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Taking on projects in safety and style is possible in Ocun climbing shoes. Indeed, these climb-centric kicks are up to the task of helping climbers scale a variety of problems and routes—from tricky verticals to grip-challenging overhangs. 

Ocun shoemakers stand by the brand’s high standards in making every pair equipped sufficiently for meeting and surpassing the demands of many climbers far and wide. So if there is a project you wish to send, consider doing so in a pair of Ocun climbing shoes and have an entirely new perspective of the sport.

The perks associated with every pair of the best Ocun climbing shoes

Best Ocun climbing shoes

Best Ocun climbing shoes - April 2020

There is something for everybody

Ocun’s selection of rock climbing shoes has grown over the years, which means that what they got is varied enough for almost every climber. 

Are you a fan of Velcro closure? You got it. Do you prefer sending projects in a highly downturned pair? You got it. What about rock shoes built specifically for beginners? Got it, you do. 

If options are what you are after, chances are you will not be disappointed with Ocun’s high-quality offerings.

Climbing comfort

Sending in comfort is hardly a pipe dream in Ocun climbing shoes. Case in point: Many of the brand’s kicks are built with medium rigidity to deliver a combination of supportive performance and comfiness. When it comes to underfoot cushioning, most pairs come with insoles (also known as footbeds) made of natural leather.

What type of climbing shoes are most ideal for multi-pitch endeavors?

In general, the less downturn a shoe has, the comfier it is. This means that neutral rock climbing shoes—kicks that are virtually devoid of a downward camber—provide lasting comfort. That said, they may not have enough performance-oriented support for more challenging, technical ascents.

Animal-free construction

Going animal-free or vegan is a growing trend in many products these days, and Ocun has picked up on it. Indeed, if you are someone who consumes products that are free of any sort of animal substances, then you are in luck, as quite a number of Ocun’s climbing pieces are completely vegan.

Is an all-synthetic gear considered vegan-friendly?

A rock climbing shoe made with purely synthetic components may not be considered vegan right off the bat. The reasoning behind this is that many adhesives used in climbing shoes are made with animal substances (usually derived from the remains of pigs and cows). Fear not, however, as the Ocun website has all of their vegan-friendly kicks marked out for easy reference.

Adequate grip underfoot

Helping climbers get to the top of that more-or-less demanding route without slipping is essential to Ocun. To that end, every pair comes with a hard-wearing outsole. This rubberized component delivers multi-directional traction over different types of surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors. Several offerings from this brand are equipped with CAT outsoles, which are owned by Ocun. Others use rubber outsoles courtesy of Vibram.

Ease of access

Most climbing shoes are designed super snug so that they will not pop off at any given time during the climb. That said, they should not be difficult to slip into or get out of. The good news is, many of Ocun’s send-specific shoes come with not one but two heel pull loops. These helpful guys have a wider opening, ensuring that pulling on them is as easy as it gets.

Provision of flexibility

A decent number of climbing shoes from Ocun have adequate flexibility in them. This quality is made possible by giving these kicks medium stiffness and a segmented outsole construction. In such shoes, you can expect to mount on features without losing your footing, and at the same time toe into crooked slots without twisting your forefoot.

Ocun climbing shoes and their competition-worthy highlights

Founded by Pavel Hendrych in the ‘80s, Ocun has been producing quality climbing-related gear for decades. They manufactured their first harness in 1988, then successfully produced their freshman of a climbing shoe four years after that (1992). Since then, they have been tirelessly improving their craft, especially in the climbing footwear category. 

Over the years, their mission has stayed largely the same—that is to deliver the best climbing experience by means of constant innovation.


“Appealing” may be the best adjective to describe the price range within which Ocun climbing shoes are. Yes, offerings from this enduring brand are quite competitive price-wise, with a handful of their neutral-to-moderate rock shoes selling for less than $100. If aggressive climbing shoes are what you are after, expect to shell out anywhere between $120 and $170. 

Conversely, if spending less is more your thing, check out some of the most affordable rock climbing shoes featured on this site.

Notable technologies

CAT (Climbing Adhesion Technology). Officially unveiled at the 2017 OutDoor Expo in Friedrichshafen, Germany, this piece of proprietary outsole technology promises to grant senders slip and skid resistance in virtually every direction. It comes in two compounds: CAT 1.1 and CAT 1.5. The former is more rigid, while the latter provides extra grip performance.

3-Force System. The 3-Force System stiffens the arch and forefoot sections of the shoe with an even distribution of pressure, resulting in additional torsional (twisting) support. This particular technology also funnels in power from the lower leg to the toes, thereby allowing climbers to mount on tiny footholds (think tiny nubbins and micro-edges) with enhanced precision and efficiency.

Ocun climbing shoes (men’s and women’s) fit and sizing guide

Ocun climbing shoes are mostly low-top offerings. They come in models for men and women, with the men’s kicks also being listed as unisex shoes. They are offered in a wide range of half and full sizes. 

Most pieces from this brand are synthetic, and as such, provide little in the way of stretch. In terms of asymmetry, Ocun shoes are varied—some are straight-lasted (non-asymmetric), while the rest are curved, whether mildly or highly. When it comes to lockdown, it can either be via Velcro closure or traditional lace-up.

Rock shoes from Ocun are categorized into three different toe/foot types: Egyptian, Greek, and Cube. Get to know each one’s characteristics below:

Egyptian. This toe type has the big toe as the longest digit. The remaining ones taper at an angle of about 45 degrees, giving the forefoot a slanted profile. All of the shoes under Ocun’s Oxi line-up favor this type.

Greek.  The longest toe in this foot type is the second toe, which leaves the forefoot a triangular shape. This type is also known as Morton’s toe. Those who have this foot type may look into the brand’s Crest series.

Cube. In this category, the toes are lined up with little to no tapering, making the foot look boxy (hence the moniker “cube”). Beginner climbers who have this foot type might want to consider getting a non-asymmetric pair for comfort.

Taking the above into account when purchasing Ocun shoes is expected of you. That said, being well-prepared is essential to snagging the best-fitting pair possible. To that end, consider the following basic fit and sizing tips:

  • The human foot tends to swell with use throughout the day. With that in mind, it is advisable to scout for Ocun climbing shoes late in the afternoon or around early evening. By doing this, you would be able to snag a pair that is not too tight when your feet are in the swollen state.
  • If you are new to the sport, consider getting beginner-friendly Ocun kicks first. Entry-level climbing shoes underscore comfort above all else, which is what you should be after as a neophyte. As you develop your climbing skills, you may level up to moderate or aggressive rock climbing shoes.
  • If the store permits, climb in the shoes you are trying to test them. While doing so, check for underfoot slippage and air pockets around the heel—there should be minimal of such or none at all. The toe box should be snug but not painfully tight. If you are trying highly downturned (aggressive) kicks, expect to feel a level of pressure around the inner arch.
  • If whole sizes seem to be not working out for you, go the half-size route. Start from the smallest you can go, then work your way up.
  • Are you having trouble getting the right fit in Velcro shoes? Try lace-up ones. Conversely, do the opposite if laces are not giving you a break. Note that in the Ocun brand, a good number of shoes come in two versions: QC and LU. The former stands for Quick Closure, which refers to climbing shoes that use a hook-and-loop (Velcro) fit management system. The latter, on the other hand, stands for Lace-Up.
  • Remember that Ocun rock shoes for men are unisex, which means women are very much welcome to sport them. That said, if you are a climber from the female gender camp and you wish to purchase male-specific kicks, order a pair that is a full size smaller than your street shoe size to get a precise fit.