the On trail running shoes. 

  • It is important to check the care instructions included on the tag or shoe package.
  • Unless you run through something really awful, do not use soap or detergent when cleaning your trail running shoe.
  • Using the washing machine is not good for the shoe.
  • Using the outside heat to dry the trail running shoes is not advisable as the heat from the sun can significantly damage the shoe materials. Just leave your trail running shoe and insole out in a warm, dry place. 
  • Post-use wiping or brushing for dirt or mud should be more than enough to eliminate any debris. When the outside of the trail running shoe is dry, dirt or mud should be easy to brush off.