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Nike KD basketball shoes

Kevin Durant is considered as one of the best players in the NBA. He shares this honor with superstar ballers such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry who also have signature shoes from Nike and Under Armour, respectively.

Durant has always been with Nike. Together, they unveiled the first KD basketball shoes during Durant's second season with the NBA. More than a decade later, his signature shoes are still going strong. They usually feature some of the brand's most effective upper and midsole technologies. 

Storytelling elements on Nike KD shoes

Like other signature shoes, the Nike KDs also have personal design elements on them. These elements pay tribute to places, people, and even things that made an impact on Durant's life. Durant's Aunt Pearl, who died of breast cancer, is often the subject of his in-shoe storytelling. Durant also pays homage to the struggle of people of color through the regular relase of BHM (Black History Month) colorways in his line. Some special colorways make references to pop culture elements such as the tracks that he listens to before his games.

Nike KD basketball shoes: Get them for less

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