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Before Nike mid-top basketball shoes became a thing, shoes with high collars were already linked to basketball. The glorification of the high-top started with the celebrated Chuck Taylor sneakers, which Converse popularized in the first quarter of the 20th century. Although it’s unimaginable to wear such type of canvas shoes on the court now, there was a time that wearing them was actually the norm. The Converse high-tops have helped greatly in making sneakers more relevant to the everyday person as they slowly but surely defined sneaker culture for the generations to come.

In the much more recent times, many basketball players wear high-top basketball shoes because of the belief that this type of footwear gives more protection and support. However, results of empirical studies do not convincingly support this. Specifically, there are no significant differences seen between the amount of protection given by a low-top and a high-top. However, This lack of empirical support for its supposed performance superiority did not really kick the high-tops out of the picture. Many still wear them, but not anymore for performance benefits but because they look good.

The lack of support for performance claims, however, allowed new kinds of shoes to enter the court. In the early 2000s, technology-infused low-tops got more noticed thanks to the high-powered efforts of the legendary Laker Kobe Bryant. He believed that if football players can succeed in low-top football boots, there’s absolutely no reason basketball athletes can’t. So he started wearing them. Being the star that he was and still is, a lot immediately followed suit and Kobe Bryant convincingly succeeded in revolutionizing how basketball players view low-lying collars. Now, the rise of the low-tops in basketball is not only associated with him but also attributed to him.

The ongoing rivalry between the highs and lows, and the commanding rise of their avid wearers on court,  made it even more apparent that the height of the collar doesn’t really that have much to do with performance. Designers and the players themselves started playing with collar height; Nike mid-top basketball shoes and other mid-cut footwear from brands such as the Germany-based sports giant Adidas and Nike subsidiary Jordan started flooding the shelves.

Being the industry leader, Nike and its products become the standard against which all others are measured. The Nike mid-top basketball shoes are not only equipped with the most recent technologies, they are also dressed in the most fashionable colors and designs.

How to style Nike mid tops?

best nike mid top basketball shoes
Best Nike Mid-top basketball shoes - December 2019

Given the technologies that they bear, there is no question as to the performance of the Nike mid tops for basketball. There are issues, however, when they are taken out of the court and worn as fashion items. Of course, this is not to say that they are ugly or unpresentable. They can actually be very stylish, but only when they are paired with the appropriate outfits.

There  are a few things that you should consider if you wish to coherently incorporate Nike mid basketball shoes into your outfit. Read on to know what these considerations are.

Be mindful of the color

There are colors that go well with each other, and there are colors that are best kept out of each other’s way. The following are some of the most common shoe colors; we present them together with the hues that complement them well.

  • White. White Nike shoes or white basketball shoes in general are common especially in the NBA. Considered a neutral shade, white is most often paired with every team’s uniforms, especially in those times when the NBA was quite strict with sneaker colors. Even when brought out of the court, white basketball shoes are not that much of a problem. They go with almost anything. Perhaps the only issue that they have is the difficulty in cleaning them when they get dirty. But there is nothing to worry about since there are a lot of hacks that make cleaning even the most soiled basketball shoes a lot easier.
  • Black. Black is also a common color when it comes to basketball shoes. In fact, a lot of signature models have Triple Black versions wherein everything, from the laces down to the soles, are bathed in black. Like white, black is also a neutral shade, so it is not such a headache to match with any other color. But it is important to note that black has a slimming effect, though. Wearers who want their base to appear wider might need to be more careful with black basketball shoes.
  • Gray. Gray is a achieved by mixing black and white. This color is also quite common especially among basketball shoes from Under Armour. Gray is also considered neutral. In fact, because it is derived from black and white, it is considered by some design artists as the epitome of neutrality. As such, it can be paired with almost anything. If you are a person who doesn’t like to think much about mixing and matching your shoes with the right pieces of clothing, getting white, black, or gray basketball shoes is maybe the best thing to do.
  • Blue. Blue is a primary color like red and yellow. If you locate this hue on the color wheel, you will see that its direct complement is orange, which is the color that comes out if you mix the other two primary colors. So, blue basketball shoes, especially Nike mid tops, can be easily paired with classic-looking burnt orange pants. Blue Nike mid-top basketball shoes also look great when paired with turquoise tops, red pants or shorts, and some silver accessories.
  • Red. Red basketball shoes are sure standouts because of their boldness and attention-grabbing appearance. Because of this, they are best paired with items that are a bit subdued like gray jackets, dark blue denims, and other items that are white, black, or gray. If you want sunnier appearance, your red Nike mid tops can be paired with clothing items that are bathed in other red derivatives such as orange, pink, and light purple. If we talk about color that best complements red, it’s green. But because a red-and-green combo is so easily associated with Christmas, you might want to think twice before wearing them together, especially during the other times of the year.

Watch the bulkiness.

How figure-hugging or bulky a particular shoe is will have an effect on your overall look. Of course, a bulkier shoe will pop out more, especially if the other pieces that you are wearing are so close to your skin like skinny jeans and a muscle shirt.

The items that you pair with with chunky Nike mid-top basketball shoes will depend on the overall look that you want to achieve. Because chunky Nike mid-tops are inherently sporty, pairing them with other sporty items such as basketball-inspired shirts, football tees, and reverse weave gym shorts will work just fine.

Chunky sneakers can also be part of your smart casual outfit. A pair of monochromatic sneakers can go very well with chinos and a long-sleeved shirts.

The ladies, apparently, can style chunky sneakers with less restraints. In the women’s style world today, it appears that the bulkier the shoes are, the better. Such shoes can be paired with just about anything in a stylish woman’s wardrobe, just as long as their colors go well with each other.

Decide if you want to make special fashion statements.

More than just the color and volume of the Nike mid-top basketball shoes, you should also consider the messages that they are designed to convey when you choose which pair to wear. When you wear statement Nike mid-tops, it is just right to make them stand out from the rest of the outfit.  

It’s not going to be very difficult to do that since some statement shoes are really made with colors that are flashier than usual. Take the Kyrie 4 for example. The fourth signature pairs for Kyrie Irving debuted in the Confetti colorway. The pair is mismatched and each shoe is bathed in bright purple and pink and green. They’re meant to celebrate individuality, freedom of expression, and an unwavering quest to reaching one’s dreams.

There are also less flashy statement shoes. A good example will be one of the two BHM versions of the eleventh signature shoes for Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant. Bathed in mostly white and black, the KD 11 Black and White BHM looks a bit subdued. A good way to directing attention to them will be to fold your pants to reveal its collar.  


When can I get Nike mid-top basketball shoes for sale?

If you’re eyeing signature releases, the best way to get them for less is to buy when the pair that is slated to replace them is already on the market. By then, sellers are scrambling to clear their shelves to make space for the new products; so, the bargaining power tips in favor of you as the buyer.

What are the most well-reviewed Nike mid-tops?

Besides the Nike Kyrie 4, the two Air Precision models released thus far are on the list of the most notable Nike mid-top basketball shoes. They are also joined by the retro versions of the Nike Air Flightposite and Charles Barkley’s Nike Air Max CB34.