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Nike Zoom Kobe basketball shoes

Kobe Bean Bryant was easily among the most successful basketball players in the history of the NBA along with Michael JordanShaquille O'Neal, and The King LeBron James.

Kobe was with Adidas until 2002 when he became a free agent wearing shoes from other brands like Jordan and Reebok. He signed up with Nike in 2003. It was a massive deal that launched the immensely successful Nike Zoom Kobe basketball shoes. This illustrious signature collection kept growing until 2016 when Kobe retired from basketball.

Post-retirement Nike Kobe releases

His retirement didn't really mean that Nike and Kobe Bryant would stop producing Nike Kobe basketball shoes. A post-retirement line was launched, and it produced Nike models with "A.D." in their names. Nike also releases stand-alone models that bear the "Mamba" name, which of course is Bryant's well-known monicker. 

Then there's the Kobe Protro. A Kobe basketball shoe with "Protro" in its name is basically a remastered version of a classic. It retains the classic silhouette but bears more modern techs to ensure on-court utility. 

Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in 2020, but even his death couldn't stop the popularity of his Nike Zoom Kobe basketball shoes. New models are still released by Nike, and the brand definitely shows no signs of abating.

Getting the Nike Zoom Kobe shoes for less

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