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As the world’s number one athletic footwear brand, Nike has several long-distance shoes that are renowned for their top-notch and exquisite features. As a matter of fact, because of such features, many elite-level athletes patronize the brand’s athletic shoes. 

In this article, we will take a look at the different technologies and components that are integral to the reputable performance of the Nike long-distance track shoes. We will also delve into the various elements of these shoes that help deliver reliable and powerful performance. 

Technologies found in Nike long-distance spikes

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Best Nike long distance track and field shoes - November 2019

Nike is known for producing highly innovative products, and the brand’s long-range spikes are no exception. Below are some of the most notable features integrated into the outsole, midsole, and upper construction of several Nike long-distance track shoes: 


  • Pebax® plate. Common among many track and field spikes, including jumping and throwing spikes, the Pebax® plate is recognized for keeping a good rigidity-to-weight ratio. Rigidity is a fundamental element in allowing a propulsive ride. That is why Nike long-distance spikes are equipped with this spike plate to boost the speed of the athlete. Moreover, this spike plate is also very durable—this element resists natural wear and tear and hazardous track elements.
  • Sharkskin. A component that is essential in resisting heel-strike trauma, sharkskin, is supplemented to many of Nike’s long-distance shoes. It features a pattern that is slip-resistant and is very crucial in maintaining an excellent surface grip. 


  • Phylon. It is a midsole material that is found in many of Nike’s long-distance spikes, including the Zoom Victory Elite 2. It consists of EVA foam pellets that are expanded with heat then later cooled into a mold. The phylon midsole is responsible for the responsive cushioning of the Nike long-distance track shoes and supplements their excellent rebound properties. 
  • Cushlon. Almost similar to phylon, the Cushlon provides a soft, resilient cushioning to many Nike long-distance spikes. The only difference between Cushlon and phylon is the amount of rubber compound they both contain; Cushlon has more. An example of a Nike long-distance shoe that utilizes Cushlon is the Nike Zoom D


  • Flymesh. An upper technology from Nike itself, the Flymesh is like a second-skin that wraps around the foot, providing optimal comfort. Moreover, this material is highly durable and employs different ventilation zones to keep a fresh, healthy foot environment. The very same reason why Nike uses this technology in several of its long-distance spikes. 

Elements of Nike long-distance spikes


  • Speed is a very critical factor in yielding the best performance in long-distance running events. Traction, meanwhile, is an integral part of ensuring a swift performance as it helps in the runner’s momentum build-up. It is also especially helpful in maintaining stability during sudden direction shifts. Hence, Nike long-distance shoes are fashioned with several traction-producing materials to generate unrivaled speed. 


  • It is a must in the competition of track and field to secure a tight-fitting pair of shoes. The same principle has been kept in mind by the makers of Nike long-distance shoes. These spikes are engineered to fit snugly and securely around the foot to prevent any slippage and premature removal. However, you also have to note that these Nike long-distance spikes should not fit too tight that they constrict your blood flow. 


  • Another vital element that plays an active role in delivering fast performance is the lightweight construction of the shoe. With a light shoe, the runner will not have to exert so much effort. Thus, not only does a light shoe enhance the runner’s speed, but it also helps him/her last in the competition. The same configuration is integrated into all of Nike’s long-distance shoes. 


  • A stable running experience is ideal for all runners. That is why Nike has developed several long-distance track spikes that are loaded with supportive features to deliver stability. Such an element is very pivotal for an injury-free running experience. 

Frequently asked questions

What spike pins go best with my Nike long-distance spikes?

The choice of spike pins can vary from the type of surface that the competition will be held on. For Nike long-distance spikes, they are usually engineered to yield optimal traction on rubber tracks. Thus, pyramid spikes might be the best option. These spike pins are intended for optimal grip and traction on rubber surfaces. 

Are Nike long-distance spikes expensive? 

Not all Nike long-distance shoes are expensive. Some of them retail at price points that are below $100, automatically placing them in the category of cheap long-distance shoes. Even though belonging to a lower price range, these Nike long-distance shoes are still functional and well-equipped. 

Where can I purchase a pair of Nike long-distance spikes? 

You can either visit a Nike physical store or order online. The brand has its own website where you can purchase its long-distance shoes. You can also visit several different online retailers and compare prices and product specifications. Here at Run Repeat, we have simplified these for you, and we can immediately direct you to several retailers of your choice.