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Best Nike LunarCharge Sneakers - May 2020

Throughout its inception, Nike has become a pioneering sportswear label with thousands of technical innovations and contemporary designs always at its core. The Oregon-based brand continues to find the best opportunities to improve its footwear and sports gears. And several of their sneakers draw inspiration from a handful of its classic ones. 

Now, Nike has an arsenal of famous silhouettes, but five, in particular, are the most renowned and have continuously stayed on top of the brand’s sneaker chain: the Nike Air Max 90, the Air Presto, the LunarEpic, the Air Flow and the Air Current. So sneakerheads and anyone might be delighted to know that the athletic brand combined all five renowned styles into its latest release, the Nike LunarCharge.

Getting to know the Nike LunarCharge series will get one to appreciate the different models that have been released. Below is a list of the best and most talked-about kicks on the Nike LunarCharge franchise. 

Top sneakers of the Nike LunarCharge series

Nike is at it again with the different hybrids and collaborative releases of one shoe to a lot of different iterations. For this versatile sneaker, the Swoosh brand has adapted some design elements rooted in the past.  The result is an era-blending model that fits into today’s style scene. With five of the most legendary styles baked into one sneaker, who would not want to cop a pair from the Nike LunarCharge shoe collection? 

To know more about the shoes under the LunarCharge series, please show some enthusiasm and continue to read on. 

Nike LunarCharge

The Nike LunarCharge is something old and something new at the same time. This lifestyle shoe isn’t just a monument to the past but also focuses on the future.  Containing the DNA of several runners from the brand’s archives, this latest offering from the Oregon-based sports brand keys on the movement of contemporary fashion with a great number of performance perks. 

Key features of the Nike LunarCharge:

  • The breathable neoprene upper is inspired by the 1988 running cult-classic, the Nike Air Flow, delivering an adaptive fit. 
  • These sneakers’ internal bootie construction calls to mind the Air Presto. 
  • For all-day comfort, the Lunarlon cushioning system, which is similar to that on the Nike LunarEpic, is used on this pair.
  • Nike LunarCharge’s overall silhouette is the kicks’ most subtle reference to the Air Current. 
  • It also utilizes the iconic eyestay recognized on the famed Nike Air Max 90 providing extra support. 
  • Several colorways are available for men and women, some namely ‘Crisp White/Deep Black’, ‘Triple Black’, ‘Light Bone’, ‘Iced Lilac’ and ‘Medium Olive’. 

Nike LunarCharge Essential

Designed with head-turning looks and must-have versatility, the LunarChargeEssential gets one pounding on the pavement. This hybrid shoe is also inspired by classic designs but is built with upgraded technologies for that improved comfort and style. 

Key features of the Nike LunarCharge Essential:

  • The Nike LunarCharge features a sleek textile and a neoprene sock-like fit construction for that snug fit and unmatchable comfort.
  • A mesh toe box is added for more breathability. 
  • For a lighter ride, the Lunar midsole provides responsiveness and plush cushioning. 
  • These kicks also sport a TPU overlay on the eyestay for added support and structure. 
  • A laser-siped cushioned rubber outsole provides extreme traction and durability.
  • Allowing men and women to have more choices, several colorways have been released such as ‘Paramount Blue’, ‘Neon’, Infrared’, ‘White Speckle’ and an exclusive colorway for women, the ‘ Purple Dust’. 

Nike LunarCharge Premium

With the premium version of the LunarCharge, one can dominate the city in style. The Swoosh brand’s combination of innovative and effective elements resulted with this world-class lifestyle shoe that offers a smooth, cushioned ride and a luxurious look. 

Key features of the Nike LunarCharge Premium: 

  • The suede details ensure durability and a high-standard style. 
  • For superior wearing comfort, the upper textile, neoprene and suede are what the upper of this shoe is composed of. 
  • Its cushioned insole provides a sock-like fit.
  • The eyelet strip of the shoes are inspired by the Air Max 90 that deliver low weight support.  
  • These kicks are fitted with a Lunarlon midsole, an IP core and IU support for a smooth running feel.
  • There is a pull-tab at the heel for easy on and off. 
  • The lace-up front fastening can be adjusted for a more customized fit. 
  • Laser-cut outsole pods give flexibility and multi-surface traction. 
  • As for the colorways, the available ones are the ‘Black’, ‘Bone’, ‘Iced Jade’, ‘Camper Green’ and a women’s exclusive ‘Light Purple’.

