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On trail running shoes: "Low weight. High performance!" 

This is how the trail running shoes from On are touted, and experts and athletes definitely agree! Made with top-notch technologies from the brand, the On trail shoes provide superior grip and protective and responsive cushioning stored in a light package. 

If you're looking for some of the latest versions of the On trail running shoes, you can find them here in RunRepeat. You can even get them at a discount with the help of our partner retailers. 

Who should buy the On trail shoes? 

Our selection of On trail running shoes is made for neutral runners, or runners who do not need any additional arch support. Because of the generous amount of cushioning these running shoes have, they are also suited for big and heavy runners

If you're looking to run long distances or marathons out on the trails, you can bet on the trail shoes from On. And for runners who are advocates for animal rights and welfare, you have various vegan shoe options from this roster. 

What are the qualities of these trail shoes? 

Aside from being light, grippy, and protective, what you'll love about On trail running shoes is that they're comfortable. So much so that you easily take them in your next ultra without the fear of having fatigued legs during and after. 

They are also terrain-proof, meaning that they have the capacity to bite into almost anything you throw at them. Add in their durability, you don't have to worry about poking rocks and roots deteriorating your shoe quickly.