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Nike is not famous among athletes for nothing. As a matter of fact, it remains as one of the top competing athleisure companies because of its functionally unique shoes. The brand invests in developing exceptional and reliable technologies for its shoes. This goes the same for all of its track and field spikes, and by all, we mean its triple jump shoes included. 

What to look for in a Nike triple jump spike

Best Nike triple jump track and field shoes - May 2020

What sets Nike’s triple jump spike apart from other brand’s jumping shoes? The answer lies in the component innovations introduced to the platform. Given this, the following attributes are to be observed in the Nike triple jump track shoe: 

  • Comfort. A must for almost all types of athletic footwear, comfort is also a highlight in a Nike triple jump spike. This is because the track jumping shoe is furnished with sufficient cushioning. Nike introduces some of the best midsole foams and upper textiles that give a plush sensation to the foot. A track shoe from Nike that sports the same comfortable feeling is the Nike Zoom Victory 3
  • Lockdown. One of the causes of slippage is an ill-fitting shoe. To prevent this, a Nike triple jump spike is engineered with reliable closure systems. One of the technical enhancements incorporated into the triple jump spike’s configuration is Nike’s famous Dynamic Flywire technology. It sports a featherlight composition while maximizing the security and lockdown fit of the track shoe. 
  • Traction. To ensure a good jumping phase in the triple jump, the jumper must generate robust momentum build-up. To achieve this, the jumping shoe utilized must maintain a sticky grip on the surface. This heightens the propulsion of the contender, thus increasing power. This very same property is evident in a Nike triple jump track shoe. 
  • Durability. A triple jump spike is not only used once. It is essentially part of all training and competitions. That is why a Nike triple jumping shoe is equipped with high-strength materials. This allows the platform to withstand wear and tear, extending its life span. With enough strength, the shoe is also set for more repetitive use. 
  • Support. Stability is fundamental when performing the triple jump. This relies on the balance of the wearer, and one of the factors affecting balance is the support supplied by the track spike. This is the very same design concept behind every Nike triple jump track shoe. The brand’s jumping spike is graced with generous cushioning, which amplifies not only comfort but also support. 

Nike triple jump spike models

Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite

Apparent through its name, the Zoom Triple Jump Elite is explicitly created for triple jump. However, this track jumping shoe is also suitable for pole vaults, as well. With a construction focused on providing strength and balance, triple jumpers can expect a robust performance. The track spike also incorporates some of Nike’s top-notch components, enabling maximum grip on the track surface. Just as promised, the track and field shoe offers superior lockdown and stability. 

Nike Zoom Rival M 

A highly versatile track spike from Nike, the Zoom Rival M is a shoe that can handle events in both running and jumping. It is a perfect choice for both beginning and elite athletes who specialize in various disciplines in track and field. With its componentry, the triple jump spike boasts pronounced comfort and spring.  With the Nike Zoom Rival M series, contenders can expect efficient and powerful track performance. 

Frequently asked questions

Where can I order a pair of Nike triple jump spikes? 

One can choose to purchase from either the physical store or via online retailers. However, it is highly advised that before placing an order, one should go through user reviews first. This is to ensure accurate fit and size. With the help of RunRepeat, purchasing, and looking through wearers’ experience are made convenient. 

How long does a Nike triple jumping shoe last?

On average, the typical track shoe lasts only until two seasons. This goes the same for the Nike triple jump track shoe. After two seasons, the track and field spike should be replaced with a new one. The reasoning behind this is that track shoes, in general, only maintain optimal quality for two seasons. This is also intended to reduce the risk of injuries because of faulty shoes.

Are Nike triple jump spikes expensive?

Yes and no. Yes, because the Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite model sits on the expensive side of jumping shoes. It retails for more than $100. On the other hand, the Nike Zoom Rival M is a model that is distinguished as a cheap shoe. This is because it is priced for less than $100.