Nike LunarCharge Breathe

The lifestyle sneaker has been taken to a new frontier with its latest upgrade, the Nike LunarCharge Breathe edition. This modern-looking lifestyle shoe is not only stylish but also innovation-laden. The LunarCharge Breathe provides plush cushioning and overall comfort. 

Key features of the Nike LunarCharge Breathe:

  • These sneakers are constructed with air permeable mesh upper for keeping one’s feet well-ventilated. 
  • The stretchy inner sleeve delivers a sock-like fit and gives more room for one’s feet.
  • A dual-density Lunarlon foam sole provides supreme comfort for the whole day. 
  • The laser-cut outsoles offer extra grip and traction on the sole.
  • 3M reflective Swoosh heels complete the shoes’ over-all aesthetics. 
  • This sneaker is available in three simple colorways- the ‘White’, ‘Track Red’ and ‘Industrial Blue’.

Frequently asked questions regarding the Nike LunarCharge series 

What are the different inspirations that help create the Nike LunarCharge collection?

The Nike LunarCharge collection pays homage to the Swoosh brand’s past while creating a lane for the future. Nike LunarCharge’s entire collection is basically a mash-up of five of the classics from Nike namely the Nike Air Max 90, the Nike Presto, the LunarEpic, the Air Current and the Air Flow. 

Where can one buy the shoes from this collection? 

The shoes from this particular collection can be bought almost anywhere. These are very much available in Nike’s physical stores worldwide. Malls, retailer shops, and resellers also make these shoes available for the purchasers. If one will opt to buy the shoes online, a great number of online shops, such as Nike’s official site, Amazon, Foot Locker, and eBay, sell these sneakers. 

How much do Nike LunarCharge’s sneakers cost?

These sneakers give one good value for money. Given that they have an amazing quality, these shoes are very much affordable with prices that range from $60-$195, depending on what shoe from the collection one will be choosing. 

How to style these LunarCharge kicks?

Ultimately, the shoes from this collection are fit for the modern-day sneaker culture. People can’t seem to get enough of the performance-wear aesthetics that make it appropriate to pair with almost everything in one’s wardrobe. One can style the shoes by wearing any type of denim,  sweatpants, jogger pants, jeans,  and shorts. 

For the ladies, one can choose to pair the shoes with skinny jeans, jeggings or even shorts. As for the tops, one’s go-to shirts or any plain top will do. Just a tip, going for a sporty look is always a good idea when wearing these shoes. 

How to wash and clean these shoes?

If one has no idea on how to keep these shoes clean, below are some tips on cleaning the kicks if they have been stained or just got super dirty:

1. Get rid of excess dirt.

To avoid further staining, this method is best done immediately after the shoes are exposed to dirt. Remove dirt from the outsole, midsole and the upper of the shoes by just using a dry, clean, soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean the outsole. But if one wants to go in there, small paintbrushes, screwdrivers or pieces from phone and glasses cleaning kits can be used. 

2. Get some suds ready. 

Fill a small pail or tub with cold water, not hot as it can damage the fabric. Mix in a little bit of mild soap or detergent. Never overdo it. One will want a mildly soapy liquid for cleaning the shoes, not soap mixture for laundry. 

3. Wash every part of the soles. 

Apply the mild soapy solution to a soft-bristled brush and brush the outsole, midsole and especially the insoles. Scrub these soles and be careful scrubbing around these parts.

4. Don’t forget to wash the laces, too. 

Remove the laces and apply a small amount of a mild cleaning solution to them. Gently scrub or massage the laces  to remove the dirt in them.

5. Let the shoes have some sponge bath. 

Gently scrub the dirty parts of the shoes using a sponge, microfiber cloth, or a simple washcloth. Using too much liquid is not recommended, one doesn’t want to get the shoes any wetter. Rinse the soap off the sponge, or any of the microfiber cloth, or washcloth with water. Use it to wipe the soap off the shoes.

6. Let the shoes dry. 

After the whole cleaning process, leave shoes out to air dry in a well-ventilated room. One can put them in a sunny spot, a spot where the shoes won’t be directly exposed to the heat, to speed up the process a bit, or use a blow dryer on the cold setting. One thing to remember is to never put the shoes in a dryer, no matter what.