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Ocun climbing shoes

There is never a dull moment sending projects in a pair of Ocun climbing shoes. Whether indoors or outdoors, you are destined to crush route after route while you got these babies on.

Equally as exciting is doing your shoe shopping through us. Yes, at RunRepeat, high-quality climbing shoes are yours for the taking without your wallet getting sucked dry. Upgrading your quiver for less is one of our primary objectives, after all!

What Ocun brings to the table

Ocun’s collection of climbing shoes for men and women can make your footwear trove even more fascinating. The variety is there—whether you need something straight and flat or a pair that can propel you across steep routes.

When it comes to bouldering shoes, Ocun’s catalog does not disappoint. Indeed, kicks of this type make up about 80% of what this brand offers. If you are looking for something less rigid, check either the soft or the medium-stiff filter to refine your search.

Aggressive rock shoes also have a large presence within Ocun’s remarkable list. From this lineup comes the Ozone collection, under which all kicks promise no stretch no matter how often you use them.

Ocun climbing shoes: Price-wise accommodating

Perhaps what many will come to truly appreciate about most Ocun rock kicks is the fact that you never have to spend a fortune to acquire them. Case in point: Their neutral offerings, which are part of our roster of beginner shoes, sell for no more than $80.

On the other hand, Ocun’s moderate and aggressive pieces are priced higher. That said, with about $140 on hand, you would already have access to several amazing downturned kicks from this established brand.